Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

Located in Tianfu Square in Chengdu, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum displays over 600 exhibits in 20 exhibition areas offering free tickets for tourists.

The Sichuan Science and Technology Museum is situated in the north of Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu City with a total area of 60,000 square meters. The museum offers its visitors 20 permanent exhibition areas that handle more than 600 exhibits. Its focal points are ancient projects, local landform shows, and contemporary achievements of science and technology. (Video Credit: Vokabre )


Sichuan Science and Technology Museum – First Floor

On the first floor of the museum, you can find Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Geological Models together with the Ertan Hydropower Station Model. Its halls include the Dujiangyan Irrigation System Hall as well as the Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall. Besides, the floor also has a 4D Theater and four temporary exhibition halls.

Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Geological Models

The Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Geological Models are presented on the first floor of the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum using words, pictures, and 3D devices. The presentations illustrate the water circulation, local customs, geological sites as well as the origin and development of scientific researches in the Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong areas.

Ertain Hydropower Station

To show the Ertain Hydropower Station, its model in the museum is built with a touch screen system, simulations, and multimedia devices. It gives the guests an idea about the projects on hydropower progress, the importance of hydropower in China’s economy, the distribution of water resources in the country, and the significance of protecting the environment while maintaining sustainable development.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System

You can find a miniature of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System in the museum where the water flows from the Minjiang River as well as the models of the system’s major functions.

The Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall

The Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall holds items that show the origin and basic knowledge of aeronautics as well as the principles about aeronautics and space like the principles behind the flying capabilities of rockets and planes as well as the process involved in Shenzhou spacecraft’s launching, orbiting, and recycling.

The 4D Theater

The 4D Theater on the first floor has smoke, light, fog, rain, bubbles, and other elements that provide an exceptional feeling of realness when the visitors watch the films.


Sichuan Science and Technology Museum – Second Floor

The compositions on the second floor of the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum are the Machinery Exhibition Hall, the Material and Energy Exhibition Hall, and the Virtual World. It also houses the Electricity and Magnetism Exhibition Hall, the Information Society Hall, and the Robot Exhibition Hall.

Machinery Exhibition Hall

The first hall on the floor, which is the Machinery Exhibition Hall, has presentations about mechanical knowledge such as the fundamental principles of a vehicle clutch and the differential instruments of cars.

Material and Energy Exhibition Hall

10 exhibits about the energy are shown in the Material and Energy Exhibition Hall such as the imitations of nuclear power plants, hydropower generators, tidal power generators, and wave power generators. A total of 19 exhibits about materials are also shown in this hall including body armor, anti-fake devices, the periodic table of elements, and equipment for note printing.

Virtual World

There are 10 unique displays in the Virtual World that would surely catch the attention of the guests. An example is the digital treadmill wherein the visitor will ride a treadmill while wearing a pair of 3D glasses. The interesting part is that it depicts a virtual environment where the participant races with animals while using the treadmill.

Information Society Hall

There are 23 exhibits in the Information Society Hall that includes different topics such as Bluetooth and technologies about GPS.

Electricity and Magnetism Exhibition Hall

You can then find 18 displays in the Electricity and Magnetism Exhibition Hall that show the spectacles of high voltage discharge, point discharge, and step voltage.

Robot Exhibition Hall

A robot who can make facial expressions and a robot band are some of the fascinating items that you can find in the Robot Exhibition Hall


Sichuan Science and Technology Museum – Third Floor

The halls that you can find on the third floor of the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum are the Heaven and Earth Phenomena Hall, the Acoustics and Optics Hall, and the Mechanics Hall. Other interesting halls that would entice the minds of the guests are the Mathematics Hall, the Bioscience Hall, and the Ecological Environment Hall.

Heaven and Earth Phenomena Hall

If you want to explore the fundamentals and principles about the galaxy mysteries, the calculation of star coordination as well as its orders and positions, you should visit the Heaven and Earth Phenomena Hall.

Acoustics and Optics Hall

There are 38 exhibits in the Acoustics and Optics Hall wherein the topics of holographic audios and optical pieces are being shown.

The Mechanics Hall

The Mechanics Hall offers 21 exhibits about arch-shell structures, Foucault pendulum, and other fascinating materials.

The Mathematics Hall

The Mathematics Hall has 34 interesting displays including the Dominos, the minimal surface, and a circle divided into seventeen equal parts. It should be mentioned that you don’t need to be a professional mathematician to enjoy this hall.

The Bioscience Hall

The Bioscience Hall has 23 exhibits and you can find the DNA sequencing, the balance test, and the tilting hut here.

Ecological Environment Hall

There are 16 exhibits in the Ecological Environment Hall where visitors can learn about the significance of constructing a green home, the secret of high-yielding hybrid corps, the fact that animals are humanities’ friends, and a few well-known technologies that are used to protect the pandas.


Sichuan Science and Technology Museum – Fourth Floor

The attractions that the visitors can visit on the fourth floor of the museum are a Robot Workshop, a Popular Science Museum, and the Science and Technology Gardens for Children. The Teenager Activity Centers are also located here and whimsical shows are often presented in this area.

Children, as well as adults, will have a good time learning about different things on this floor. There are fascinating displays and shows like the kingdom of ants wherein the visitors will be able to understand the ant cave structure, ant’s communication, labor division, and strength. The flower clock, a musical fence, water-screen films, firefighting drills, and magic a weather world are just some of the fourth floor’s attractions that everyone can enjoy.

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum – Fifth Floor

On the fifth floor of the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum is where the Academic Hall and the Multifunctional Hall are located. These halls are primarily used for seminars and meetings.


In addition to the five floors, the museum also offers these items:

  • A wide outdoor activity area which covers 5,000 square meters
  • Underground parking with 2 floors and an area of 6,000 square meters
  • Fast food and restaurants area which occupy a total of 600 meters
  • Different science toy shops occupying a 600-square-meter hall.

All the facilities in the museum are being maintained and upheld for the convenience, ease, and learning of its guests.

Tourist Guide

How to get to
By Metro Take Line 1 or Line 2 and leave at Tianfu Square Station. The South Gate of the museum is located in Exit G of the station.
By Bus The lines that can take you to the Tianfu Square East Station are 16, 45, 53, 61, 64, and the Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2.
Entrance price Free but the passport is needed for a guest to get a ticket
Opening Hours
Every Day 9:00 to 17:00


The tickets are only available for booking online through the museum’s official website. Guests can also call their office for more information (028-86609999). It also should be mentioned that only 2,000 tickets are issued every Tuesday to Friday and 5,000 tickets during weekends. Do you have any more information to add? Feel free to leave your comments for us. Besides, you can send your questions for more detailed information in the comment section and we will reply as soon as possible.

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