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Greece, officially known as the Hellenic Republic, is located in Southeast Europe and considered the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Greece has many mountains and the most famous of which is Mount Olympus. It contains numerous islands, and one of the most popular is Rhodes; it has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Basin. The country is also famous for being the birthplace of democracy and western philosophy. As a traveler, you will enjoy the rich history and infinite amount of lore and mythology of Ancient Greek. 

Why Visiting Greece?

Above all, for its rich history and exceptional archeological sites. There are places from the ancient times of Greece and throughout history up until the medieval era. You can quickly lose yourself in any of their past and present areas and enjoy their contemporary achievements.

Greece’s richness does not end with its history and culture; they also have an excellent environment. Mount Olympus is among its top natural environments, but there are always more mountains for hiking and lakes and green places to go and relax. As soon as you get tired and need rest, you can head to the beautiful coasts and rest and relax.

Do you want to go on a food tour? Greece has you covered with unique and delicious foods and drinks. The rich land, traditions, history, and diversity of culture have led the country to offer some fantastic food and snacks. Even if you are picky in your food, you will still fall in love with Greek cuisine.

Do you think about age restrictions? Guess what? Greece is suitable for all ages and statuses. You can have a romantic honeymoon or go with your family and children. The nightlife is also famous in this country, having fun places in different regions.

This traveling experience will not cost you that much either. You can easily plan a budget traveling experience or go on a luxury trip. If you need help or information at any time on your trip, local people are famous for their hospitality.

As soon as you plan your vacation or holidays, you can easily cope with the weather and climate too. Like other countries, it requires checking the forecast, but the environment is suitable all year round. There are always places to go at any time of the year; you may just decide when you want to go and which festivals and events you want to attend.

Last but not least, if safety is your concern, you can rest assured that Greece is a safe destination. It is a country to enjoy yourself and be comfortable. Whatever you want to do, you need to be careful not to overdo it, but generally, you can just have fun and no worries.

Greece Top Destinations

Best Time to Visit Greece

The Mediterranean climate of Greece makes the country a suitable place to travel to all year. The peak season starts in late April and lasts until October (Spring-Autumn). The weather is ideal, and you get several of their festivals and events. July and August being peak holiday seasons, are when you see most of the crowds. The shoulder season is also fantastic for a great vacation with good weather. 

Spring (March-May)

Temperature9°C (48.2° F) – 25°C (77° F)


March to May has mild weather, and it is suitable since there are fewer crowds and ideal for getting discounts before peak season. As you cross April, it gets warmer, and you will see more sun, making it ideal to start the spring in Athens and then head towards to coast

Where to Visit in Spring?

As the weather gets warmer, you can begin in the cities and then plant to visit the coast. In early spring, it is better to visit Athene and see this beautiful season there. It is one of the seasons you can go on a budget.  


Summer (May – September)

Temperature:   17°C (62.6° F) – 29°C (84.2° F)


Right after May, summer begins, and it is time to explore and hit the beach as soon as you need some time to rest and relax. You have some of the best time in peak season until the end of August and September. Going to the islands is ideal, and the evenings make the best romantic experiences for honeymooners. 

 Where to Visit in Summer?

The beaches and islands are the best places to visit during the summer. You will get the most pleasant experience with no problems with the weather. The couples and families will particularly enjoy this time of the year, but it can get a little expensive as it is also the peak season for Greece. 

Autumn (September – December)

Temperature: 12°C (53.6° F) – 29°C (84.2° F)


Autumn comes in late September and lasts until December and Mid-December. It is still great to go exploring and hiking, and perhaps to conquer Mount Olympus. The best time to see the vineyards and try the famous Olive and Wine of Greece is autumn. Plan to enjoy your best food tour during this time of year, which is still suitable for exploring most sites. 

Where to Visit in Autumn?

Another time for having a budget experience is during autumn. You cannot get the best of the beaches and coasts as it is getting colder, but it is still suitable to visit the city’s heritage sites and places. 

Winter (December – March)

Temperature: 7°C (44.6° F) – 15°C (59° F)


After Mid-December, it is time to prepare for snow and some freezing weather. January and February are the coldest months of winter, and after the march, times change, and spring comes again. The winter does not last long and offers very few places to visit unless cold is what you plan to get. What you can enjoy most during this time is seeing the warm interior of museums and visiting Greece’s top restaurants and cafés. 

Where to Visit in Winter?


Just the museums and restaurants. The cold will bring many limitations, but many places are still open, depending on the temperature. Beach is no longer an option, but you can still have your food tour and see the cities during winter. 

Best Greece Tours

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Greece Travel Guide 1

Mykonos Island – Rhenia & Sunset Cruise

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4 Hours

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From: $71.00

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Best Value
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#Trip to Greece

14 Days Mythology-Inspired Trip to Greece

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14 Days

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From: $1,548.00

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Greece Travel Guide 2

Classical Greece Tour from Athens

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8 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,252.00

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Greece Travel Guide 3

8 Day Greece Land & Cruise Tour Package

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8 Days

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4 Star Hotel, Cruise
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From: $3,294.00

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Classical Nauplion Tour from Athens in 5 Days

Classical Nauplion Tour from Athens in 5 Days

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5 Days

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3 Star Hotel
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From: $728.00

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Greece Travel Guide 4

6 Day Athens to Delphi and Meteora Tour | Tourist Class

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6 Days

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3 Star Hotel
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From: $1,742.00

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#Exploration Trip

5 Day Athens, Meteora and Delphi Exploration Trip

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5 Days

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From: $900.00

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Seven Days Tour of Greece from Athens

Seven Days Tour of Greece from Athens

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7 Days

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3 Star Hotel
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From: $1,392.00

Things to Do in Greece

Greece is a great historical and cultural destination with numerous fun places to party and enjoy your holidays. It is a suitable destination for all ages and tastes, from lovers of history and learning to adventurers, lovers, and families. The more time you spend in Greece, the better your experience. It can be difficult to go on a budget, but a delightful place to spend your time and money.

Explore the Ancient Acropolis

One of Greece’s oldest and most iconic sites is its Acropolis, which is also known to be a place to worship the goddess Athena. It can be said that the architecture of this marvelous building is the panicle of their design at the time. The building is dated back to the 5th century BCE and was built using domestic and foreign designers and workers. 

Even today, we see traces of our modern architecture being related to the design of the Acropolis. You can see this beautiful structure from any place in the city, and as you make your visit, you might want to go to other nearby heritage sites. When in Greece, your trip is not completed if you have not gone to the Acropolis at least once. 

Spend Some Time in the Stunning Santorini

Santorini is perhaps the most beautiful and romantic place on this part of the planet. The most incredible place to visit as a couple is this island, the number one destination for honeymooners and those who want an ideal wedding. In love or not, beauty is enchanting. Among the top things to do in Santorini is watching the sunrise and sunset. 

You will never get tired of looking at the lovely buildings but keep in mind to also visit the beach. All around you, there are things to fall in love with. It will be a unique traveling experience, one that you should not miss, and one you should pack a camera for.

Greece Travel Guide 5
Greece Travel Guide 6

Walk in the Ancient Ruins of Delphi

Delphi is a Listed UNESCO World Heritage site and one that was extremely important to the ancient Greeks. It was a place of prophecies and legends and considered the center of the world. This place of worship and pilgrimage is now among the top archeological museums of the country. The scenery and history are enough to visit Delphi, one of the top things to do in Greece. 

Visit the place where Oracles would determine the fate of people. You might want to study a little about ancient Greek gods and make the experience more enjoyable. 

See the Rock Formations of Meteora and Visit its Monasteries

Another sacred site in Greece is Meteora and its monasteries, which is further beautified because of its rock formations. The odd history of this Orthodox place of worship is that it was built for the difficulty of its access. Not such difficulties exist now, but the believers were fleeing from the Turks; thus, they found sanctuary on these rock formations. Meteora is far from the cities and may be challenging for some, but still, it is one of the most popular and favored sites of the country for all kinds of travelers. 

Explore Thessaloniki and Have a Great Time

A city that is famous for being a fun destination and a historical one is the city of Thessaloniki. You can visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and see their exhibitions of the ancient Greek treasures or go to the Church and Crypt of Ayios Dimitrios and see some elements left from the Byzantine era of the city. Alternatively, since this country sits at a crossroads between other neighboring countries, it is full of diverse cultures and various fun activities. If you want to party or go to Greece’s nightlife, you have to travel to Thessaloniki. The second-largest city in the country has a lot to discover and plenty of things to do.

Do not miss the Ionian Islands and Corfu

Corfu, being one of the Ionian islands, is a place to go for at least once. Inside the city, you see many architectural styles such as the French and British, and most of all, Italian. The island has been ruled over by different powers over the centuries and was shaped and reshaped, making it a great place to explore. Besides hiking and trekking, it is a famous UNESCO Heritage Site as well, making it ideal for learning a bit of history, especially at its Old Town. As you enjoy this cultural and historic trip, plan to visit the coast and spend time in the natural environment of Corfu as well. This aspect of the island is among the favorites of most tourists.

Greece Travel Guide 7

Watch a Performance at Epidaurus Theater Like the People of 4th Century Greece

Centuries ago, people would gather at the Epidaurus Theater to watch a performance. This 14,000 seated UNESCO World Heritage Site of the 4th century is still operating during festivals and cultural events. Epidaurus Theater is very well preserved and still has its famous acoustics. It is not far from the city and has several other attractions near it. Be sure to visit the monument, especially during a festival, to get the same feeling of watching a performance as people did centuries ago.

Have Fun at Mykonos

Mykonos is like a paradise if you are looking for a party, bars, and restaurants during your trips. It has a great beach where you can relax, charming shops and restaurants and amazing clubs. Mykonos is the number one place you have to be in Greece if you want to get the best nightlife of your life. It is an excellent place to also look for some peace, but do not be shocked to hear music and partying all day and night. Just let go and enjoy, and do not overdo it. It is a place to enjoy all the fun a country offers and have a good time in peace.

Travel to the Medieval Era at Rhodes

Having enjoyed the Ancient Greek and their mythology, it is not time to try Medieval history at Rhodes. The capital, Rhodes Town, is Listed on UNESCO because of its historic vibe. As you walk around, you will get the feeling of traveling to the 14th century, seeing a lot of their architecture and crafts. Attend a festival or two by making your plans in June, and visit old castles and fortifications. Plan to do your exploring on foot as you will discover more fun things to do, like getting a boat tour in the waters around the island. 

Visit the Olympian Gods at Mount Olympus

Greek Mythology is a significant attraction of Greece, having the throne of Zeus and Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is the tallest mountain in the country, making it ideal for hiking, especially as it is not difficult to climb. Visit the gods, learn history, mythology, and culture, and fall in love with the scenery. 

Learn About History at Acropolis Museum, Athens

Among the highlights of Athens is the Acropolis Museum for displaying ancient artifacts and its modern architecture. It is maybe even a good idea to visit the museum first and then head out to the top places and heritage sites around the city. There is also a café in the museum to rest and enjoy a pleasant view of the surrounding areas. 

Go Hiking at Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge, the longest Gorge in Europe and a significant part of the Samaria National Park. It is another part of the beautiful landscape of Greece and with little difficulty. Plan to spend more than a few hours in Samaria Gorge for walking and exploring the area. It is one of the most popular sites of Crete island and perfect for adventurers.

Try and Enter Mount Athos!

Go on one of the strictest places of pilgrimage at Mount Athos, which is also a peninsula. It is not difficult to go, but very hard to enter! No female creatures are allowed! Men can only visit this place, and if you plan to visit, you have to get a permit for six months ahead of your trip. Not that hard? There is also a restriction on the number of people who are allowed to enter each day. Only ten non-orthodox people and 100 orthodox people can join.  But do not worry, you can also get a cruise and see the monasteries’ from afar.

Marvel at the Ancient Mycenae

One of the oldest places in Greece and known to be the home of Trojan War hero Agamemnon. They belong to the second millennium B.C. and are relatively well preserved for their age. This ancient UNESCO World Heritage site sits on a hill, but it is not difficult to visit.

Visit Olympia, the Birthplace of Olympics

No one can say they have not heard of the Olympics, but not in Greece, it is time to visit the birthplace of these games in Olympia. This place was initially dedicated to Zeus, which is well befitting a god as you must visit and see. The first games began here, where the Olympic Flame’s lighting ceremony has taken place every four years from 776 BC until the 4th century A.D.  The same ceremonies now take place in the same place and the same manner, and then the flame is taken to the opening of the Modern Olympic Games.

Greece Travel Guide 8

What to see in Greece

Local Transportation in Greece


The bus in Greece can be easily found, and they can take you anywhere you want to go. They run all day long at significant routes, and the less essential areas will have other means of transportation. You may not even need a bus in most places, but to save time, you can always find a ride. The rural areas also have good buses, they are only older, and some may not have appropriate air-conditioning. 


The metro lines may be limited in numbers, but they cover the major areas and connect the center of cities to the outer regions. They are still adding new lines, and some of the cities that did not have a suitable metro system are making this type of transportation available as quickly as possible. 

Greece Travel Guide 9

Photo by Tim Adams via Flickr


In Athene, you and some other major cities you may also find a tram line, but these only offer limited destinations. In Athene, you can use them to get from the center of the city to the sea. They operate from early in the morning until midnight. Their timetables may change, but these changes are not that significant to leave you without a ride. Nightlife lovers may get some problems due to the availability of Trams at night. 


If there is a road for it, you can find a taxi to take you to your destination. The fares are very similar to Europe, and most of the cabs have meters and fixed prices. If the price is a little high for you, you can also get a shared taxi with three other passengers. If you have luggage, check the price before entering the vehicle. 

Intercity Transportation in Greece


All the major cities in Greece have availability for air travel. The mainland can be covered relatively by planes, and the islands that cannot receive flights can be accessed with ferries. You can also get cheap flights to travel fast, but they are not for budget travelers. 


Trains can get you to major destinations on the mainland and offer reasonable prices. Since they offer fair prices, they are popular and can connect northern and central Greece with ease. Their only problem is that most of the trains are old, and the infrastructures are not good enough for this transportation to get you around quickly. 

Greece Travel Guide 10


The most popular method of transportation in Greece is KTEL buses. They can get you to major cities and most of the towns. They are cheap and run regularly and according to schedule. You may only see delays and old buses for some villages and rural areas.

The prices are fixed, and you do not have to book your ticket in advance. They are fairly available at all times and cheap. You may run into trouble reading their timetables as they do not offer translations in most languages, but you can still ask and get answers. 


Ferries are the best way of visiting the islands, but they are not always available. They are mostly modern and run on schedules, but as the peak season ends, they need to be booked in advance to ensure you have a ride to one of the islands. Even if they are not available, chances are, you will find an airplane to your destination. You can get low-priced boats to luxury cruises, but you can say goodbye to cheap ferries during winter.

Renting Car

The prices vary depending on the car and how long you want to rent. You need to be over 21 to drive and also have an International Driving Permit. If you decide to rent a car, be sure also to get insurance.  The less costly options for renting are motorcycles and scooters for inside the cities. They are not as easily available as car rentals, but they tend to be cheaper. You will still need a permit for these rides and also have a helmet. 

Before you set off on these rides, check them to be in good condition. If they get malfunctioned, you are the one who will be charged extra. The prices are fixed, and you do not have to book your ticket in advance. They are fairly available at all times and cheap. You may run into trouble reading their timetables as they do not offer translations in most languages, but you can still ask and get answers. 

Flight Deals to Greece

Greece Travel Costs


Food in Greece ranges from cheap street snacks to healthy cuisine. You can spend a daily amount of $10-15 U.S. dollars without getting a drink and eat cheap. But if you plan to eat only affordable food, you will be eating fast foods and risk unhealthy and greasy street snacks. 

The price difference between street and market stalls and restaurants is significant, making a mid-range experience to cost more than $30 U.S. dollars per day for each person. To enjoy your meals and have a drink with your food, you can be easily spending $50 U.S. dollars per day.


The accommodation prices have a steady rate. It gets double the better it goes. A simple B&B may cost about $20-40 U.S. dollars for one person. Are you traveling double? Double the price. If you go for hotels, your fee can begin at $60 for a single room. Finding the lowest prices is not impossible but requires effort. The difference between budget and midrange is not very far, and traveling alone or as a couple does not get you any advantages or disadvantages. 


An excellent thing for budget travelers in Greece is that you can spend ZERO on transportation inside the city. Most of the significant places inside the city are not that far from each other, but you will have a lot of walking to do. If you travel to all the places on foot or by bus, you can expect to spend from $0-50 dollars per day. As for visiting the islands, the need for ferries and airplanes is inevitable, but budget options are available in peak and shoulder seasons. 

Daily Costs

Low-end (US $50-55/day)Stay at cheap B&Bs and eat street and market food without drinks and local transportation, you should also avoid visiting sites.
Mid-range (US $120-200/day)Entrance fees, mid-range hotels, and having meals inside inns and restaurants. Go around on the bus and stick to shoulder season.
Top-end (US $200+/day)Stay in top hotels and have a great meal in a restaurant. Get a good drink and taste amazing coffee with or after your meal. Rent a car and get a driver’s license.

Best Hotels in Greece

You will get reasonable quality accommodations in Greece, from small places to the top 5-star hotels. The prices are fair, and you will be treated with hospitality. As for the prices, you get what you pay for. Their prices are fair and suit their facilities. The best hotels in Greece are situated near all the top spots and highlights, making your transportations easy.

Greece Travel Tips

See Everything

Greece has a lot of beautiful places and historical sites; try to see them all and explore other areas as well. Most people stick to the islands and do not explore much of the cities. Less exploring does not ruin your vacation, but there are always more things to discover. 

Do not go on a Budget

The best in Greece will cost you a little. Going as a budget traveler will not allow you to enjoy the fantastic sites and their delicious food and drinks. It is not a cheap country, but spending more money is always worth it.

Study Before You Go

Greek history, culture, and mythology are vibrant; knowing the lore and history will make the trip much more enjoyable. It will also help you connect with the local culture and respect it better.


The Greeks will help you in any way they can, but you may get misleading answers if you ask questions. Do not get frustrated and keep asking. They do not give wrong answers on purpose.

Use Common Sense in Safety

Greece is safe, but that does not mean you can go careless. Some tourist areas are crowded and bound to have some people trying to take advantage of unwary travelers. If something feels wrong, trust your instincts and mind your things. 

Learn a Little Greek

You can always find individuals who know English and help you, but some services do not have translations. If you learn the basics, you can go around more comfortably.

Always Have Cash

Your credit card may be accepted, but you will always find a place that will require you to have some cash in Greece. Do not carry large amounts of money, but always have cash with you.

Try to Avoid Peak Season

Peak season gets really crowded, and thus all the prices will go high. This country has pleasant weather all year, which means you can easily avoid crowds and get reasonable prices. 

Plan Ahead

Booking is crucial if you want to have a good time and avoid problems. Hotels and restaurants can get full very fast, no matter which season you pick. Besides, you can get discounts and check all the prices by booking.

Go Easy on Alcohol

Good alcohol and drinking are parts of Greek culture but do not overdo it. You can always get drunk with locals and have a lot of fun, but too much alcohol and you will have a bad time with the locals. 

Drivers Warning!

People may drive aggressively in Greece. If you rent a car, keep that in mind. Some of the roads may also be difficult but not in major cities and main roads. 


You are not culturally required to tip in Greece, but tipping will always bring better services and improve travelers’ mood. A 10% tip is enough unless you want to tip more. At some places, you will receive extra charges, which eliminate the need for tipping. 


In Greece, the standard voltage is 220-240 volts, which means U.S. citizens need to have appropriate plugs.  

Buy a SIM Card

Wi-Fi is widely available, but it is better to have a local SIM and buy data to access the internet wherever you go. 

Tap Water is Safe on the Mainland

Tap water on the mainland is a safe option, but you need your own bottled water on most islands. 


Emergency Calls

Emergency Numbers
Fire Department199
Anti-drug Police109
Coast Guard108
Tourist Police171
Forest Fire Authority191
Traffic Police10400
Weather service148
International Phone Assistance139
General Telephone Information11888

Currency & Money Tips


Greece’s official currency is the euro (€), and its central bank is called the Bank of Greece. Other major banks of the country are Alpha Bank, Eurobank, National Bank of Greece, and Piraeus Bank. All of these banks can help you with the exchange at official rates. 

Since there are many tourists in Greece, you will have no problems finding an exchange office or bank to help you out. The most reliable option, however, is using the ATM and official exchange offices. The money you receive will come in the form of coins and banknotes. These coins and notes are as follows:

  • Coins: 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, €1, €2
  • Banknotes: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500

Money Exchangers

Since there are many exchangers in Greece, you should just keep looking for the best options. If possible, do a minimum of exchanging at the airports. Their rates are fair, but their commission is sometimes more than the banks and offices. 

The lowest amount of commission can sometimes be found in the post offices in remote areas. Other than these, all different prices and rates are fixed in all the banks and official exchange offices. 

Other means of exchange may also be possible, at a hotel or a shop, but keep in mind that they may charge too much commission. Also, consider the option of using traveler cheques. They are not familiar but still usable in some banks and other tourist destinations. 


They are widely available all over the country and accept a wide range of cards. Even the small towns have ATMs, but it is best to get some cash before traveling if you are going into rural areas. You can use a Mastercard or Visa card with ease; other cards must be checked and must have a 4-digit PIN.

The same commissions in airports and other places can also be seen in some of the ATMs. Check the amount and extra charges before you withdraw.

Food & Drink (Greek Food)

Food in Greece is delicious and healthy. one of the most enjoyable aspects of the country is its cuisine, using fresh ingredients and herbs. The first of their food to try is their traditional dishes, which have perfected over the centuries. As you enjoy your meals, have some of their beverages, and taste their alcohol. Since the food and drinks are excellent, keep the prices and money you spend in mind. You can easily spend a considerable amount of money just because of their mouth-watering and delightful cuisine.


Moussaka is a famous traditional dish of the Greek. It is a delicious mix of minced meat and sweet eggplants that is so delightful it has traveled worldwide. You may have already heard or tasted a plate of the Greek Moussaka, having tasty vegetables and spices and then baked into perfection. Now it is time to try it in its country of origin. 

You can even see tomato sauce, garlic, onions, and cinnamon on the several layers of the dish, all making it look all the more tempting. The prepared dish is topped with béchamel sauce and served to make an amazing meal for your day. Be sure to try it, it is best served for lunch and can be found in almost all restaurants.


Souvlaki means anything that is grilled on a skewer but does not mistake them for Gyros. The souvlaki is considered one of Greece’s best street foods since it is cheap and can be prepared quickly. Grilled meat can be made with any meat, but the Souvlaki uses pork. The distinctions between such grilled food are hard to tell, but they are all worth a try. 

It can be served on a plate along with fries and some vegetables, or it can be wrapped in pita bread if you want to walk and explore. Trying the one served on a plate is better as it gets less messy, and you can enjoy their yogurt and vegetables and fall in love with your food. 


Centuries ago, the ancient Greeks had doughnuts called Loukoumades, and they still do. These delicious treats are fried dough with different flavors covered in honey and powdered sugar. They are ball-shaped and a must-try in Greece. 

Be sure to try the Greek Loukoumades in their different shapes and tastes but keep in mind to go easy on them. They can be addictive if you have a sweet tooth, and they are easily found as you explore the cities. If you want to try all of its various versions, put the classic version on top of your list and taste what people were eating centuries ago.

Greece Travel Guide 11


Saganaki, in simple terms, is fried cheese. It is easy to make, uses only a few ingredients, and tastes amazing. You can try it as an appetizer in any restaurant you go because it has various versions, using different cheese types. You can sometimes see a little bit of shrimp next to your dish. If you love cheese, you have to taste this anywhere you go. If you are not in love with cheese, it is still something you must try once. 


Dolmades of Greece is very much similar to the ones you see in the Middle East. The main ingredients are minced meat and rice, which can go with various vegetables and herbs. They are bite-sized and wrapped in vine leaves. You can get creative with Dolmades and even make a totally meat-free one for vegetarians. 

Try them with a few drops of lemon and if possible, look for the homemade Dolmades. They are tasty, and anyone will like them no matter the taste. Just keep in mind that they might not be enough for everybody, and you may need something else with them to fill you up. 


Baklava may not have originated in Greece, but they make some of the best Baklavas that is served with honey. It is very sweet and full of nuts. It is, in fact, some of the fantastic Greek nuts that make their Baklava a must-try. Be sure to try them as a dessert and wash your hands afterward, as they tend to be very sticky. 

The layers and the crispy texture, topped with syrup, is quite tasty and semi-healthy if you do not eat them very often. But they are amazing after a meal, especially when you try them with your friends and family. 

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Greek Salad

Greek Salad is another part of this country’s cuisine that has traveled the world, but it is still unique in Greece. You will never get tired of it even if you have it with every meal of your day. A Greek Salad is simple yet so delightful. They are made of cucumber, onions, tomatoes, olives, and cheese. All of them fresh and healthy, make a perfect appetizer to have before your meal. 


Tzatziki is a kind of classic and traditional sauce of the Greek, found all over the country. This sauce can be used with various meals and can even be eaten with some pita bread. In Greece, they make the Tzatziki with yogurt, garlic, lemon, and dill. Some people use olives and olive oil on top to make the sauce much better than it already is. It has a thick texture, and some people use creativity to add a few extra ingredients to their sauce. It is relatively easy to find, and the locals love it. You should give it a try, either with bread or with your meal, and taste something classic and delicious. 



Gyros are very similar to Souvlaki, except they are only served as sandwiches and considered street food. The meat is usually grilled beef or chicken and pit in a pita. The mix of delicious meat and vegetables is found anywhere you go and is always served differently. You will usually see fries in your sandwich, as well as the possible special sauce and barbequed vegetables. They are cheap, fast, and tasty when trekking and exploring the city. Just be careful as you eat them. They can be a little messy and difficult to eat. If you are lucky, you will get an extra layer of local cheese, yogurt, or sauce with your Gyros.

Courgette Balls

The richest in terms of flavor is perhaps the Courgette Balls, or as the locals call them ‘kolokithokeftedes’. They are meat-free, and their vegetables as well as cheese, are a fresh and delightful mix. They can also be served like delicious balls or as a patty. The main ingredients for Courgette Balls are courgetti, dill, and some mint on top. Other than that, most people add some special ingredient to make this crispy snack as lovely as it can get. You can have them with some Tzatziki sauce and get a wonderful appetizer or something delicious with your meal. They are popular because of their crispy outside and the insides’ creamy texture, which is taken with a refreshing tea. 

More of the Greek Cuisine

These are not all the things you can find in Greece, but they are the top options you have to try; some of them even more than once. Among the things you have to try during your time in Greece is their Olives and Olive Oils. Olives can be found in the foods, and you do not have to look for them so much, but their coffee is something to look for. Greek Coffee is a drink to try as you go from one café to another, and it is also something traditional and old.

But their drinks do not end with just coffee because they have some fantastic Greek Wine. Their cuisine and drinks are seen across the world, but they are all something else in the country. You do not want to go traveling to Greece and miss all their delicious food and drinks. It is best to stick with a local diet and try all of their tasty creations before leaving the country. Whatever you eat here will only add to your memorable experience of touring Greece.

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Mobile & Internet

There are three leading providers in Greece, Cosmote, Vodaphone, and Wind. There are other providers that may have tempting offers, but they are not suggested for travelers. If you already have an international SIM card, you can use it in your own language and with ease. Otherwise, you have to go for a local SIM with only one drawback; you need to know Greek or use locals’ help. 

The best company

In terms of seep, all the main SIM cards are similar with minor differences. Considering coverage, Cosmote is the best option. It has higher prices, but if you want quality, go for Cosmote. Since Greece is a European Union member, your SIM will still work in most of Europe, but with extra charges. 

Where to buy it?

You can easily purchase a SIM card at kiosks and phone shops at the airport or in the cities. Availability will not be a problem but keep your passport ready as you will need identification for your purchase. 


Cosmote SIM card (10 € – ~$12)

  • 2 GB data for 30 days
  • Balance: 10.00 € for 180 days

Holidays & Festivals

New Year’s Day1-Jan
The Three Holy Hierarchs30-Jan
Valentine’s Day14-Feb
Clean Monday15-Mar
March Equinox20-Mar
25th of March (national holiday)25-Mar
Annunciation of the Lord25-Mar
Orthodox Good Friday30-Apr
Labor Day / May Day1-May
Orthodox Easter Sunday2-May
Orthodox Easter Monday3-May
Orthodox Holy Spirit Sunday20-Jun
June Solstice21-Jun
Orthodox Holy Spirit Monday21-Jun
The Restoration of Democracy24-Jul
Dormition of the Holy Virgin15-Aug
September Equinox22-Sep
The Ochi day28-Oct
Armed Forces Day21-Nov
December Solstice21-Dec
Christmas Day25-Dec
Synaxis of the Mother of God26-Dec

Shopping in Greece

Olive and Olive Wood Products

Greek olives are famous products of Greece; therefore, you can go for anything between olives and a wide range of products made from olive and olive wood. Beauty and health products are among the most popular right after olive oil. If you are looking for exotic items carved out of olive wood, they are also among the top souvenirs.

Worry Beads or Kompoloi

They are from the times of Turkish occupation, and their primary purpose is to reduce stress. Of course, they also have cultural and traditional significance, making them great gifts to bring home. 

Tavli (Greek Backgammon)

Something to bring home and use when you are with others is a Greek Backgammon board or Tavli. This game is popular in Greece and Turkey and can be something beautiful and fun for purchase. 

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Leather Sandals

If you loved Greece’s historical and classic vibe, be sure to buy some famous Leather Sandals from Monastiraki. They are not just for beauty; you can buy them during spring and summer and do some of your travelings in your leather sandals. 

Mati (Evil Eye Talisman)

These beautiful blue Mati talismans are a part of their culture and are very popular, even in eastern countries. They are said to ward off evil. True or not, they are ancient and traditional items and beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Bouzouki (Music Instruments)

What is the better way to connect with a culture than to learn and play their musical instruments, in this case, Bouzouki? If you think they have lost their popularity since the 4th century BCE, think again, they are exotic and still popular. 


Usually found in the islands, the hand-crafted Ceramics of Greece are among the top and best souvenirs that beautify your home. They can be found in workshops and most shops and may come in various shapes and designs. 

Greek Coffee

If you tasted their Greek Coffee and loved it, bring some with you back home. If you want to remind yourself of Greece’s memorable experience, buy some of their pots too and drink coffee as the Greeks do.

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Alcoholic Beverages (Greek Wine or Ouzo)

An excellent idea for a gift or souvenir is to bring Ouzo or Greek Wine and share your lovely experience of this country with others. Alcohol is another part of Greek culture and a delightful one if you taste it.

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