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#Torres del Paine

Hunting for Fossils in Torres del Paine

6 Days
Private, Small Group
International flights are NOT included
Escape the crowds (for real!) on this trek to Southern Patagonia´s most secluded valleys in search of the fossilized remains of the dinosaurs, marine life, and flora that once made their home in Chile’s extreme south. This remote trekking and camping experience takes place in Torres del Paine National park, one of the 17 parks that make up the ´Route of Parks of Patagonia´. Journey along to unspoiled valleys and canyons once covered by oceans teeming with life.
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Chilean Patagonia program

4 Days
Small Group
4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
These 4 days and 3 nights Chilean Patagonia package will have a real closeness to the incredible and wonderful nature of chile . We are offering transfer, accommodation, snacks, entrance fees and tours. We make sure that It will be an enjoyable with all ready.
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Patagonia Collection: Multisport Route of the Parks (14 Days)

14 Days
Private, Small Group
3 Star Hotel, Camping, Lodge
International flights are NOT included
A lifetime experience exploring some of the most spectacular landscapes of North & South Patagonia. This exclusive 14-day multisport program connects wild landscapes from the base of active volcanoes in Conguillio National Park to the lush and exuberant temperate rainforest of the Pumalin Park, ending with a stunning finale at the diversely wild Torres del Paine National Park.
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Things To Do in Puerto Natales

Monumento de la Mano
Monumento de la Mano is a monument in Puerto Natales depicting five digits of a massive human hand sticking out of the ground. It’s situated 10 minutes walk from the city center.


Municipal History Museum
The Museo Historico Municipal is a gateway to locals’ lives and the history of the area before the Europeans’ arrival. This history museum houses artifacts, reenactments, and displays, bringing informative visual insight into the native inhabitants.


Glacier Grey
Grey Lake is the home to one of the world’s most impressive and picturesque glaciers. Don’t miss out on visiting this ice wall that resembles the frozen water flood and snap highly Instagrammable photos.


Milodon Cave
The Cueva de Milodon is the pride of people of Puerto Natales. Well-preserved fossils and skins were discovered inside the cave before the turn of the 20th century belonging to the remains of the Mylodon Darwinii, an enormous ground sloth up to three m long. According to estimations, it lived around 10000-14000 years ago.


The Channel of Last Hope
A long inlet boasting the most breathtaking natural scenery in Patagonia, the Channel of Last Hope is situated at the bottom of the Torres del Paine National Park, receiving the surface water flowing through the park. You’ll find beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and different shades of blue water spotted everywhere.


Mirador Cerro Dorotea
Unlike other miradors (lookout points) located within a city offering a nice view of civilization, the Cerro Dorotea mirador is far away from all that. Whether you drive, hike, or horseback to the top, soak up the view over the mountains, water, and Puerto Natales.


Condor’s Nest
Seeking a tremendous close-up view of the enormous condors, wrap up and hike up to the Condor’s Nest to enjoy the wild winds floating overhead. You’ll find the nests of the massive birds on top of the standpoint.


Bernardo O’Higgins National Park
Bernardo O’Higgins National Park is an incredible park named after O’Higgins, a Chilean independence leader. It covers an area of 35,000 square kilometers. It’s famous for its inhospitable yet awe-inspiring beauty covered with glaciers, icebergs, and fjords.

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