Asian Vacation Destinations in Summer: Where to Travel in June, July, and August

Best Asian countries to visit during the summer months. Explore our guide to top destinations, ideal for enjoying Asia's beauty in June, July, and August. Find out where to go for vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and unforgettable experiences.

Asia, the largest and most diverse continent on Earth, is the perfect destination for a memorable summer vacation. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and countless attractions, Asia offers something for every type of traveler. Let us guide you through this enchanting continent as we reveal the hidden gems and popular favorites that make Asia a must-visit destination for your next summer adventure.


Beach Destinations


Okinawa – Japan

A tropical paradise in Japan, known for its white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich marine life.

Okinawa Beach of Japan
Okinawa Beach
  • 🏆 The Best Times: Late March until the end of September (Because of events and festivals), April to October (The most enjoyable weather)
  • 🔥 Highlights: Scuba diving, snorkeling, visiting the Churaumi Aquarium, and exploring the Shuri Castle
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Naha Airport (Okinawa’s main airport) and rent a car or use public transportation to explore the islands

The weather in Okinawa is mostly warm and humid since this city has a tropical climate, but if you check the weather, you will have a memorable time. Okinawa beaches can make this destination one of the best summer vacations you have ever had, along with the exotic food and numerous beautiful places around the cities.

If you want to avoid crowds and want less heat and sun, you can always go in September just before the beaches are closed due to the temperature changes.

There are many islands and several beaches there and each island can offer something special for all tastes. Take your family, and friends, or travel alone. Summer vacation in Okinawa is not something you want to miss!


Bali – Indonesia

If you are a fan of tropical weather, sunny beaches, and beach vacations for summer, Bali can be one of the best summer destinations in Asia for you. Bali never gets too cold; so, you can always visit the beaches even during winter, and enjoy your time off. That is why a lot of people consider this place a paradise and go there to relax or have a blast!

Bali of Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia
  • 🏆 The Best Times: April to October
  • 🔥 Highlights: The sun in all seasons; Restaurants and bars for all tastes and desires; Peaceful and friendly people; Lovely and rich nature, Visiting ancient temples, enjoying water sports, exploring rice terraces, and relaxing on stunning beaches
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into “Ngurah Rai International Airport” and take a taxi, shuttle, or private transfer to your accommodation

You can make the most of it during summer vacation. It is also the time when a lot of people will go there, which makes it a very crowded destination. But then again, you can go and enjoy this paradise any time of the year and still call it one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

If you ever get tired of beaches, have no worries! This place has a lot more to offer. You can see the mountains or green areas and enjoy nature. The only negative things are the humidity, heavy rains at special times of the year, and mosquitos that you should keep in mind.


Koh Samui – Thailand

A picturesque island boasting palm-fringed beaches, lush rainforests, and luxury resorts! If you love warm and dry weather for your summer vacation, Koh Samui is an ideal option. The climate is tropical, which means you will get the occasional rains but most of the time you will the warmth of the sun.

Koh Samui of Thailand
Koh Samui of Thailand
  • 🏆 The Best Times: March to August – Beautiful all year especially during summer; amazing during both day and night
  • 🔥 Highlights: Chaweng Beach, Ang Thong National Marine Park, Big Buddha Temple, and Fisherman’s Village
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into “Ngurah Rai International Airport” and take a taxi, shuttle, or private transfer to your accommodation

It is possibly one of the best destinations for spending your vacation, no matter when you plan a trip there. You can go during the early spring which is less warm and has more rain, or during the summer to get less rain and humidity. Also, You can experience it during autumn and winter as well since it will still be warm. It is possible to go during low seasons to save money and get less crowd during your visit.

The most recommended times, however, are spring and summer, when it is hot and relatively dry. There are a lot of natural elements for nature lovers. Koh Samui nights are also exceptionally beautiful.

Cultural Destinations


Hong Kong – China

A vibrant and dynamic city blending Eastern and Western cultures, with a rich history and stunning skyline! Hong Kong can be a little hot during the summer, but if the weather does not bother you and you have appropriate clothing, you will have a great time in this city. As for having fun or relaxing in Hong Kong, you will find it to your liking no matter what you desire! The city is large and can be the best place to quench your thirst for culture, history, or excitement during the summer holidays.

You can take your pick from Hong Kong Disneyland to waterparks or go for a walk in the modern or traditional districts of the city. The restaurants can offer a wide range of foods, whatever you want to eat during your stay; however, you have to plan for your trip as there are a lot of options to pick.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
  • 🏆 The Best Times: March to August – Beautiful all year especially during summer; amazing during both day and night
  • 🔥 Highlights: Lots of places to have fun, both during the day and night: Hong Kong Museums and Monasteries, Tian Tan Buddha; The Star Ferry, The Night Market, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, and exploring the city’s diverse districts, Beautiful hiking trails in the green areas or on the beach, Different parks which can be relaxing or exciting for all age groups, High-quality accommodation, and transportation
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Hong Kong International Airport and take the Airport Express train or a taxi to the city center

If you are staying for a week or less, you better plan which historic monuments, museums or other places you wish to visit. Even if you are staying for a longer time, check the top places to visit to make sure you will not miss out on your favorite activities.


Hoi An – Vietnam

A charming ancient town with well-preserved architecture and a rich cultural heritage! 

Hoi An is one of the best destinations for your summer holidays as you can enjoy its beaches, food, friendly locals, and exciting activities. If you check the forecast, you will do fine. If you decide to make it your summer vacation destination, keep in mind that all of Vietnam is rich with nature, culture, history, and local cuisine. If you have someone to show you around, don’t forget to shop and even visit a tailor!

Hoi An in Vietnam, one of the best summer destinations in Asia
Hoi An, Vietnam
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to August
  • 🔥 Highlights: Exploring the Ancient Town, browsing colorful markets, and taking a boat ride along the Thu Bon River; The markets; The history and traditions of Vietnam; Both nature and architecture; Shows, events, and the cuisine; Towns and villages and the part around them; Great tailors and clothes
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Da Nang International Airport and take a taxi, shuttle, or private transfer to Hoi An

You can enjoy nature, the architecture, and have boat trips or go cycling. No matter where you go in the town or the areas around it, you will have fun. And if it gets overwhelming, the beach is always a good place to relax.


Penang – Malaysia

A diverse and culturally rich island known for its street art, historic sites, and delicious cuisine! As a very beautiful island in Malaysia and one of the finest destinations for your summer holidays, Penang can be quite an adventure during summer. It is not dry and is certainly not famous for its beaches, but that does not mean you will not enjoy the time there.

There are a lot of good hotels and fine foods for all tastes and other than that, there are some parks, museums, and different sites for visiting. Whether with family or friends, you can choose to visit the festivals, carnivals, and other events or go to theme parks and see the natural environment of Penang.

Penang Beach in Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to October
  • 🔥 Highlights: Exploring George Town, visiting the Kek Lok Si Temple, strolling through the Penang Botanic Gardens, Exploring the Ancient Town, browsing colorful markets, and taking a boat ride along the Thu Bon River; The markets; The history and traditions of Vietnam; Both nature and architecture; Shows, events, and the cuisine; Towns and villages and the part around them; Great tailors and clothes
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Penang International Airport and take a taxi, bus, or private transfer to your accommodation

It doesn’t end there! There are temples, historic sites, and traditional means of entertainment as well as modern areas. If you are tired of beaches and want to go sightseeing during your summer vacation, Penang is the place you are looking for.

Adventure Destinations


Antalya – Turkey

A gateway to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, boasting ancient ruins, scenic landscapes, and outdoor adventures! Antalya has hot summers, but the beach and the sea as well as luxurious hotels, great nights, and the beauty of the city can make this destination the best place for your vacation. Going alone or with friends, the fun and excitement never end; making it worth every day you spend in this place.

During your accommodation, make sure to explore the city, as the beach and warm sands are only a small part of the good times you can have in Antalya. If time and money are not an issue, you can have a memorable time there. If you want to make the best of it, make sure you plan for every hour of your stay!

Antalya Beach in Turkey
Antalya Beach, Turkey
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to October
  • 🔥 Highlights: Visiting the ancient city of Perge, exploring Düden Waterfalls, and experiencing the Lycian Way trek, Very rich with historic sites and cultural elements such as Antalya Museum, the old town, the old harbor, and many other places, The national park, caves, and beaches, Great hotels, and shopping centers, Very beautiful and exciting during both day and night
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Antalya Airport and take a taxi, shuttle, or private transfer to your accommodation

There are numerous restaurants, bars, shops, historical sites, and attractions for all ages and groups. Eastern and Western architecture, modern and traditional districts along the beautiful nature of the region are also other reasons to pick Antalya as a summer vacation destination at least once.


Nha Trang – Vietnam

A coastal city offering a mix of pristine beaches, lush mountains, and thrilling adventure activities. With long and beautiful beaches, Nha Trang is an ideal place for sea lovers. If you want to go hiking in the mountains or want to enjoy water sports at the beach, this is one top recommendation for a summer vacation destination. The nature and food of Nha Trang attract many visitors during the holidays, making it one of the best summer destinations in Asia.

Vietnam Nha Trang
Nha Trang is one of the best summer destinations in Asia
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to August (The weather is warm and dry)
  • 🔥 Highlights: Long beach and water sports in clear waters; Waterfalls, mountains, and other natural elements; Various religious and cultural monuments; Theme parks and water parks; Good number of places to relax such as Spas and the hot spring; One of the less costly traveling experiences
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Cam Ranh International Airport and take a taxi, bus, or private transfer to Nha Trang

Make sure to plan your trip and come prepared to avoid rains or extreme heat as they can be unbearable from time to time. Most of the rains occur during September and December. The rest of the year will have much better and warmer weather; however, if you want to make the most of it and catch the sun, it is recommended to plan your holiday during summer.


Arugam Bay – Sri Lanka

A laid-back surf town offering world-class waves, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife. There is no bad time to travel to Sri Lanka since the weather is different in each part of the island. You can enjoy the place at any time you want. However, for summer and especially family vacations, the Arugam Bay of Sri Lanka is mostly recommended.

Arugam Bay of Sri Lanka
Arugam Bay, South Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka
  • 🏆 The Best Times: April to October
  • 🔥 Highlights: Surfing, visiting Kumana National Park, and exploring the ancient ruins of Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Elephant Safari, Cultural and historic sites, Great food and tea, Friendly locals
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Bandaranaike International Airport, then take a domestic flight to Batticaloa Airport or travel by train and bus to Arugam Bay

There are many great hotels and accommodations for you to have an unforgettable trip. Check the forecasts and then plan your summer holidays in this part of Asia.

Urban Escapes


Singapore – Singapore

First things first, it is always summer there! The weather is always warm and from April until September, it gets a little drier. It has a local beach and you can go sunbathing, but going to the sea is not the strongest point about this place. There are many events and festivals there and you can have fun along with all the ethnic groups in Singapore.

Singapore at night
Singapore at night
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to September
  • 🔥 Highlights: All the natural elements and parks as well as the marina areas; Museums and other sites for lovers of history and culture; Beautiful and colorful nights and exciting nightlife; Great place for some shopping and fashion lovers
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Singapore Changi Airport and take the MRT, taxi, or private transfer to the city center

It is one of the best places in Asia to spend the summer vacation with your family, and friends, or even on your own. You will meet a lot of locals and other travelers along the way and have a blast as the city has a good number of clubs, parks, and sites. It is also known to be a very good destination for shopping.


Sanya – Hainan

A popular beach resort city in China, offering luxury hotels, sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife! The best time to visit Sanya and catch the sun is in summer when the air is drier and there is no rain to worry about. There are several beaches, mountains, and hot springs that you can visit. These activities make you forget the heat of the sun!

Sanya Beach in Hainan
Sanya Beach is one of the best summer destinations in Asia
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to October
  • 🔥 Highlights: Temples, parks, beaches, shows, traditional and modern districts, and all you need to enjoy the trip; Great resorts and spas; Hot springs; Beaches, mountains, parks, and many other natural elements; Amazing restaurants and seafood
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Sanya Phoenix International Airport and take a taxi, bus, or private transfer to your accommodation

It has beautiful beaches and other natural elements which can make your trip a relaxing and calm experience, but if that ever gets boring for you, there are historical sites and other places to see. There are good restaurants, resorts, spas, islands, and many more. If you want to take some off and enjoy yourself, Sanya is an ideal place in Asia for you. It is also known as the Hawaii of Asia.


Malé – Maldives

The bustling capital of the Maldives, features colorful markets, historic sites, and easy access to surrounding islands. Small towns with low populations on the islands, clean waters, no pollution, and beautiful resorts near water make Malé a wonderful destination for a summer vacation. Maldives’ weather gets a little rough from time to time, even during summer, and that is why it is very important to check the forecasts.

The best thing about this place is that it is not very populated and therefore it is calm and very clean. A very good place for watersports, having fun on the beach, and even sunbathing. Since tourism is still developing in the Maldives, the rates in Malé are relatively low, making it a very good place to spend the holidays.

Malé Beach, one of the best summer destinations in Asia
Malé, Maldives
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to November
  • 🔥 Highlights: Very good prices for booking hotels and resorts; Large number of places which you can stay, giving you lots of options; Many islands and rich wildlife; exceptional local dishes; Clean and beautiful beaches and water; Perfect place for any kind of sports in the water or on the beach; Hard Rock Hotel; Mulee Aage; Grand Friday Mosque; Resorts and spa centers; Local seafood
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Malé International Airport and take a ferry, speedboat, or seaplane to your desired location

You should try the local dishes which include various types of fish and also rice. You can find almost anything to eat but the local food is mostly recommended.

Natural Wonders


Boracay – Philippines

A small island paradise is known for its powdery white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant nightlife. If you love diving, and water sports, and if you are looking for some clear waters, an extraordinary place you can try in Asia is Boracay. The summers of Boracay are hot and dry and the rain showers will only start from October. The white sands of the beach attract many visitors, people who do not wish to leave the beach and also want to stay the night. The nights on this coast are exceptionally beautiful.

Boracay Beach, one of the best summer destinations in Asia
Boracay Beach in Philipines is one of the best summer destinations in Asia
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to October
  • 🔥 Highlights: Spending any time of the day at the beach; The best experience of water sports; Amazing seafood; Cliff diving and swimming in clear water during summer; Beautiful nature; Fantastic Sunrise and Sunsets; Helicopter tours
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Caticlan Airport and take a short boat ride to Boracay Island

If you love beaches and want to have the best experience of your life, you should at least visit this area once. It is mostly recommended for younger travelers but that does not mean it is not a suitable area for families or other age groups. The beach has different areas to suit all your needs and expectations. Try it once and it will grow on you!


Andaman and Nicobar Islands – India

A remote archipelago boasting untouched beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and lush rainforests. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are among the best places in Asia to spend your summer vacation and have fun, with almost zero chances of rain. You can enjoy the sun and the beach to just relax or go for a swim or even diving. During this time the weather is much more pleasant and even if it gets a little rough at the beach, there are lots of areas to explore in the city.

Andaman island in India
Andaman island, India
  • 🏆 The Best Times: May to September
  • 🔥 Highlights: Beautiful beaches and watersports; Lower prices for budget tours; Great place to visit both the beaches, nature, and the towns; Rich with wildlife

The islands and the beaches are very beautiful and can be great places for water sports. You can also take advantage of the better prices of this place and spend more days on vacation in Andaman and Nicobar. Plantlife and wildlife on these islands make it a wonderful experience along with the local foods and friendly people. These fascinating features, make this island one of the best summer destinations in Asia.


Perhentian Islands – Malaysia

A pair of idyllic islands offering crystal-clear waters, abundant marine life, and lush jungles. Unless you want to visit during the monsoons, the best time for a vacation in the Perhentian Islands is during summer.  This place can be recommended for all travelers and their different tastes as it has a small and less costly island and a larger and more luxurious one. You can decide how much money you can spend there, but always remember, during the holidays and high seasons, you may get higher prices due to the large crowds. It has beautiful beaches and good seafood but fishing is strictly prohibited.

Perhentian Islands of Malaysia
Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
  • 🏆 The Best Times: March to October
  • 🔥 Highlights: Calm and beautiful environment; many untouched and less developed areas on the islands; Colorful and rich wild-life; For sea and beach lovers and adventurers; Clearwater, suitable for water sports
  • ✈️ How to get there: Fly into Kota Bharu Airport, then take a bus and speedboat to the Perhentian Islands

The natural environment and wildlife are well preserved which makes it a very beautiful destination for fans of nature and the environment. It should also be noted that if you are not an adventurer, and do not enjoy some time in nature and on the beach, you may not want to spend the summer there as there is limited infrastructure on the islands. There are no banks, hospitals, or Wi-Fi on the islands (for most of your needs you need to go to the mainland).

As you can see, Asia can offer fantastic destinations for you during summer vacation. Have you ever been to these destinations? Feel free to leave your experience for others. You can also send us your questions about these destinations and our professional tour guides will reply as soon as possible.

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