Manhattan, New York, USA – History, Attractions, Tourist Guide

New York City has a lot to visit or do, yet it's Manhattan that addresses the city—and at times the whole United States of America—to the world. You could go through seven days on this tiny island and still not see everything. Take a taxi, jump on the metro, or simply begin strolling, and you're certain to start to see exactly what makes Manhattan, Manhattan.

Manhattan is so notable that even the names of its roads have gotten famous and perceived the world over. This long, meager island is just one of New York City’s five districts. However, it’s Manhattan, with famous buildings and a breathtaking horizon. Manhattan has the world’s most brilliant and most famous theater zone and lovely Showrooms. However, that isn’t all! Manhattan has many other favorite spots like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Central Park.



Generally, Manhattan has four main part which are:

  • Uptown
  • Midtown
  • Downtown
  • Harlem & the Heights

People usually use other phrases for these districts. Commonly, when they say go south, they mean the Downtown area, or by north, they mean the Uptown area. Harlem is regularly not mentioned when we consider Manhattan, yet it’s completely important and has many economic benefits, and is the best in class.

The zone found South of fourteenth St is viewed as a component of Downtown. Midtown reaches out from fourteenth St toward the southern finish of Central Park at 60th Street. Midtown is partitioned into various areas. Between Uptown is considered 60th St to 116th. North of 116th road is viewed as Harlem.



Manhattan is the heart of modern New York City and one of the five main boroughs of the city. It’s coextensive with New York County and comprises Manhattan Island fundamentally. The land was occupied by Lenape when previously found by Europeans.

During the Civil War, the New York Draft Riots were emitted in July of 1863, and about 120 died during this war. The reason for the uproars was diverse, incorporating monetary ties with the South and indignation regarding the rich recruiting draft substitutes for $300. Nonetheless, another factor was the gradual mixture of assorted settlers that were coming to characterize Manhattan.

The “old outsiders” had come from Ireland and Germany, while the “new settlers” were generally Italians and Eastern European Jews. Rivalry for occupations was extraordinary, and the apparent danger of liberated blacks helped trigger the uproars. They were from the South, taking the positions.

After the conflict, Manhattan saw further influxes of migration from a much wider variety. New York and the Statue of Liberty turned into the image of America as a stronghold of opportunity for the world’s “poor people.” During the 1920s, the Great Migration of African-Americans from the South added a huge new component to the city’s multilingual make-up. This pattern proceeded until the “white seniority” just comprised 59% of the populace in 1991.

New York City developed beyond Manhattan, starting in early 1875 and finishing with the association the City of Greater New York about 30 years later. The recently joined city kept on filling even amidst the Great Depression.

Modern Manhattan

At the point when veterans got back home after WWII, a post-war lodging blast started in Manhattan and somewhere else in the United States. During the ’70s, the economy dropped; in the 1980s, it exploded until Manhattan (and Wall Street) was the focal point of the world’s economy. During the two time frames, wrongdoing took off. It was not until the ’90s those new police techniques brought down the crime percentages. This was a sparkling wave of tourism and had made Manhattan popular. 


Manhattan, New York, United States


Demographic Information and Population

In 2014, the number of inhabitants in Manhattan was assessed at 1.65 million, a three percent increment from the 2010 Census figure. The 24 square miles of New York County is more thickly populated than some other provinces in the US. Due to this huge population, this area is a crowded place for visitors. You might find it better to plan your trip as if everywhere is busy!


Manhattan, United States


What to See

Manhattan is the economic and touristic borough of New York, with lots of highlights to see. Different museums, parks, gardens, and shopping malls are situated on this island. Here are some of the main ones.


Manhattan’s landmarks are not just known in the area, city, or even the United States. They are absolutely famous all around the world. Every guest of the city will put forth an attempt to see these well-known structures and landmarks. Each neighborhood has its landmark, and more surprisingly, in some cases, the neighbor itself is a landmark and famous area.

Wall Street

The financial capital of the world, Wall Street, is in Lower Manhattan. Wall Street is the main base of the stock exchange in the world. There is also Federal Hall. It’s the place that George Washington started his presidency in 1789. There is the City Hall zone in the north of Wall Street. Brooklyn Bridge is on the east and close to the Hall. The Cathedral of Commerce, Woolworth Building, stands on the west side. As mentioned, there are some 9/11 memorial sites, and one of the main ones is just at the former spot of the World Trade Center towers.

Wall Street

Wall Street, New York


Empire State Building and More

In the other neighborhoods of Manhattan, other landmarks can easily be found. There is the Empire State Building in Midtown, while just a few steps away, you can see the iconic Chrysler Building. You can find all the many other landmarks of the island in the midst. There is the New York Public Library Building, Grand Central Terminal, and Rockefeller Center.

Chrysler Building in Manhattan

Chrysler Building, Manhattan


The Statue of Liberty

If you think that’s finished and there is no other landmark in Manhattan, then you’re wrong. Still, the most famous and the main landmark of America isn’t mentioned! The Statue of Liberty is in the South of Manhattan island. It’s an important statue for every American who truly loves his/her country and is the symbol of modern free America. And just one more thing! Don’t miss historical Times Square on the west.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, New York



New York City is home to galleries and museums of each sort, and Manhattan is the place where probably the most spectacular and most captivating are. The biggest museum of art in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of art, is in Uptown, Manhattan. In the Harlem area, you can find many different and beautiful museums on each street. 

There is a heaven for museum lovers, as is the spot of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum or Jewish Museum. Few steps ahead, there is the Whitney Museum of American Art and El Museo Del Barrio. Don’t miss the well-known Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous designed museum, the Guggenheim Museum. As you see, there are many art museums in Manhattan. These days modern art is spreading and getting more populated. 

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was established many years ago and started to collect masterpieces of modern art. After about 90 years, the MoMA has one of the most valuable collections in the world. It is just near the Rockefeller Center and easily reachable by metro stations or taxis. American Folk Art Museum and Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum are other museums that can be found in the area.

In Lower Manhattan, things are different, and museums are usually small but more specialized. African Burial Ground National Monument, the Museum of American Finance, the National Museum of American Indian, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage are just some of the other museums on this island.

Just on the north side of the famous Chinatown, the Museum of Chinese in the Americas has stunning masterpieces of Chinese art in a different aspect, which I highly recommend you to check. On the Lower East Side, you can enjoy the Tenement Museum or the Museum at Eldridge Street.

Metropolitan Museum of art

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Parks and Gardens

Obviously, no visit to Manhattan would be finished without a visit to Central Park, the biggest and most popular park in this district. Visit the recreation center on a bright day and join the numerous New Yorkers and guests unwinding on the recreation center seats, trekking, and visiting the little Central Park Zoo are just some of the lovely activities you can do in Central Park.

You can also have a pleasant sunbathing on the Sheep Meadow, ice skating at the Wollman Rink, or seeing a show or play. In any case, Central Park is a long way from the lone green space like other parks. It’s completely complex and offers everything you want from one.

Fort Tryon Park is another famous park in Manhattan that is spotted in the Uptown area. Just close to this park, there is Inwood Park that is a remaining part of the forest on the tip of Manhattan.

The parks get smaller in Midtown, but they are still charming and lovely. There is an extremely popular park just behind the Public Library, which is Bryant Park. Playing Free movies is one of the main reasons that make it popular and, of course, crowded during summer nights.

Madison Square Park, Hudson River Park, High Line Park are other parks of the Midtown area. In Lower Manhattan, you can find Washington Square Park, Columbus Park, Tompkins Square Park, etc.

Central Park in New York

Central Park in New York



New York is ostensibly the style capital of the United States and is a significant shopping city for every person with every taste. The city brags an unrivaled reach of retail chains, stores, and niche stores. A few areas brag more shopping alternatives than most other American urban communities and have gotten acclaimed by their own doing as lovely customer spots. Anything you might actually need to purchase is found in Manhattan.

Among the towns, Midtown is the center and hub of shopping in Manhattan. All famous brands such as Nike, Zara, Tiffany’s, Versace, and others have a big and important shopping store in this area. It’s not fair to say that if europian have Milan as a center of fashion in their continent, New York City and especially Manhattan is the one in the Whole of North America. The flagship store of Macy’s is in this city. Just for your knowledge, it’s good to know that Macy’s building is as big as a complete block in the city!

Midtown in Manhattan

Midtown in Manhattan, New York



On the off chance that there is one thing that makes New York City, especially Manhattan, perhaps the most costly areas on the planet, it is inns facilities. The normal room price in Manhattan surpasses those of the more costly cities like Tokyo and London. View yourself as fortunate on the off chance that you can get a room at a full-administration inn at $250 for just a night. It’s just the set price, and you must add the taxes to it!

The price of a room in super luxury hotels can be about $850 – $4000 for just a night, and if you want a full service, it can dip into $9000! Hostels are not as cheap as other cities. The price of a bed starts at around $18 and increases to $40 per person for a night. Although you can find budget hotels in Manhattan with around $100, most of the time, they are full and don’t have any room to service.

So if you want to save money and have normal accommodation in Manhattan, you should book in advance. If you do choose to visit Manhattan during occupied occasions or in the traveler-stuffed month of May, ensure you book well ahead of time to get a decent room.

Hotel in New York

Hotel Carlyle, New York


Always Safety

New York has encountered a significant falloff in wrongdoing during the previous decade – truth be told, for as long as a couple of years, New York City has been the most secure big city in the United States – however, you should always take care. Here are some tips that help you to stay safe.

Friends in Manhattan

Manhattan. New York, United states


Act Normal

Make an effort to know or possibly appear as you realize where you’re going, especially in zones that are abandoned or, in any case, feel conceivably hazardous to you. Keep your brains about yourself by monitoring what’s going on around you in the city. Find the open shops, the place where you may have recognized any cops around. Try not to increase your speed or cross to the opposite side of the road in the event that you sense it very well may be the most secure game-plan. Act normally and try to reach a safe point like a shop or bank, or police station if you feel danger. Don’t panic! These are only the security tips, and hopefully, you will not see any of them!


Manhattan, United States


Be Careful with Pickpockets

During the Christmas season, pickpockets like to target customers close to vacation destinations like Times Square, 42nd Street, and Macy’s, and a place where there is a pound of groups. To thwart pickpockets, never put your wallet or anything of significant worth in your back pockets, always put them in your front pockets. On the off chance that you utilize a purse, ensure it is firmly shut and clutch it. Also, when you plunk down, for example, in a café, be mindful to keep your assets in places where no one can grab them and run.

Manhattan pickpocketing

Manhattan Pickpocketing


Traffic risks

Manhattan is a heaven for those who chose walking for transportation; however, be careful that traffic guidelines are not generally complied with exactly. Watch for forcefully turning vehicles and bicyclists riding the incorrect path on single-direction roads or walkways. Additionally, you’ll note that jaywalking is ordinary among New Yorkers, yet it tends to be dangerous to those not experienced in deciding the speed of approaching vehicles. So don’t indiscriminately follow a neighborhood, for there’s a possibility you’ll be gazing at the headlights of a vehicle if you are not cautious, so you know the rest of the story!

Manhattan Traffic

Manhattan Traffic, New York


How to Reach

As the great worth of Manhattan for the State, governments have developed every possible access way to the island. There are three main railway stations in Manhattan. The populated and largest one is Pennsylvania Station in the center of Midtown West. You can also use the NJ Transit or Amtrak railroad with great services. Although the subway is crowded, it’s a cheap and quick option to reach the island. It started from 34th street on many routes and has three stop stations Newark, Jersey, and Hoboken.

Manhattan is accessible (regardless of whether via vehicle, taxi, transport, or by foot) by means of many bridges and tunnels. A walker can stroll into Manhattan over the Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Williamsburg Bridges from Brooklyn, the Queensboro, or RFK (previously Triboro) Bridges from Queens. All the various little road spans from the Bronx and the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey. The most crowded and important bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge. You can ask your taxi driver to reach Manhattan via Williamsburg Bridges or Queensboro if you land at LGA airport and take a taxi.

There isn’t any airport in Manhattan, but there are certain spots for helicopters or seaplane services. Although It’s easy to use these services, they cost too much. Using a ferry is the other option that can be used from different spots. Brooklyn, New Jersey, Ellis Island, or Staten Island are just some of these spots. It’s fast and cheap, but always check the forecast and don’t use them in dangerous water-travel conditions.

How to Get around

The abundance of public transportation gives you a great assortment of options to choose from for transporting in Manhattan, New York. Subway, taxi, bus, and walking are the most common ways to get around Manhattan. However, it’s possible to rent a car and enjoy driving a private luxury or typical car on the island.

It’s interesting to know that many Manhattanites don’t own a private car because having a car has its problems and is not convenient in some situations. One of these problems is the struggle with finding parking. Manhattan isn’t a big island, and considering the population density tells us everything about the hardness of finding parking for our car.

When visitors see these conditions, they prefer to put their car in the parking lot for their entire stay in Manhattan. You can use the Car Service Apps instead of owning a car like UBER, GETT, VIA, etc.

Manhattan is the simplest New York district to walk. Numerous pedestrians prove it every day on the sidewalks. There are many signs everywhere of reducing the chance of getting lost. There are numerous pre-bundled strolling visits; some of them are free.

Yellow is the official color of Manhattan taxis. This is the native color of taxis that can’t leave the area while the green taxis are allowed to go to another part of the city. Accessible taxis have their TAXI sign light on; however, their Off Duty light is off. Fares are determined by the meter. You can consider a 10% to 15% tip if you want. Know that during shift changes, practically all taxis are off the clock.

You can also use the free bus or subway. They can easily transfer you between different spots. You can see their maps at tourist spots, hotels, or public libraries. However, it can be reached by just a simple search in google or apps like the NYC Subway app or Citymapper, both available on Android and iOS. We suggest you use online ways due to their updateable database so they can show construction rerouting ways. Due to weather conditions or traffic, arriving time of trains is changeable.

  • A HOHO

The Manhattan bus has a special ramp for wheelchairs. For individuals searching for a touring vehicle instead of a quick vehicle, a HOHO (hop on hop off) transport is an incredible alternative. The subway runs every minute of every day during the whole year without and off days. It’s the quickest method to venture to every part of the city; however, look out for rerouting at the end of the week and around evening time and construction.

Taxi Manhattan

Taxi New York


Last Words

Manhattan is viewed as one of the world’s preeminent business, monetary, and social focuses. It is eminent for its numerous interests. With lots of beautiful and stunning parks and museums, Manhattan can be your next destination if you haven’t come yet! It’s interesting for everyone to see these amounts of a famous and wonderful skyscraper on just one island! So, don’t forget to book your name and experience all this fantastic sightseeing closely. See you there!


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