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36 Day Birding Sanctuary Safari in Sri Lanka National Park

30 Days and more
4 Star Hotel, Camping, Lodge
International flights are NOT included
The world's best traveler's nest of Sri Lanka creates to gratify a wonderful travel experience for holidaymakers as a stunning landscape, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage, and unique experiences in such a completed location. Bird in Sri Lanka's one of the wonderful relevant places to taken travel experiences for the bird watching taster that most of the magnificent bird watching in  Mannar, Kawdulla National Park, Wilpattu National Park, Bunadala National Park & Yala National Park. Birds are the glory and splendor of Sri Lanka wildlife among 433 bird species 233 are residential birds that take you to massive iconic birdes capturing on your photo collections. Visit and observed dramatic birds in Sri Lanka that make sure, you are the luckily birding watcher in the world.
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#Sri Lanka Adventure Trip

Sri Lanka Adventure Trip

12 Days
4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included

A cultural experience with adventure in Sri Lanka. We mainly publish this tour for Budget Clients, You can go to around the Sri Lanka Cheap Price but a full experience. Negombo Beach Experience, Cultural Experiences in Anuradhapura, Adventure Sigiriya, Wild safari Minneriya, Kandy World Heritage City, Wadda People at Mahiyangana, Nature & Adventure at Ella, Relax at Down south beach Sri Lanka, and visit Colombo City.

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Things To Do in Mahiyanganaya

Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara
Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara is a Sri Lankan historical old Buddhist temple in Mahiyangana. It’s believed that the town the site of Gautama Buddha’s first visit to the country; it’s also one of the Solosmasthana, known as the 16 sacred religious sites in Sri Lanka. Now, Mahiyangana has been announced as one of the archaeological sites in Sri Lanka.


Horabora Wewa (Sorabora Wewa)
Sorabora Wewa is an old reservoir located in Mahiyangana. A giant named Bulatha constructed the site within the reign of King Dutugemunu. The tank was known as the ‘Sea of Bintenna’ in ancient times.


Seetha Kotuwa
Seetha Kotuwa, meaning Seetha’s fort, is named after Seetha Devi. It’s a stunning lovely palace encircled by streams, waterfalls, and various fauna and flora species constructed for queen Mandothari. Seetha Devi was kept in this fort until she moved to Ashoka Vatika.


Rathna Ella
The 14th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Rathna Ella, is located in Hasalaka, Mahiyagana, surrounded by lush green areas. The waterfall supplies the water needed for irrigation and paddy cultivation, which is the locals’ primary profession in Rathna Ella.


Mapakada Wewa
A gorgeous lake, Mapakada is situated in Mahiyanganaya. Drive along the adjacent path and soak up in the magnificence of the still waters surrounded by tall mountains and trees. Mapakada Lake, rich in colorful shades of browns and greens, is a paradise for artists and photographers to absorb the tranquil and beautiful landscape. If you’re a nature lover or love bird watching, don’t hesitate to head to this area. 

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