Yuntai Garden

Yuntai Garden, also referred to as Pearl of Flower City, is a large western-style garden situated at the northern entry of Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, China. If you want to enjoy your time in a lush area filled with beautiful colors all around, then the Yuntai Garden is your destination.


General Information

Flower Collection

In here, you can see more than 200 various kinds of rare, four-season, and highly luxurious flowers collected from China and all over the world. The structure style and layout of Yuntai Garden is stunning and drowns you in the combination of colors.

Artistic Design

This garden features a unique and artistic design, integrating the Eastern and Western architecture styles. These styles are demonstrated with perfect harmony between the ancient and the modern culture. Inside the garden, you can find stone carvings, beautiful Roman architecture, river, and lake. This is the place to enjoy watching beautiful colors and smelling delicate blossoms.

Adjacent to The Baiyun Mountain

Yuntai Garden is near the beautiful Baiyun Mountain, a major tourist attraction of Guangzhou. It also has borders in the south with the Kwong Yuen Road and it’s linked to an aerial tramway on its eastern side. In 1995, the garden’s construction finished and opened to the public. Since that time, Yuntai Garden is recognized as one of the best attractions in the Baiyun Mountain scenic zone.

A Garden with 14 Scenic Spots

Yuntai Garden is a modern garden harmonizing different elements from different cultures alongside different flowers. There are 14 different scenic spots inside the garden with four-season luxurious flowers.


Tourist Guide

Yuntai Garden Address

The garden is located at the entrance of Baiyun Mountain.

How To Get To?

You can reach Baiyun Mountain by taking bus 175, 179, 199, 218, or 223.

 Ticket Price

There is a ticket fee to enter the Yuntai Garden. You need to pay 10 Yuan for each person.

Opening Hours

The park is open to visitors from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


It’s recommended to visit the Yuntai Garden in spring and summer, as the flowers are in their most beautiful state. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the Baiyun mountain as well near the garden, since it’s one of the highest points you can have a view in Guangzhou. This mountain has been referred to as the lungs of the city.

Don’t miss this garden at the time of visiting Guangzhou and make sure to share your experiences and comments with us. We will be happy to hear your thoughts! Besides, your questions about the Yuntai Garden will be replied as early as possible; so, send them to us.

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