Chunxi Road of Chengdu

Chunxi Road is a shopping district, but it is also an excellent place to have some fun, take a rest, taste different international & Sichuanese food, and experience the life of Chengdu locals.

Built-in 1924, Chunxi Road is a famous 20-hectares business and pedestrian street in Chengdu, China. This street provides lovely food options, attractive sightseeing, and a lot of shopping opportunities for visitors. Chunxi Road is one of the best walking streets if you are into shopping and fashion. This location is considered a must-see in Chengdu like many other attractions of the city such as the Teddy Bear Museum and Qingyang Palace.


What To Do in Chunxi Road?

Enjoy shopping

This part of Chengdu is filled with shops selling different things such as shoes, fashionable clothes, accessories, and many more. Here you can see some very antique shops like Jinyi Eyeglasses Store and Hendry Watch & Clock Shop, which would provide you with high-quality items.

The flourishing of the area alongside Chengdu developments has led to the establishment of multiple top-brand shopping malls with lovely services. Ito-Yokado, IFS, and Wangfujing Shopping Mall are some excellent examples of top-brand shopping centers.

Have a Taste of Chengdu and The World

As you go on the granite’s paved street, you may see lines of people trying to taste delicious foods. There are many excellent restaurants here such as Zhong Dumplings, Lai Tangyuan (Rice Dumpling), and Long Chaozhou.

If you prefer the more western taste, Chunxi Road has options for you too. Here you can find popular restaurants and coffee shop brands like KFC and Starbucks.

Have fun with friends

When going along the Chunxi Road, you can see many different scenes filled with the local culture of Chengdu. Lots of young fashion lovers do their shopping every night. Also, you will find many people bargaining over the price with storekeepers, enjoying some excellent food with friends, and taking a rest on Yat-Sen Square benches.

Chunxi Road of Chengdu

Chunxi Road of Chengdu, China


Chunxi Road Nearby Attractions

Based on the location of Chunxi Road in Chengdu, you can find some attractions nearby which are worth the visit.

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li

Taikoo Li is a low-density shopping and development area located in the core business center of the city. This is where you can find international brands such as Hugo Boss, Gucci, etc.

Taikoo Li is the place for fashion, culture, and entertainment. Here you can read a book in the Fang Suo Commune, which is a famous book store, or enjoy watching a movie at the Palace Cinema. Besides these activities, you will enjoy many modern but traditional constructions. Also, this area is perfect if you like to discover new tastes in foods.

It is located very close to Chunxi Road, and you can get there by walking one minute from Exit B of the Chunxi Road station, Chengdu Metro Line 2.

Daci Monastery

If you go for about eight minutes toward the northwest of the Taikoo Li on foot, you will reach the Daci Monastery. This monastery used to become the best Chinese Buddhist Monasteries, especially during the 4th century. It was first established over 1,600 years ago. The Daci Monastery is known for its long history, large scale, profound Buddhist culture, and many eminent monks.

It has been said that in 622, the respectable and famous monk Xuan Zang, formally became a monk here. There are also some excellent paintings focused on Buddhism and Xuan Zang’s story kept in this monastery. If you want to feel the rich Buddhism culture, then visiting Daci Monastery is recommended for you.


Tourist Guide

How to get to Chunxi Road?

By Bus

Take the bus line 58, or 98, and get off at Chunxilu Beikou -Chunxi Road North Exit- station.

Take the bus lines 47, 48, 51, 55, 56, 56a, or 104, and get off at Chunxilu Nankou -Chunxi Road South Exit- station.

By Metro

Take Line 2 or Line 3 and get off at Chunxi Road. Leave from exit C or D to find it.

Business Hours

Parkson Shopping Center and Isetan Shopping Mall are open from 10:00 to 22:00

Wangfujing Department Store from Sunday to Thursday opens from 10:00 to 22:00, and from Friday and Saturday opens from 10:00 to 22:30

Other shops and malls also have quite the same business hours.

Accommodation in this street

There are so many luxurious or economic hotels and hostels near Chunxi Road.

  • luxurious Hotels: Crowne Plaza, Rhombus Park Aura Chengdu Hotel, Niccolo Chengdu Hotel, The Temple House
  • Standard Hotels: Sichuan Minshan Anyi Hotel and Chengdu Yinhe Dynasty Hotel
  • Economy Hotels: Old Chunxi Inn and Holiday Inn Express Gulou Chengdu


As a tip, visiting the Chunxi Road in the Golden Week and summer holidays is not recommended due to the high number of visitors and crowded environment. Do you have any more information to share about Chunxi Road? Feel free to leave your comments for us. Also, if you have any questions about this shopping street, rest assured that by sending them, our professional guide will reply as soon as possible.

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