Bursa – The Largest City in Northwest Turkey

Bursa is one of the industrial cities of Turkey where there are many car factories. Its climate and historical attractions attract many tourists every year. The city has a population of over 2 million that mainly consists of immigrants.

Bursa is one of the prominent tourist cities of the elegant country of Turkey. If we want to determine the exact location of Bursa, we should say that this city is located in the northwest of Turkey and the southern part of the Sea of ​​Marmara.  In terms of area, Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey. Bursa covers an area of ​​1036 square kilometers, and the official language of the city is Turkish.


History of Bursa

You may be wondering why this city is called Bursa. The city was named after its founder and king, Prusias. The city of Bursa was built in 202 BC and was part of the ancient Roman Empire for some time. This part of the land was once a significant place because it was on the Silk Road and Silk Road was a way to cross the continent with many travelers from around the world. As a result of this, it was a developed city compared to its neighboring cities.

One of the nicknames given to Bursa is Yeşil Bursa or Green Bursa. The reason is that there are a lot of parks and green space in this city, which makes the city fresh and attractive.


Sights of Bursa

Bursa is a big city and naturally, a lot of different attractions are there waiting for you. Not only Bursa but also Turkey itself provides various types of attractions and if you really like to see different places during your trip, Turkey and particularly Bursa are your best choices.

Tofaş Anatolian

Tofaş Anatolian is the Bursa Car and Watch Museum. If you love cars and watches, be sure to visit this museum to give yourself the chance of having a unique experience while on the trip.

Green Mosque

The construction of the Green Mosque, which was ordered by Sultan Mohammad Chalabi I, was completed in 1424. Many green and blue tiles have been used to build this mosque, and this is why it was named green mosque. In addition to green and blue tiles, marble has also been used to build the green mosque. This mosque is one of the most beautiful structures in Bursa, whose beautiful architecture charms the viewers.

Address: Yeşil Mh., 16360 Yıldırım

Green Mosque

Green Mosque, Bursa


Ataturk Museum

This museum is all about Bursa and its history. In this museum, you can get a lot of information about the important events of the city and the events that happened in each period. The museum also has a tour that gives you a lot of information about Bursa in different languages. This information may not be everyone’s interest, but the fact is you will experience a better time in this country and city if you go there with authentic information.

Address: Çekirge, 16070 Osmangazi

Grand Mosque of Bursa

The Grand Mosque of Bursa, as its name implies, is the largest in the city. This mosque, which was built during the Ottoman era, has 20 domes and two minarets. Mosques are popular attractions in Turkey. looking at the map of Turkey and its famous cities, you can see that the city is dotted by ancient mosques and old religious places.

Address: Nalbantoğlu, Ulucami Cd. No: 2, 16010 Osmangazi

The Grand Mosque of Bursa

Photo by Salman R. via Flickr



Cumalikizik is the name of an old village in the city of Bursa, which is very old. The village is more than 700 years old, built on the slopes of Mount Uludag. The traces of the Ottoman Empire can be clearly seen in this city, and this is very interesting for those who are interested in this period of history. If you visit Cumalikizik, be sure to visit the old bath of the city and its wooden mosque. You can go to Cumalikizik cafes and restaurants to relax.




Saitabat Waterfall

This waterfall is located 12 km from the center of Bursa and is surrounded by various restaurants. You can walk next to this beautiful waterfall or dip your foot in the water and enjoy eating Turkish snacks at the same time. Located on the slopes of Uludağ Mountain, this waterfall is about 2 meters high. Natural wonders are another aspect of traveling to Turkey. Various types of attractions are all in one place, close to each other.

İnkaya Tree

This tree, which is the oldest tree in the city, is located in the Uludağ neighborhood. This sycamore tree is more than 600 years old. It is interesting to know that this tree is about 37 meters long! Since İnkaya is one of Bursa’s most popular attractions, many cafes have been established around it. This tree is about 10 km from the center of Bursa.

Address: kankaya, Uludağ Cd. No: 163, 16370 Osmangazi

Other Attractions

Other attractions of Bursa include the following:

  • Green Tomb
  • Uludag National Park
  • Emir Sultan Mosque
Bursa, Turkey

Bursa, Turkey


From Bursa to Istanbul

Bursa is approximately 155 km from Istanbul, and if you want to drive from Bursa to Istanbul, you have to drive about 3 hours. Hopefully, it is very easy to move while in Turkey. The roads are safe, people are helpful and transportation services can be found everywhere in the city. So don’t worry about changing your place in Turkey.


Safety in Bursa

Bursa is one of the safest cities in Turkey. The crime rate in this city is low. However, it is best to follow the safety recommendations. For example, do not carry a lot of money with yourself in crowded places, and be aware of your wallets and valuable public transportation stuff. By following these easy tips, you will indeed have a trip without any problems.


Foods and Drinks of Bursa

The city of Bursa and Turkey, in general, is famous for cooking delicious kebabs in the world. The city of Bursa has a lot of delicious food that you should definitely try for once.

İskender Kebap

The most famous food of Bursa is İskender Kebap. It is said that this food was invented in the 1800s. To cook İskender Kebap, thin slices of lamb are served on unique pieces of bread with butter and tomato sauce. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Before you try your own recipe, give a shot to those expert Turkish chefs!

İskender Kebap

İskender Kebap



Şıra is one of the famous drinks of Bursa. This drink is made from grape juice and has a mild taste and is usually served with the city’s famous kebab, İskender Kebap. However, if you do not enjoy this drink, you can choose another drink from the city’s many beverages!


Getting Around in Bursa

The best way to get around the city is to walk. With this, you can enjoy the excellent weather of Bursa and see the city’s various attractions. However, Bursa also has a solution for those who are not very interested in walking. You can use the metro and city buses, Bursa public transport goes to most parts of the city, and they do not cost much. The Bursa metro line is almost two decades old and was established in 2002.

Just like all cities in the world, you can take a taxi in Bursa as well, but the cost of a taxi is relatively high, and we suggest using public transportation.


Souvenirs of Bursa


The most famous souvenir of Bursa is silk. Most Bursa silks are hand-woven. The best place in town to buy hand-woven silk is Koza Han Bazar. This market is located in the Koza Han neighborhood and was established in 1491.

Tiles and Pottery

Tiles and pottery made in Bursa have very diverse and beautiful designs and patterns. From old designs to modern ones. The design and painting of these tiles and pottery are done by skilled Bursa masters. You can get them from most shops in the city.

Tiles and Pottery

Tiles and Pottery


The Weather in Bursa

Bursa has a temperate and Mediterranean climate. The warmest month of the year in Bursa is August, with an average of 30 ° C and the coldest month is January when the average temperature is 9 °.  If you like to see the city’s rainy days, December is the best time, but if you are not a fan of rain and do not want to see the rainy days of Bursa, the best time to visit this city is in July.


The Best Time to Visit Bursa

The best time to visit Bursa is early spring or late winter because the weather is very pleasant and cool, and the average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. If you travel to Bursa in winter, you can enjoy skiing in the mountains.



Bursa, Turkey


Because of the historical and natural attractions of this city, you will certainly not regret visiting it. Walking in the old areas of the city is just like time travel. If you travel to Bursa in spring and summer, you will enjoy the good weather, and if you plan your trip in autumn and winter, you can enjoy skiing. In any case, this trip will become one of your most memorable trips.


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