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China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference, also known as the Sino-Dental, is the largest exhibition for dental products and information in Asia and China. The Sino-Dental is held annually at the China National Convention Center at the Chaoyang district of Beijing. This fair’s exhibitors include manufacturers, traders, and professionals who offer products and seminars in the dental branches. Visitors of the Sino-Dental include hospitals, clinics, traders, manufacturers, research institutions, health centers, government sectors, and the public, which have been increasing for about 10% each year. The expansions of the exhibition also include the number of exhibitors, which had an increase of 6% so far until 2019.

The import and export in the Sino-Dental are quickly making this event the number one choice of producers and buyers of dental equipment and dental health professionals on a global scale. This dental exhibition is of great importance to China since it is a specialized fair in both information and the products it introduces.


Sino Dental Characteristics

Sino Dental as the most prominent and influential dental exhibition in China, Asia, and to some extent around the world, is characterized as follows:

  • The most prestigious and largest dental exhibition in China
  • The best venue to introduce dental and oral health equipment, facilities, and products
  • The most professional international dental exhibition in China and Asia
  • A meeting place to communicate and share academic, technical, and business experiences; and to improve innovative dental and oral health technologies for the practitioners, and professionals

History of Sino Dental

The first Sino-Dental of Beijing was held in 1995, and ever since that, there have been successful exhibitions until the delay in the 2020 session. There have not been any cancelations of the event so far until the session in 2020, which was only postponed to follow the safety protocols of Covid-19. Over the years of this exhibition, new products and advanced devices have been introduced, as well as new information concerning dental health. The provided information has been given by holding workshops and seminars with experts and professionals.

So far as the year 2019, more than 30 countries and regions were attending the China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference, with more than 800 exhibitors. During the year 2019, there were about 130000 visitors as well as nearly 40000 attendees for the seminars. According to the statistics of the same year, most of the visitors have come to the Sino-Dental for purchasing new products and receiving the latest news about the advancements in the industry.

Last but not least, each year, new countries are having their pavilions in the Sino-Dental. So far, there were Germany, Japan, Korea, Brazil, the USA, and Switzerland bringing both the top manufacturers as well as buyers from all over the globe.

Around 130,000 exhibitors will annually attend this important Asian dental event, of which 9.8 % are international visitors; and 90% are visitors from countries and regions. Visiting purposes include product purchasing, meeting old customers, explore markets and offer products, get familiar with the latest technology and products, finding new dealers and suppliers. The highest rate of participation belongs to Asian representing 71.67% followed by Europe (12.81%).  2.55% of the attendees are From Africa. Sino Dental also provides an opportunity of product purchasing for dealers. International Dealers’ Lounge gives the chance to major Chinese dental manufacturers to showcase and present the most recent products; in addition, it will be a favorable time for global business partnership.

Sino Dental provides the opportunity of experiencing advanced equipment and purchasing the newest products with competitive prices. 25.5% of Sino Dental visitors are from the public hospital section; while, 16.3% of the visiting is for the private hospital. The highest

There are to main categories of products you can find in the Sino Dental; Odontology, Dental. There are more details about each year’s products that need to be checked on the official site or asked directly when registering. Be advised that there may be more or fewer items included in the product list for every session of the Sino Dental.

Seminars and workshops topics

  • Oral Surgery
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Oral Implantology
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Oral Internet+/Mobile Health
  • Oral Mucosa
  • Private Dental Clinic Management
  • Industry Trend Analysis & Policy
  • Interpretation
  • Endodontics
  • Oral Prevention
  • Hospital Management
  • Oral Pathology & Fundamental
  • Research
  • Dental Emergency & General Practice

Attending the Sino-Dental

To attend the China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference, you can pre-register online at Sino Dental official website. After you receive your invitations, you can get your Visa and plan your visit. The invitation may help you in the process of receiving your Visa and finding appropriate accommodations. Finding the appropriate place to stay may prove a challenge unless you make your plans for several weeks ahead of the schedule. You can use our services at to find a suitable flight to China and book your hotel near China National Convention Center.

It is highly recommended that to book the hotels prior to the exhibition since at the time of the exhibition the cost will usually arise. An online pre-register is also offered for visitors prior to the exhibition. Online pre-register provides a quick-pass entrance, souvenir packages, and show catalog.

Transportation to Sino Dental

Sino Dental Exhibition is held at China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing on June 9-12 located at No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (500 meters north of Water Cube).

Exhibitors and visitors can try several different transportation systems depending on their budget, distance, convenience, and etc. One of the most convenient ways of getting to the CNCC is the subway. The Olympic Green Station (Exit A or E) of Subway Line 8 is connected with CNCC. Exhibitors and visitors can also try the bus system from WALINAN Station bus line 328, 484, 628, 913; and NANGOUNIHE Station.

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