Similan Islands, Thailand – What To Do in Similan Island

Thailand’s Similan Islands National Park, a gathering of 11 islands in the Andaman Sea, is perhaps the most unblemished spots on the planet for diving. The islands have pleasant scenes with white-sand seashores, enormous stone rocks sticking away from the earth, beautiful wildernesses overflowing with different fauna and verdure, and completely clear turquoise waters. 

Dive sites hold an assortment of monster rocks, caverns, slender entries, and more than 460 types of hard and delicate coral throbbing with life. Leopard sharks, guitar beams, mantas, and turtles make plunging the Similan Islands a wonderful destination. Side shores of the islands are perfect converse diving sites. The East Coast has a remarkable view. Hard coral makes up the sand-shrouded reefs. The West Coast is more profound, with more grounded flows prompting ravines, burrows, openings, and sinkholes. With such beauties, the Similan Islands is heaven.



The islands were made by upwellings of hot magma during the Tertiary-Cretaceous time frame nearly 60 million years prior, at that point smoothed by icy ice and the disintegration by the ocean. The coral reefs are around 4,700 years of age and subsequently the most seasoned in Thailand. In 1983, the public park was set up, and now it is booked to turn into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 2004 tidal wave left the islands and the submerged scene practically safe since the waters are profound around the islands.


Similan Islands

In the Malayan language, Similan means nine. Initially, there were nine islands numbered one to nine until 1998. In that year, after a heavy and historical tide, two distant islands had appeared: Ko Tachai and Ko Bon. Ko Miang and Ko Similan are the most important islands among them. 

  1. Ko Hu Yong
  2. Ko Payang
  3. Ko Payan
  4. Ko Miang
  5. Ko Ha
  6. Ko Payu
  7. Ko Hin Pousar
  8. Ko Similan
  9. Ko Bangu
  10. Ko Bon, also known as Koh Talu
  11. Ko Tachai
Similan Island

Similan Island


Widely Varied Vegetation and Animal

There is a gigantic variety of fish species on These Islands. Similan nice and clear water is the best you will discover in Thailand. You will see a lot of bright fish like lionfish and clownfish, and in case you’re fortunate, you may recognize a greater one like a manta or even a whale shark. The corals in the region have generally succumbed to coral blanching in 2010 and have not yet recuperated; however, the fish make swimming and jumping beneficial. The islands are home to shadowy langurs, squirrels, bats, reptiles, and a decent assortment of birds.

Similan Islands Interests

The Similan Islands aren’t as famous as the limestone islands of Krabi or Phang Nga Bay, which numerous travelers have come to connect with the Andaman Sea. However, you discover low-lying developments covered with thick timberland with lots of beauties and lovely activities to do.

 The most striking element of these islands is the tremendous rocks that litter the western and southern shores on a few of the islands. Another feature is the white coral-sand seashores, amazingly beautiful and frequently abandoned. The fascinating sights are to be found underneath the waves.

 The most special coral developments on the planet can probably be found here – similar stones dispersing the shores have transformed the waters around the island into an undertaking jungle.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands, Thailand


Geographical Features

On different occasions before – with ocean levels fluctuating by however much 160 meters with the development and retreat of the polar ice covers – the Similan Islands have been submerged, battered by storms, covered with marine developments, and visited by animals long terminated.

Picture rocks covered with vivid corals, wipes, and green growth, as you just barely get through the fissure and passages on Ko Similan. Where today, you discover birds and butterflies and squirrels; at one time, there were full of water with many fish that lived there, but after some geological events now everything had changed.


Top Activities in the Archipelago

Similan Islands is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Asia. Snorkeling and diving are the most significant activities in this archipelago. Offering warm and clear waters, the Similan Islands give more than ideal conditions to a phenomenal diving experience. 

All through the plunging season, you can investigate the bountiful marine daily routine that happens just beneath the surface of clear water. Regardless of whether delicately inclining coral reefs, profound rough canyons, or testing profundities and variable flows are your inclinations, the waters encompassing the Similan Islands give something to each diver.

While scuba plunging is considerably more well known, snorkeling should effectively be possible everywhere on the islands. Swimming stuff can be leased from the Similan Islands Marine National Park Headquarters. People who go for trips from close to Phuket or Khao Lak can likewise carry their own stuff to try not to need to lease some when you arrive.

Similan Islands Diving

Similan Islands Diving


When to Dive or Snorkel

The jumping season for the Similan Islands is from late October to early May, while coral reefs, profound rough chasms, and astonishing scenes are at their best. Generally, the East coast jump locales are hard coral reefs with some delicate coral and a tremendous assortment of marine life. The diving is genuinely loose, with moderate flows. Whale sharks and manta beams are consistently seen between the end of January until mid-May when making a plunge into the Similan Islands. Water temperature goes from 27-30°C and is hottest towards the end of the period.


Similan Liveaboard

Diving is a great option for you, but if you need to capitalize on your time in the Similan Islands, a liveaboard would be an extraordinary alternative for you. With numerous travelers going there, this little archipelago has become an incredible resort for yachts and visit boats and ships. We strongly prescribe liveaboard plunging if you need to take advantage of your jumping experience.

 A few tours take you to all the principal plunge locales and offer a combination of dives in trouble just as night diving which is an extortionary experience. Costs are different due to ship classes and options like internal ship clubs or live music.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands, Thailand


Hiking in Similan Islands

Albeit the islands are not vast, you can have a day out of the water investigating the thick woods and finding covered up places that very few have dared to. Regardless of whether you like to follow the climbing trails or go all out rough terrain, you can take as much time as necessary and find some delightful sights on the route.

 Simply ensure you take some insect repellent and a canteen of water before you set off. Because of its prominence, you ought to anticipate a couple of boats and individuals during the day. You have the seashores all to yourself once more on the off chance that you pick to remain on the island when the day boats depart.


Easing off at the Beaches

Indeed, you could go swimming, diving, or swimming if you want to, yet it doesn’t have the sense to lose laying down and relax under the sun’s rays if you buy a cold drink so good for you. The white sandy seashores of the Similan Islands give the ideal setting to you to unwind and relax. 

Bird Rock

Bird Rock is situated on the south edge of Ko Miang. It comprises huge stone rock arrangements making a divider extending south and a bay on the east side. Also, the stone structures have numerous ravines, caves, and submerged caverns. This site has some delicate and hard corals on the west side.

The profundity is around 6 to 28 meters. It is regularly gentle and appropriate for experienced swimmers. The corals on the west side have a profundity of 9 to 16 meters, useful for swimming, yet swimmers are encouraged to remain near to the island because of the danger of solid flows.


When to Go to the Similan Islands

As the Similan National Park is a wildlife sanctuary, it can’t persevere through the huge traveler industry throughout the entire year. Subsequently, trying to secure the Islands, the Government of Thailand closes them to the general population during the monsoon season (May to October). The most mainstream months to visit are December and January; however, we’d say that the best month to visit this beautiful archipelago is March.


How to Get There

Accessing the Similan Islands isn’t easy, particularly as there is no customary boat administration to the island. During the low-season months (May to October), boats may even quit running by and large so remember this when booking your travel. 

At the point when boats are running, the closest dispatching point is Thap Lamu Pier. It takes about 3.5 hours, and the expense can shift a great deal. Different alternatives incorporate requiring a road trip from Phuket, joining a liveaboard boat outing, or taking a taxi from the city to Khao Lak and afterward a boat.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands, Thailand


Accommodation in Similan Island

As we referenced, the exceptional environments on the Similan Islands are very delicate and should be saved so you can just really remain on three of the islands. These islands are Ko Similan, Koh Miang, and Koh Tachai. Luckily, private improvement hasn’t destroyed these islands yet, so the lone convenience that is offered is as lodges or outdoors tents. The tents are very extensive, enough to fit a few groups serenely. In certain camping areas, there is even a little eatery. 

The convenience on the islands is normally important for bundled visits, so ensure you know precisely the thing you’re getting when you arrive. You can’t remain the night on most of the Similan Islands, and you are even precluded from going to some parts. The reason is because of protecting the special vegetation and animals such as interesting types of nesting turtles! Due to this situation, many tourists stay in Phuket or Khao Lak. This works out incredibly well, particularly if you have a plan for a liveaboard while you’re there.


Last Words

Simply, the Similan Islands have a marvelous nature. They are loaded with thick woodlands and encompassed by the clearest waters possible. With a rich marine life comprising of hard and delicate coral reefs, completely clear waters, and white seashores, Similan Islands are viewed as extraordinary diving, swimming, and snorkeling destinations on the planet. This is an incredible sight in itself, yet when you dig underneath the waters, you will find why this archipelago is one of the bests. Don’t waste your time; pack up your backpack and hit the road.


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