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13 Day Trip to Athens, Milos, Folegandros & Santorini

13 Days
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Do you and your significant other wish to take a trip to Greece and discover the country’s many faces? Then, join us on this 13-day trip that combines history, culture, delicious food, out of this world landscapes, and dreamy sunsets! Through this trip, you’ll get the chance to visit Athens and its most important sites; Milos, an extraordinary and multi-faceted island; Folegandros, an island that still manages to keep its pristine beauty and the star of the Cyclades, Santorini! And the cherry on the cake? You’ll get to discover how a romantic evening watching the sunset surprisingly varies from place to place, so let us know where you enjoyed it the most!

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Things To Do in Santorini

The ancient buried town of Akrotiri is one of the most significant Minoan settlements from the Bronze Age in the Aegean Sea, destroyed by volcanic ash in the 17th century BC. It has been excavated since 1967, and visitors can now walk in its multi-storied buildings. After several serious earthquakes, the locals were forced to leave the city covered while later by the heap of a volcanic eruption. Like many Roman destroyed structures, the remains of the city were well preserved; today, many tourists enjoy the pleasant and memorable experience of visiting prehistoric buildings.


Santorini Caldera
Dating back to 70,000 years and due to a sudden volcanic eruption, the whole central part of the Santorini Island collapsed into the Aegean Sea and led to the expansion of a great lagoon and the formation of a region called Santorini Caldera. This wonderful natural site attracts thousands of people from all over the world to see the beauty of nature. Looking down at the Caldera, you’ll find the two small islands in the heart of this area called Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni.


Museum of Prehistoric Thira
As one of Santorini’s ancient city’s most prominent ruins, the Museum of Prehistoric Thira is located in the capital of Santorini in a white building next to the church of Mitrópolis. It houses archaeological treasures, such as marble sculptures, painted ceramics, and a collection of tools and weapons, found during the excavation of ancient Akrotiri and destroyed by the volcanic eruption. It delivers a better context to the story of Ancient Akrotiri to visitors. The museum also is the home to plants fossils grown before the human habitation of Thera. Explore the history through meandering around the Museum of Prehistoric Thira to get detailed information about this ancient city.


Perivolos Beach
Prevolos is a romantic and lively beach resort for young people and wedding receptions located on Santorini Island’s southeast coast between Perissa Beach and Agios Georgios Beach. It houses many sun lounges equipped with umbrellas, showers, volleyball courts, lovely cafes, restaurants, and traditional taverns. Don’t miss out on water sports such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, and scuba diving in such deep shining and clear waters covered in black lava sand. Don’t hesitate to snap some of your best wedding photos at this striking beach.


Períssa Beach
Períssa lies at the foot of Mesa Vouno Mountain on the southeast coast of Santorini. It soothes everyone’s eyes with the sandy sea bottom, the dark blue and crystal clear waters. The beach offers a children’s playground, which attracts many families, making their trip a memorable and pleasant experience. You’ll find small cafés and restaurants with fresh seafood located on the beach. Try some of the most delicious seafood along this blue beach.


Ancient Thera
Ancient Thera, one of the most prominent islands in history, lies on the top of Mesa Vouno Mountain in Santorini. It was named after the ruler of the Dorians, Theras, who arrived and established the habitation in the 8th century BC. You’ll find Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine ruins, including temples, houses with mosaics, a market, a theater, and a gymnasium. Go on the top of rocky Mesa Vouna, and absorb the spectacular views of the sea.

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