Lovely Santorini – The Gem of the Aegean Sea in Greece

Santorini is the most remarkable locations in Greece. Oia village, Emporio village, Pyrgos village, Megalochori village, ancient site of Akrotiri, Historical museum of Thera, red beach and black beach, Artspace gallery, Cine Kamari and a lot more places to go and activities to do are waiting for you in Santorini.

Santorini is known as the gem of the Aegean sea. This complex of volcanic islands is surrounded by turquoise water, colorful cliffs, and sun-toasted sands. Due to scientific information, the whole complex is still an active volcano. The crater of this volcano is in the sea, which makes the Santorini volcano unique. Thera (Santorini) happens to be one of the most famous islands, not only in Greece but also in Europe. It’s known for breathtaking sunsets, marvelous nature, fantastic sea view, the city’s unique architecture, and luxurious lifestyle. Make sure you’re ready to plan your travel to Santorini cause we’re going to prove that it’s a legit holiday destination. Here we made a list of the best places to see in Santorini.


What to See & Things to Do in Santorini?

There are a variety of places you can see there. For covering all the things you might like about there, we start by naming the best villages in Santorini.


Traditional, beautiful, and the most famous village of Santorini; this is how we describe Oia. The narrow streets hold eye-catching monuments like blue-domed churches and whitewashed houses. You will spend the best time just walking through the streets since there are plenty of tourist shops to buy souvenirs and different types of restaurants and cafes to have a taste of greek foods. This village contains several cultural attractions like the “Maritime Museum.” You can rent a car for more comfortable transportation, which costs 14€ ($17) per day.

Oia has a small charming port called Ammoudi, which is surrounded by the high red cliffs. Some people believe this is the most picturesque area in Santorini. If you’re into snorkeling, there is a rocky beach next to Ammoudi, ideal for snorkelers.

There are many ways to transfer in Oia; there are public transfers (bus) and private transfer (taxi, minibus, or private VIP cars). You can check the extra information online.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini in Greece



This one is the biggest village in Santorini and also the most peaceful one. It’s 40 minutes away from Oia, and you can get there quickly. According to locals, this village used to be the center of trades on the island, and its name is also pointing to this history behind the city since The word “Emporio” means “Trade” in greek.

Alleys are so narrow that two people can barely fit in. It’s like a labyrinth leading up to the castle. You’ll get to see one of the medieval castles in Santorini. Since Emporio was the center of trades, building the castle on the higher ground was a strategy to avoid pirate attacks.

The church of Agios Nikolaos Marmaris is located in the village too; it’s a small church used to build it of grey marvel. It was a grave monument a turned into a Christian church during the time.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini in Greece



Being the highest village on the island, Pyrgos provides the most alluring panoramic views. Infinity pools preserved by hotels will bring a different experience of swimming to you. Don’t forget to visit wineries in the village. Also, there are some incredible restaurants and shops in the town.

Pyrgos in Santorini

Pyrgos, Santorini, Greece



Would you prefer a quiet place to chill? You have to visit Megalochori. It’s one of the prettiest villages on the island. At the entrance, you’ll get to see a beautiful bell tower. There is a square in the village center, which has some cafes and restaurants to try local food. At night you’ll be able to enjoy live Greek music. Megalochori is the heart of the Santorini Wine industry; make sure you visit wineries and try their goods.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini, Greece


The ancient site of Akrotiri

Akrotiri is referred to as the Greek Pompeii since the site was covered in ash. Some evidence has stated the village back to the prehistoric eras. Fishing and farming were the main activity, but time went on, and trading became a thing in the village. The architecture of Akrotiri is elaborated and modern. It’s believed that Plato’s Atlantis was inspired by this village. Multi-storeyed buildings, colorful frescoes, and traditional windmills are things to see in Akrotiri. You can also visit the residential part of the village containing some incredible churches, cafes, and restaurants.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini, Greece


Historical Museum of Thera

Excavations in Akrotiri resulted in objects which are collected in The museum of prehistoric Thera. Amazing artifacts and wall paintings, sculptures and inscriptions from archaic to the Roman period, vases and clay figurines, and many other things in the museum make there a must-visit place in Santorini.

Red beach

One of the most beautiful attractions that lie on Santorini’s southernmost part is the Red beach. You’ll never regret visiting here since it’s one of the unique views in the world. Besides the sea’s turquoise color, the red color of sands creates the wildest landscape to watch. As you know, Santorini is famous for its beautiful sunsets. They provided white sunbeds and umbrellas; you may need to consider things you’ll need for taking a sunbath. The only water activity available is snorkeling. You can go to the white beach by boat.

Red Beach in Santorini

Red Beach, Santorini, Greece


White beach

Just like the red beach, there are no facilities except sunbeds with umbrellas. Unlike the red beach, it’s not very popular so you’ll enjoy it if you need to relax and get somewhere quiet and not so crowded. It’s not easy to get to the white beach, but you can get there on foot from Cambia beach if you love adventures. An easier way would be taking a boat from the red beach.

White Beach in Santorini

White Beach, Santorini, Greece


Black beach

Perissa beach and Perivolos beach formed one lengthy beach which is famous for its black volcanic sand. The scenery provided is very alluring; crystal-clear waters along the sands’ color make a unique landscape to gaze at. If you want to party, midday would be the time to catch. Bars would serve cocktails by the pool all day; they also host various events and DJs.

Unlike the white beach and red beach, the black beach offers many facilities and watersports; enjoy canoeing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, and diving. If you want to spend time by the sea, there is a camping site where you can stay. Mesa Pouno mountain, which separates Perissa from Kamari, is where you can try cliff jumping. As you see, the black beach is a must-visit place in Santorini since it provides many natural features and luxurious watersports and activities.

Black Beach in Santorini

Black Beach in Santorini, Greece


Artspace Winery museum art gallery

A unique art center located in Exo Gonia, Santorini. It’s been a home to all the greek and foreign artisans since 1999. They’re offering visitors the opportunity to meet contemporary greek art. Paintings and sculptures displayed in the 1861 old winery are representative works of art. If you have an eye for art, you’ll enjoy visiting this museum.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini in Greece


Cine Kamari

It’s Located in Kamari and is one of the best outdoor cinemas in Europe. All movies are current popular movies in English with Greek subtitles. Since you can’t buy tickets online, it’s better to get there before 8 pm. Tickets are 8€ ($10), cash only at the door. You can get there by bus, taxi or private cars. You won’t need to be worried about parking; there are plenty of parking spots near the cinema.

Cine Kamari in Santorini, Greece

Cine Kamari in Santorini, Greece


Visiting volcano

Everything in Santorini, food, culture, architecture, and nature, is related to the active volcano. The existence of this island is based on volcano activities. Nea Kameni is where the crater is located. You’ll be able to reach there by boats from Fira harbor. By visiting the volcano, you will not only see red and black lava stones, but also you’ll witness a view of whitewashed villages and the world’s most amazing caldera.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini in Greece


When to go to Santorini

If you want to enjoy the warm weather, September to October and April to May would be the best time to visit Santorini. If you’re planning a holiday in the summertime at Santorini, we recommend reserving your tour, flight, and hotel. If you’re on a budget, try winter tours. The prices will decrease, but there is a chance that you won’t get to try every option.

Average High/Low Temperatures by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °C 14 14 16 18 23 27 29 29 26 23 19 15
Low °C 10 10 11 13 17 21 23 23 21 18 14 11


Where to stay in Santorini

Hopefully, there is no need to be worried about accommodation services in Santorini. The boutique hotels of Santorini are famous for their fantastic services and luxury facilities. One thing about Santorini is about the great time you can lounge on your deck to spend a part of the day indoors. You won’t miss anything, the time you spend in these hotels and hostels is not like the moment you are in a small room in a modern hotel in a crowded city. You will enjoy being in a hotel. Anyway, here we are going to name some of the most famous hotels in Santorini.

Grace Santorini

Grace Santorini is one of the best hotels in Oia, Santorini. Unlike many hotels on the island, this one is very convenient and easy to access. Taking a taxi for a very short distance is the best way to get to your place. We recommend you try local foods at their restaurant, which offer the most delicious foods ever.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini, Greece


Canaves Oia Suites

Pool bars, Private pools, magical decorations, and many other facilities are available in Canaves Oia Suites. If you are traveling with your family, these whitewashed caves are the best to stay at due to large rooms and full services for big groups of visitors.

Accommodation in Santorini

Accommodation in Santorini, Greece


Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase meaning: “seize the day.” You may not like wasting your time not enjoying your stay at Carpe Diem hotels. No one can forget the expansive views of this hotel while swimming in the pool and spa. Don’t forget to have a dining time in Carpe Diem too. The romantic atmosphere makes it an everlasting memory from Santorini.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini, Greece


Celestia Grand

What is more beautiful than watching the sunset? What about being able to watch from every angle? This is exactly what you will get from Celestia Grand. This brand is a set of luxury Villas with the best services and neat rooms. It is 2 km away from the south of Fira. If you want to quit the crowd, this one is your choice.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini in Greece


Have you ever been?

Santorini is one of those many places in which your camera doesn’t work. It doesn’t work when you compare it with breathtaking sceneries you can see there with your naked eyes.

If you have ever been to this brilliant part of the land, let us know about your experience of Santorini’s journey.

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