The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the best place to visit after visiting the pyramids. it's home to many ancient things that remind you of the time of Pharaohs.

One of the fascinating museums in the world is the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo, Egypt. Wandering through its corridors feels like a gentle touch on dusty treasures of the greatest ancient civilization. Here, we will peruse everything you might want to know for a perfect visit to the Egyptian museum. (Photo by Jorge Láscar via Flickr)


What is going on in the ‌Egyptian museum?

There are uncountable treasures in the Egyptian museum: one hundred years old walls and ground embrace 120,000 mind-blowing artifacts. As Egyptian history is vast, plenty of things can drown you in their fantasy world. There are still things getting discovered and exhibited because of the amusing breadth of Egyptian history. We have in mind nearly all of Egypt is still an active archaeological site and probably the only one around the globe on this scale. 

One of the most excellent collections you can observe is the items found in the tomb of Tout Ankh Amoun. Dying as a young king at the age of 19, he was buried with incredible treasures displayed in the gallery. You can experience the short golden life of this pharaoh by beholding his solid golden mask, embellished with turquoise, lapis, and coral, as well as his gold mummy cincture, cases, and jewelry. You can also see the golden sandals he used to walk with.


Is a guide needed for visiting the Egyptian museum?

We highly recommend you to visit the Egyptian museum with the company of a guide. As long as the museum is vast, signposting and maps are not so efficient, and the museum’s most marvelous items are not the ones with the best insight, you may end up spending a lot of time there and not seeing many vital things. But a useful guide can efficiently manage your visit time to feed your curiosity by showing you astonishing items while telling their mythical history. You can find your ideal guide in the museum, or if you have a guide to have your company in your visit to Cairo, he may be able to guide you here too. It may cost 200-300LE, roughly $15.


The Egyptian Museum in Cairo 1

Egyptian Museum


How much does the admission cost?

All prices in Egypt are excellent, and you can enjoy having discounts for children. As long as the discount is actually for students, it even includes big kids. The admission price for adults is 80LE Approx. $4.50 and for kids is 40LE Approx. $2.25. You have to pay extra admission to 100LE if you want to visit the Royal Mummies exhibition. Recheck the prices, as long as they may have risen.


How much time can we spend there?

There are places where you can expend so much time adventuring, and still there remain pretty much to see. The Egyptian museum is one of those places. But unfortunately, you’re only allowed to spend around 2 or 3 hours. We emphasize what we earlier said in part, talking about the companionship of a guide. You can use the most out of your time by being guided by a local familiar with secrets. The museum is open between 9 am to 5 pm.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo 2

Egyptian Museum, Egypt


Do children enjoy spending time in the Egyptian museum?

Museums are one of the best places to have adventurous experiences with your curious children. School children may relate the things they just read in their history books with the concrete experience of walking among mysterious remains of a majestic ancient civilization. But it can be boring for toddlers and preschoolers if the visit is long and planned for adults.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo 3

Egyptian Museum, Egypt


How to get to the Egyptian Museum?

Depending on the traffic, the Egyptian museum is an hour away from the pyramids of Giza. Visiting the museum after spending time between pyramids makes you feel like you observe the details of the pyramids you have seen. Being so close to Al-Tahrir square, the museum makes an enthralling relationship with contemporary Egypt. You can also visit the Cairo Citadel, built by Saladin in the era of the Ottomans, and inside the harmonic Muhammed Ali Mosque. You can overlook the breathtaking Cairo, and the twirling Nile from the hill Citadel is located on.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo 4

Egyptian Museum


Have you ever been there?

Have you watched the first Indiana Jones movie released called Raiders of the Lost Ark? Do you think visiting Egypt and its treasures is an exciting experience as such or it is a deeply spiritual experience near the ancient heart of civilization? How do you imagine the dusty touch of ancient Egypt? Write about your imaginations about a treasure house called the Egyptian museum in Egypt.

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