Rangali Island Maldives

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Rangali Island of Maldives, is an idyllic escape renowned for its luxurious overwater bungalows, pristine white sandy beaches, and vibrant marine life.

If you think you’re rich enough so that no resort can’t stop you from having a luxury trip, then try the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. Not too many have this chance to stay a few nights in the most luxurious hotel in the world. Cash out your money from your bank account and continue, to prepare yourself for an extortionary experience, and continue reading this article to get familiar with this human-made paradise. (Photo by Roshan Vyas via Flickr)

Rangali Island of Maldives

Where Is Rangali Island?

In the south of the Indian Peninsula, there is a dramatic island in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Rangali is one of the many islands of the Republic of Maldives. It’s a part of Alif Dhaal Atoll, a province of that country that separated into a Northern and a Southern division on the first day of March in 1984. Rangali is in the southern part (Ari Atoll).

General Information

Rangali is famous for its high-class Hilton Hotel branch, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. Not only it’s a resort for travelers, but also it’s a complex with all the facilities that you need to have a fantastic memory of staying in one of the lovely equator islands of Maldives.

Rangali Island
Photo by Simon_sees via Flickr

Rangali Island has beautiful warm white-sand seashores and an amazing unbelievable under-ocean space. A short seaplane ride away from Male Global Air Terminal, the delightful retreat is arranged amidst the Maldives’ best diving and swimming spots.

Visitors profited from a genuine Maldivian hideaway on Rangali Island while getting a charge out of admittance to the offices of the bigger and livelier Rangali-Finolhu Island. They are connected by a 500-meter bridge for a genuine well-being experience. Visitors can advance toward The Spa Retreat; an over-water destination spa set 110 meters off of the tip of the principal island.

The island features 150 beautifully designed manors and suites, a true gourmet’s pleasure with a decision of 12 honor-winning eateries, cafes and bars, two spas, and a determination of socially enlivened encounters and exercises set against the amazing Maldivian culture.

The most recent building wonder presented by Conrad Maldives is the world’s first undersea hotel, a two-level home with a main room lowered more than 16 feet beneath ocean level. Muraka exemplifies how the home lives and flourishes among the natural scene of the Indian Ocean. 

Commended by Time Magazine as one of the ‘World’s Top 100 Greatest Destinations in 2018, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is amazing island heaven. Lifetimes from the rest of the world, this extravagant resort praises the Maldives as it was intended to be – perfect, quiet, and exceptional. 


Most explorers lean toward voyaging when the climate is warm, there’s no snow on the ground, and a steady downpour is far-fetched for them. Normal temperatures in Rangali Island shift scarcely by any means. Thinking about stickiness, temperatures feel hot the entire year with a slim likelihood of downpours consistently. The region is less calm than a few — in the 30th percentile for wonderful climate — contrasted with vacationer locations around the world. 

Rangali Island
Photo by Christian Jensen via Flickr

In case you’re searching for the hottest opportunity to visit Rangali Island, the most sizzling months are April, May, and afterward June. For the most part, the hottest season is mid-April, where highs are consistently around 32°C, with temperatures seldom dipping under 28°C around evening and nighttime. The best occasions to visit Rangali Island for the ideal climate are the second day of July to the seventh day of October.

More Than an Accommodation

Explore an indoor-open air living, private pools, and the Indian Ocean. Pick extravagance estates and suites – sprinkled across two islands – with the seashore, water, or spa areas. These are just a few options that are already prepared for you to have an unforgettable trip and resort at the same time. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort is not a hotel. It’s a destination for those who want to experience a fantastic sea-bay-island trip.

Rangali Island
Photo by Simon_sees via Flickr

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island offers roomy private manors. A bridge links two separate islands. Also, it flaunts the all-glass submerged Ithaa Restaurant and two Honor-winning spas.

Extending up to 510 m into the Indian Ocean, Conrad Rangali Island’s manors are pressed brimming with common luxuries, including free Wi-Fi, level screen TVs, and DVD players. Delightful ocean or sea shore sees are outlined through wooden floor-to-roof windows.

Absolute relaxation can be appreciated at the lagoon Spa Retreat and Over-Water Spa. Visitors may make their visits extra compensating by visiting local Italian shops or finding out about local culture on a road trip to one of the nearby islands.

Conrad Maldives’ 12 top-class international restaurants and bars serve an arrangement of worldwide Mediterranean and flame-broiled dishes. More than 610 containers of premium wine can be delighted in at The Wine Cellar. Couples especially like the area — they appraised it at 9.9 for a two-man trip.


Features of the Heaven

Let’s have a closer look at some features of this island hotel:

Special Seashore Room

Tucked among the tropical foliage on the seashore, the villa has two luxurious seashore estates with total security. Every manor has been structurally intended to sit in amiability with the common habitat. The faculties are complete and enough for having some enjoyable days with no shortage. Each room has an internal bathroom with an outdoor shower. The walls are made from glass with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to have excellent views, especially in the evenings.

The Muraka

The Muraka, the first under-water-home, extravagance two-level home with a main room lowered more than 16 feet beneath ocean level in the Indian Ocean, as a feature of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort.

An Individualized Resort

Experience a private seaplane appearance or travel from the primary retreat by our private speedboat, which you can use for the span of your visit before being accompanied along THE MURAKA pier by your island.

On the Water Level

Above water, appreciate living and feasting zones fitting one of the world’s most selective homes. There is an ocean-facing tub and an ocean-level deck with a huge private pool. You also can have an exclusive 24-hour butler and chef. A private jet ski and a fitness coach are other features that are already prepared for you.

Underneath the Water Level

Imagine yourself in an under-ocean elevator in your private underwater aquarium with extraordinary design. The main room has a 180-degree bent acrylic arch with a wonderful view and floor-to-roof windows in the washrooms, including baths and toilets. There is a devoted passage for seeing the theater.

Seashore Villa

Situated on Rangali Island, step straightforwardly onto the seashore. The all-encompassing space gives a choice to make a second curtained-off room. Your open-air shower can be filled with demand for a lavish washing custom. Also, travelers can have straight access to the beach with a private passway. Each villa contains more than 1580 square feet. All rooms have free Wi-Fi and a bathroom with an open-air bathing pavilion.

Luxury Sea Side Rooms

Your grand seashore manor, found on the livelier Rangali Island, includes a private nursery, plunge pool, and a wealth of room enlightened by floor-to-roof windows. Your open-air shower can be filled with demand for a lavish washing custom. The area of each villa is more than 3200 square feet. Free and high-speed Wi-Fi is accessible at each point of your villa.

A Luxury Memory

Hilton’s extravagance resort is settled in interesting atolls encompassed by turquoise waters, fine white sand, and an unfathomable variety of marine life. It is ready to invite explorers to its cut of heaven with an upgraded guarantee of safety and prosperity. Maybe it costs too much for you to spend a few nights on this island (about 50000 USD per person for each night), but due to the highest level of provided feathers, we’ll guarantee it is worth having an unforgettable and fascinating memory.

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