Tara River Canyon – The World’s Second Largest Canyon

Tara River streams considerably further through the abyss. It streams in the profundities of the waterway waters and is seen because of its extremely clear waters. Combining these natural phenomena, this red and white flower on the plants makes the Tara environment an ecstatic land and simultaneously horrible. Maybe that's why the other names of this land are the Tear of Europe and the Jewel of Europe. Here you are, and the marvelous Tara River Canyon in Montenegro.

In the setting of incredible cascades, below the depth of more than 1290 meters at some points, there is a wonderful river that is unique all around the world. Tara River flows just among four huge mountains. Also, extortionary Tara River Canyon is a resort for many travelers and nature lovers every year. Like a cut wrinkle between mountain tops, the crystalline water mountain waterway streams and makes magnificent scenes in the Durmitor National Park. If you are lucky, you will see flocks of sheep or goats in the forests or meadows. 


Where Is the Tara River Canyon?

The canyon is around 80 kilometers long, and however, most of it is based in Montenegro, with several parts running around the border of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Tara Waterway runs through this long canyon, which comes to profundities of 1,300 meters in a few places. In Montenegro, the Tara Canyon frames a World Heritage Site inside the similarly tremendous limits of the Durmitor National Park.



With a length of 144 km, Tara is also the longest stream in Montenegro. Tara stream springs in the Komovi mountains, close to the line with Albania, on the east of Montenegro. The ravine is 78 kilometers in length. Tara flows by and large streams towards the northwest. The Tara River Canyon is the most profound glut in Europe and is also called the “Colorado of Europe.”

In some places, the Tara canyon is almost 1300 meters in depth. The clear waters of Tara, which have light blue and green tones, made its gorge in harsh limestone mountains even before the Ice Age. Water has carbon dioxide in it, which transforms calcium carbonate into calcium bicarbonate that disintegrates in water. In its part through Durmitor National Park, Tara has a mean fall of 3.6 meters, making a large group of cascades and falls conceivable.

Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon, Montenegro


Incredible Plant and Flora

The greenery of the Tara has right up until the present time numerous types of vegetation saved from old occasions. What’s seriously fascinating, numerous species have prevailed with regards to guarding a portion of their antiquated characteristics, which were a trademark for times past. In this manner, you can discover a few extras of the tertiary greenery in the Tara valleys directly out of the last ice sheet period. Other than this vegetation, the plant life in the gully is portrayed by woods having totally different species.

Extraordinary pieces of the ravine are congested with needle trees, a unique spot being held for the dark pine. The most intriguing examples of the dark pine are those which hold tight exposed stony inclines by their actual roots and accordingly loom over steep pits. Yet, the most celebrated area of the dark pine is the region where the dark pine is essential for the antiquated timberland, in a piece of the gorge called Crna Poda. The Crna Poda is a strictly confidential normal living space, a natural preserve all alone. Here certain examples of dark pine might be tracked down, some above 49 meters high, some of which are over 370 years of age.

The monstrous ravine is an astounding territory for wild goats (Rams). This very proximity of gully and mountain gives the wild goat the likelihood to occasionally move, in the colder time of year from the virus tops to the gorge, and vice versa, in the late spring from the hot gully to the grandiose pinnacles. The wild goat is an occupant of elevated pinnacles and stony slants, effectively proceeding onward stony spots and mountain gulches. Other than the wild goat, as normal occupants of the gorge area, there are the roe deer and wild hog. The Tara is wealthy in fish species. In the stream, the creek trout might be found, huchen, chub, and so forth.

Tara Canyon

Tara River Canyon, Montenegro


Wonderful Experiences in the Tara River Canyon

Water Rafting

Water Rafting is the most famous action and perhaps the most energizing approach to enjoy the Tara Canyon. Numerous visits run from Zabljak, beginning 17 km or so upstream and requiring the day to pass down the waterway. It’s an epic outing; however, be cautioned the boating just runs during top traveler season, mostly from March to September.

The Tara Bridge

There is a wonderful bridge that spans over the canyon. Tara Bridge is located between two strategic spots: Budečevica and Trešnjica. You can stroll along the length for epic perspectives. Also, it’s effortlessly reached via vehicle from Zabljak. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia built this bridge in 1937. At that time, it was the greatest vehicular solid curve in Europe. This bridge was rebuilt in 1946 due to being used for transferring British soldiers during World War II.

Hiking Durmitor National Park

Several ways already prepared for hiking, and you can even find your pathway in the park. Don’t forget to visit Black Lake. It’s a wonderful frigid lake with a stunning landscape. There is more information about these hiking ways below.

Tara Canyon

Tara Bridge, Tara River Canyon, Montenegro


Tara Water Rafting

On the off chance that you are visiting this incredible ravine, you shouldn’t miss Tara Rafting. That is a truly astounding and extraordinary experience! You can browse one, two, or three days of Tara Rafting. Three days boating experience is generally noteworthy, while you can appreciate a remarkable 62 km long boating experience. 

Just with boating, you can feel all the magnificence of the Tara waterway play. An ideal approach to find the whole excellence of the astounding Tara waterway and extraordinary, profound Tara gorge is to take a section in a boating or kayaking experience. The subsequent choice is the perception of Tara Canyon from numerous perspectives.

Boating Center Drina-Tara is situated in the ravine on the riverside. The other bank of the waterway ascends high and shapes the mountain. It continues to be near the Vucevo village and is a boundary of the National Park Sutjeska. There is a well-known global camp. The entire camp was worked along the waterway bank, and the most removed article is scarcely 50 meters from the water. In the focal piece of the camp, there is a huge eatery porch with 400 individuals.

 Travelers mostly chose to start their trip from Zabljak. It’s a great base in the touristic focal point of Durmitor National Park. You can get all the needed data from traveler organizations in Zabljak. Yet additionally, you can begin with your water rafting or even enjoyable kayaking trip from boating camps set close to the Tara waterway. Just through boating, the genuine life structures of the gully might be found. It is the best way to perceive its beauties, the appeal, and the excellence of its wealth.

Boating may provide for this exceptional measurement, the individual contact to the virtue of nature. Each new kilometer gives another tint, another touring, another test. It is the loveliest and most alluring approach to seeing and feeling this magnificence and appreciating the prosperity, nature’s particular manner, made by Mother Nature.


Hiking in Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is a rugged objective that stirs the fantasy of your mind. At this park, you feel peace of mind. The recreation center incorporates the Dumitor mountain range, a 48-top massif with various chilly lakes. Each pinnacle looks its legendary character frozen in time ages prior. 

One could nearly accept that the mountains conscious around evening time and gradually diversion trying to change their perspective. At some points of view, mountains may seem like the Dolomites in Italy. If you are a fan of thrilling pinnacle climbs to profound woods, strolls, or just love charming views with different flora, then you are in your own paradise!

Tara Canyon

Tara River Canyon, Montenegro


When to Visit 

Although you can choose different seasons by your own taste, the best months to visit the canyon and the national park are July, August, and September. Other months may have special weather conditions with their issues like cold or warm weather or heavy winds. Don’t forget to check the forecast before you start your trip. 

Here are some weather facts about Tara River Canyon:

  • Between May and October, the weather is most likely to be hot, with average temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) to 25 degrees Celsius (77°F).
  • The warmest months on average are June, July, and August.
  • The months of January, February, October, November, and December see a lot of rain (rainy season).
  • August is the warmest month, with an average maximum temperature of 32°C (89°F).
  • January is the coldest month, with an average maximum temperature of 9°C (48°F).
  • December is the wettest month of the year. If you don’t like rain, you should skip this month.
  • July is the driest month of the year.
  • July is the sunniest month.



Relating to your travel style and by your choice, you have two options for accommodation in the Tara Canyon. One is you can choose to stay near there, by using towns and the other one is camping in nature. We highly recommend you choose the second option.


The Best Spot to Remain Close to the Tara River Canyon

Travelers normally stay the night in Zabljak town before boating a visit on the Tara waterway. You can lease a few lofts and rooms in Zabljak. The town of Zabljak is the best base to get to Durmitor National Park and the best spot to climb to the edge of Tara River Canyon, arrange boating trips, and, just by large, experience the marvelous idea of Montenegro’s mountains.

Zabljak is precipitous and distant yet has every one of the conveniences, inns, and eateries you should get out climbing. The town is effortlessly reached by minibus from Podgorica and different urban areas in Montenegro. It costs about 8 euros or less per person for each night.



Imagine you are in one of the best canyons in the world and miss camping under the beautiful sky and having no chance to see the starry night sky of this paradise. There are some camp bases that can easily be found by looking at a map or just asking from natives. These are some of the famous bases: Sljivansko, Radovan Luka and Brstanovica.

Tara Canyon

Tara Canyon, Montenegro


How to Get There

We energetically prescribe leasing a vehicle to investigate Durmitor National Park. By having a vehicle, you’ll have the option to arrive at specific trailheads without hard effort and drive along the staggering P14 panoramic detour that interfaces the towns of Žabljak and Plužine. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you don’t have a vehicle, don’t allow that to dissuade you from visiting this exceptional corner of Montenegro. You can, in any case, arrive at the recreation center with public travel, and when essential, depending on nearby taxicabs to get you around.

Žabljak is the door to the recreation center. In case you’re remaining in the town, you’ll have the option to stroll to the recreation center passage. From Kotor, it’ll require about 3 hours to arrive at Žabljak via vehicle. From Podgorica, it’ll require 2 hours. The ideal approach to get there without a vehicle is by bus. There’s a transport line that runs Podgorica to Žabljak a few times each day. This transport takes about 2.45 to 3.15 hours.


Last Words

As you see, Tara River Canyon is a lovely destination for many travelers. Tara, wealthy in immaculate natural wonders, draws in vacationers from different pieces of the world who appreciate the adrenaline surge. Some want to visit the pure nature of the canyon, while others want to have a different experience in rafting or kayaking. The Tara stream gorge is ostensibly quite possibly the most entrancing destination in Europe, if not in the whole world, so it’s completely worth trying there, even for once in your life.

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