Red Valley and Rose Valley in Cappadocia – A Useful Guide

Cycling, horseback riding, and watching the balloons float in the early morning are the activities that can make your trip to the Red Valley and Rose Valley more satisfying. You can walk through the astonishing fairy chimneys of this valley, or you can visit the pigeon valley with its beauty. Travelers will be shocked by the breathtaking view from the top of this valley. From the beauty of the red and yellow mountains to the engravings on the wall, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime visit.

Between Goreme and Cavusin village, there are two astonishing valleys called Red Valley and Rose Valley in Turkey. At first, the Red Rose Valley greets you with its lush nature and surprises you with its fascinating sights and mysteries after entering. Dark tunnels, narrow passages, winding ladders, and muddy slopes are supposed to make your journey more adventurous. (Photo by prilfish via Flickr)

 You can never stop yourself from going up and down white tuff fairy chimneys, which is the funny part of your journey. When climbing the tuff chimney, the red colors of the valleys are very prominent, and what a view you see! You can see the difference between the colors of the two red valleys and the rose even from above.

As long as the eyes work, you see spectacular views. The play of lights and shadows in light ochre to pinkish to closer to red colors on the green lands and walls of the valley are very unforgettable.

It is apparent that walking in these valleys and rocks is not a simple task, but the beauty of this land gives energy to your feet. But there is also flat land for you to rest on. There are two other attractive travel destinations, the former Greek region of Cappadocia and the island of Cyprus.



This region was created around 50 to 60 million years ago. The abandoned caves in this region were used as churches and holy sites, and they welcomed monks of the 14th century. In the 18th century, they saw many battles between the Christian crusader and Muslims.

The red valley itself was modified and adjusted during the byzantine empire and the byzantine era, as they adapted to the agricultural revolution and thoroughly worked on the agriculture of this place which massively increased the population of this region.

These red valleys alone are very deceptive, but the paths are full of vines that are connected and create the image of a giant spider web multiplying the beauty of the area.


Places to See

There is a small town called Urgup that if you go to this city, you can see the ruins of the churches of Saint Theodora (Tagar) and Pancarlik Churches, the murals of these churches, and the exciting rock mushrooms that exist. Another great city in ten minutes in the Rose Valley is Goreme that includes a spectacular Open-Air museum and a favorable and magic place to stay overnight.

There is another unique rock town called Uchisar, five minutes from Goreme, so after visiting Goreme, make your next destination Uchisar. Enjoy the high castle made of carved rocks. The lovely pigeon valley is also easily visible from the top of the castle. You can also book tours to these locations and the underground city. 

Red Valley and Rose Valley

Photo by prilfish via Flickr


Where to Stay 

As we said, Goreme is very close to Rose Valley, so it is a reasonable city to stay in. Furthermore, You might like to open up a conversation with a stranger in the place you will be staying.

Koza Cave Hotel

It is a good offer for luxury people. Because having traditional Turkish carpets and furniture, a private terrace, an amazing view of Pigeon Valley, a fireplace, and a hot water bath will provide pleasant times for you. You can also effortlessly rent bicycles and cars through this hotel.

Charming Cave Hotel

If you want a hotel with a better budget, Charming Cave Hotel is offered to you. While staying at this hotel, enjoy the interior decoration in the form of vaulted ceilings and decorated in the local Turkish style, where these rooms are inside volcanic rocks. Free Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, hot tub, views of the fairy chimneys, a restaurant with a menu of traditional dishes made from organic ingredients are other amenities at this hotel.

Red Valley and Rose Valley

Photo by prilfish via Flickr


The Experience You Will Have

You can feel the air through your hair at the cafes and restaurants in the valley. You can even climb the hills behind the cafes and just rest and watch the sunset with a fantastic view of the red valley. If you are an adrenaline junky, you can rent a mountain bike to ride throughout the red and yellow mountains of this magnificent valley. It would be an unforgettable experience.

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