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#Sri Lanka Wildlife Safari Tour

Sri Lanka Wildlife Safari Tour

13 Days
3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel

There are so many thrilling wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka. You'll see a lot of elephants and birds, be able to take lots of photographs, as well as experience our unique ever-smiling mix of people and cultures. You'll simply have a great time here! A wide range of National Parks, nature reserves and safari lodges and camps have been established throughout the country.

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#Sri Lanka Real Food Adventure

Sri Lanka Real Food Adventure

12 Days
4 Star Hotel

Sri Lanka, being an island with a tropical climate. Coconuts and fish are two of the most influential components of Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lankan food can be said with certainty: Sri Lankans thoroughly love spices, they love food that explodes with flavor, and many enjoy deep-fried, and very tasty snacks. Whatever you choose to eat in Sri Lanka, your mouth is going to rejoice with happiness.

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36 Day Birding Sanctuary Safari in Sri Lanka National Park

30 Days and more
4 Star Hotel, Camping, Lodge
The world's best traveler's nest of Sri Lanka creates to gratify a wonderful travel experience for holidaymakers as a stunning landscape, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage, and unique experiences in such a completed location. Bird in Sri Lanka's one of the wonderful relevant places to taken travel experiences for the bird watching taster that most of the magnificent bird watching in  Mannar, Kawdulla National Park, Wilpattu National Park, Bunadala National Park & Yala National Park. Birds are the glory and splendor of Sri Lanka wildlife among 433 bird species 233 are residential birds that take you to massive iconic birdes capturing on your photo collections. Visit and observed dramatic birds in Sri Lanka that make sure, you are the luckily birding watcher in the world.
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#Sri Lanka Birding Tour

Sri Lanka Birding Tour

9 Days
3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel

Sri Lanka is a birder’s paradise and one of the finest birding destinations in the world. We start our tour by walking at Sinharaja Rain Forest to watch bird species and continue to Horton Plains National Park, Hakgala Botanical Garden, Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya, Jungle Walks in Habarana and, Sigiriya Sanctuary. We have a chance to spot everything from Red-Faced Malkohas, Green-billed Coucals and Chestnut Backed Owlets to Pink Flamingos and over 400 species of feathered wonders.

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Things To Do in Habarana

Climb Sigiriya Lion Rock
Lion Rock, also named Sigiriya, is an old historical rock fortress and a magnificent architectural site in Sri Lanka housing the remains of an ancient city dating back to the 5th century. Put this UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and one of the stunning architectural wonders of Habarana on top of your must-visit places heading to Sri Lanka, located about 15 km from the city.


Minneriya National Park
Minneriya National Park, formerly a wildlife sanctuary, is a paradise for nature lovers to watch elephants’ glorious gathering. The national park is the home to the largest mammal on the earth, two indigenous Sri Lankan monkeys of toque macaque and purple-faced languor, sloth, leopard, deer species, slender grey loris, bear, and many species of reptiles and birds. Take an adventurous jungle safari and soak in the beauty and thrill of this stunning nature. It’s about half an hour away from Habarana.


Dambulla Cave Temple
Dambulla Cave temple is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka that you cannot miss. The largest Sri Lankan well-preserved cave temple is a five-sanctuary cave monastery. You’ll find many Buddhist mural paintings and 157 statues of Buddha in different postures. This religious site with more than 22 centuries of history is known as the most magnificent Buddhist complex in South Asia. Don’t miss out on the intricate interiors and designs.


Bullock Cart Ride at Habarana
Make sure to experience the traditional Sri Lankan transportation among lush green paddy fields in Habarana. Enjoy the farm life and share a glimpse of the good old days on a bullock cart.


Catamaran Ride at Habarana
Your trip to Habarana remains unfinished without experiencing the Sri Lankan village life through a Catamaran ride. Take this adventurous ride in the lake and witness the farm life, explore the native fauna and fishes, taste the mouthwatering Sri Lankan cuisine, and absorb in the work of fishermen on the way. Don’t miss out on capturing some perfect shots of water lilies encircled by palm trees and listen carefully to the sound of nature.


Kaudulla Eco Park Jeep Safari
If you’re a nature lover, just head straight to the Kaudulla National Park, housing wild boar, axis deer, elephants, chevrotain, sambar deer, and bird species like the grey-headed fish eagle, painted stork, and Asian spoonbill. Cross your finger to be lucky enough to witness the sloth bear and leopard in Kaudulla Eco Park. Say yes to the adventurous and thrilling experience of Jeep Safari in the Kaudulla Eco Park.


Explore Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka
Just one hour away from Habarana, you’ll find the ancient royal city of Polonnaruwa. Don’t miss out on this architectural site housing many attractions and intricate stone carvings, including king’s Audience Hall, King’s Royal Palace, the sacred quadrangle, the royal swimming pool, an ancient Hindu temple called Shiva Dewale No. 2, etc. It’s just right for history lovers.


Pidurangala Rock
Don’t miss out on the stunning panoramic scenery of Pidurangala Rock caves if you’re a big fan of hiking and climbing. A gigantic rock formation situated near the Sigiriya rock, Pidurangala offers a quiet and peaceful experience and the best view of sunrise.

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