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Greece for Foodies – Trip to Athens, Peloponnese & Crete

12 Days
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Beginning in Athens, taking you right across the majestic Peloponnese and ending in the ravishingly beautiful island of Crete, our 12 days culinary Odyssey across Greece offers a rare insight into the gastronomical traditions of our country, far beyond the tourist trail. Our trip is a foray into the history, mythology, and gastronomy wealth of Greece supported by our team, who are with you every step of the way. From travel experts to historians, and professional chefs to village elders who cook dishes that any Michelin star chef would be proud of, this is the perfect adventure to delve into if, like us, you are a passionate foodie!

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Things To Do in Dimitsana

Lousios Gorge
Lousios is located in the area between Stemnitsa and Zatouna. The gorge houses ancient Arcadian ruins, steep rocky sides, lush green sceneries, maple, and holm-oak trees. You’ll find small mammals in water, and predatory birds nest in the gorge as an adventure experience. The gorge walls are made of limestone rocks housing numerous caves and hollows, hosted hermit monks, accessible to experienced and professional climbers and hikers only.


Filosofou Monastery
The old building of Filosofou Monastery, founded in the 10th century, served as a disruptive in the 19th century under the Ottoman occupation. On the west of the Lousios Gorge, there’s a pair of monasteries dating back to the 17th century. There is a short but steep 80-meter path from the new sanctuary to the old. Watch out not to breach the respecting rules of visiting the new monastery: don’t wear topless clothing.


Ancient Gortys
The ancient city of Gortys, one of the essential Arcadian towns, was founded in the 4th century B.C. It was destroyed by two earthquakes but managed to be re-built. You’ll find a temple called Asklipios built with stone in the 7th or 8th century at the main entrance. The historical site houses a sanctuary of Egyptian gods, Apollo’s temple, a Minoan rural house, Roman baths, Acropolis and Praetorium. While walking around the Asklipios temple ruins, you’ll find the healing spa baths to take a rest and escape from the urban bustling life.


Monastery of St. John
The monastery of St. John is a massive stone structure completed in the 11th century in honor of St. John. It houses a significant collection of manuscripts, icons, liturgical artwork, and objects. The monastery of St. John is the most notable religious and cultural site on the island, visible from everywhere as it lies high on the hill above Chora. The appearance of this exquisite monastery resembles a castle with towers and crenellations. The north and west sections of the courtyard are surrounded by white mosaic walls; on the south, you can see a stone two-storied arcade.


Water Power Museum
Water Power Museum, situated in Dimitsana next to the Loussios River, highlights the importance of water-power in traditional society and focuses on the essential pre-industrial techniques taking advantage of water to produce various products. This open-air museum exhibits old equipment and water-powered mechanisms, two flour mills, grinding machinery, a water mill, and a sesame mill. It opened to the public in 1997, consisting of the Mills area and the Old Hemp Factory of Edessa.

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