Palomino in Colombia – The Hippest Beach Town in The country

Boasting a unique geographical location, Palomino is bordered by the Caribbean Ocean to the North, San Juan Del Cesar municipality to the south, Mingueo to its east, and Magdalena to its west. Palomino is located right between Dibulla and La Punta de Los Remedios. It could be called a border town between the two municipalities. Speaking of borders, Palomino is also very close to the Venezuelan border.

Palomino is a beach town in the Dibulla municipality of the Guajira region, providing both the warmth and humidity of the Caribbean and the fresh breeze of the mountain. It is also one of the five towns of the Dibulla region, and despite being a beach town, boasts a relatively high altitude due to its location on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Getting There

Are you currently in Santa Marta? Well, you have the best chances of getting to Palomino!

So you are in Santa Marta and are willing to visit Palomino. As you might have already seen, there is a public market in Santa Marta, and that is where buses to Palomino take off from. You should look for buses with a combination of white, green and blue colors on them.

It is worth noting that these buses’ ultimate destination is Parque Tayrona, so you probably will not find the right buses if you keep looking for Palomino buses. Palomino is on the same route as Parque Tayrona, which is why you can take the buses instead.


Costs of Transportation

The Parque Tayrona tickets cost 9,000 pesos for each person, helping you reach four stops, including Palomino. The bus trip duration will be around an hour and a half, and as mentioned, Palomino is one of the stops of this route, and you should not expect to get off the bus at the city center.

The Palomino stop of the Parque Tayrona route is at a gas station outside of the city. You will have to walk for a while to get to Palomino after getting off the bus. If you feel uncomfortable about walking alone in a foreign country’s suburbs, motto-taxis will take you to your destination for 3,000 pesos.

But walking is not that bad either; there are multiple restaurants, hostels, and guiding signs on the road, which will ensure you will never get lost.

Palomino in Colombia

Photo by Hugo Pardo Kuklinski via Flickr


Closest Destinations to Palomino

The other possible locations for destination Palomino are Barranquilla, Cartagena or La Guajira

You might remember that Palomino is inside the Guajira region, so it will not take long to get to the beach town from there. In addition to Guajira, Cartagena, or Barranquilla, tourists can also reach Palomino by bus.

The Cost of Reaching Palomino

While reaching Palomino from the three locations is also possible, the cost is a spine breaker compared to that of the Santa Marta route. It costs a whopping 38,000 pesos to get to Palomino from these points. Besides the horrendous cost difference, taking these buses will not spare you from the walking part at the end of the journey.


Accomodation in Palomino

So you are in Palomino now, where are you going to stay?

Palomino’s unique geographical position provides the required conditions for a stay by the beach, in the forest, or the mountainside. Many hotels and hostels inside the town have better access to the town’s restaurants and bars. You might prefer to stay outside of the town’s hustle and bustle; then you can look for guest houses and hotels in the forest. But of course, when we speak of a beach town, 90% are looking for accommodation by the beach. Whether you wish to stay in/outside the town, numerous choices could fit your budget.



The Best Hotels in Palomino

The best hotels for ocean lovers with a breathtaking beach view are in Palomino.

Hotel Chiniu

Hotel Chiniu and its palm trees are waiting for you! Covered from sunlight with dozens of palm trees, Hotel Chiniu is at a wee 500 meters distance from the sea. There is an international restaurant inside the property and a free parking area, an outdoor swimming pool, an on-site lounge, and a bar. Hotel Chiniu has equipped all rooms with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. There is a billiards table if you fancy a game or two, and the options of an American or a continental breakfast every morning. The hotel is close to the mountainside, suitable for hiking trips. The nearest airport is 75 kilometers away from the hotel.

Aite Eco Resort

Aite Eco Resort offers a private beach and two outdoor swimming pools. It is a favorite among beach lovers with its exclusive beach. Although not inside Palomino, Aite Eco is pretty close to the town. As you are not inside of the town, you could take your time to relax by the two outdoor pools of the resort. There is no need to go out; if you feel hungry, the Aite Eco restaurant offers premium quality food. All rooms at Aite Eco come with a wardrobe, a fan, and a private bathroom. There is the option of free unlimited WIFI and open-air dining. The restaurant offers international and local food, but many restaurants are a short walk away from you if you do not like the food there.

Casa Coraje

Casa Coraje offers natural meals consisting of local fruits. This beautiful hotel provides a sun terrace, a private beach, and free parking for its guests. The property is equipped with an on-site bar, and the breakfast consists of fresh fruit, juice, coffee, or tea. The garden at the place is filled with beach beds and hammocks, and if you feel you need a massage, you could have it delivered at Casa Coraje. Also, It is possible to participate in yoga classes and sightseeing tours organized for you. The last thing is that the nearest airport is 76 kilometers away from Casa Coraje.

Hukumeizi Hotel

Hukumeizi Hotel offers seamless views of the beach. Unlike Casa Coraje, Hukeimizi is right in the heart of Palomino. Sitting at almost zero distance to the beach, Hukeimizi provides parking space and various dining options. The rooms’ design at Hukeimizi grants a continuous ocean view through its large, seamless windows. There are unlimited WIFI options at Hukeimizi, and all rooms are equipped with wardrobes and private bathrooms. Hukeimizi offers a shared terrace and is 5 minutes away from the town’s best bars and restaurants.

Palomino in Colombia

Palomino in Colombia


Hotels Which Are Not Beachfront

ONE Santuario Natural

ONE Santuario Natural offers unique views and private gardens. Although not beachfront, the ONE Santuario Natural is at a wee kilometer’s distance from the sparkling beach. ONE Santuario Natural offers a restaurant, private parking, a bar, and a shared lounge. Each room at ONE Santuario Natural enjoys a magnificent view of the gardens and direct access to the private garden and beach area. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, a mini-fridge, a boiler, a hairdryer, and a dressing room. ONE Santuario Natural offers English breakfasts and barbecue meals. The nearest airport to ONE Santuario Natural is 92 kilometers away.

Casa del Pavo Real Boutique

Located within a wee 400 meters distance from the beach, Casa del Pavo Real Boutique offers dining options at a restaurant and a bar. There are private parking spaces at Casa del Pavo Real Boutique, and the property provides access to a terrace and a shared lounge, boasting a magnificent garden. In fact, Casa del Pavo Real Boutique is a family-friendly hostel and is 75 kilometers away from Riohacha airport.

Luz de Luna & Spa

Luz de Luna & Spa provides the conditions not to leave your hotel for any reason. Luz de Luna believes its guests are worth only the best, and this is precisely why it has provided an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a shared lounge for its extremely exclusive guests. Although all rooms do not come with a private kitchen, there is a shared kitchen to use whenever cooking something.

Room service operates 24 hours in Luz de Luna, and there is free unlimited WIFI. If you need local money, you can exchange your currency in the hotel without leaving the property. Although not a beachfront option, Luz de Luna is still close enough to the beach to merit the title seaside hotel. Unfortunately, the nearest airport is 3 hours away from Luz de Luna, but a 3 hour trip is worth the services Luz de Luna offers.



What to Do in Palomino?

Although mostly regarded as a beach town, Palomino offers much more than marine activities. From hiking to surfing, Palomino offers various options during your holidays:

Tubing on the Palomino River

Are you an outdoor sports lover? Then tubing on the Palomino River is the best option for you. Streaming from the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s foothills into the Caribbean Sea, the Palomino River is a beloved destination among tourists. Riding a tube down the Palomino River does not cost very much but is very rich as it allows you to witness the pure nature of Colombia.

Jungle Journey

Are you ready for an adventure in Palomino forests that involves exposure to local animals and plants? The jungles around Palomino are considered one of the richest ecological regions in Columbia regarding plants and animal species. The title of “the planet’s most important ecological areas” by National Geographic is given to Palomino’s forests. Interestingly, a vast collection of animals native to southern America, such as toucans, parrots, monkeys, and many more, await visitors in Palomino forests.

Relaxation on the Beach

What better location to relax than a beach? Palomino boasts one of the most beautiful beaches globally, with a kilometers-long strand of white-sand, kept from the sun by palm trees in front of an eternally blue sea. The wavy sea provides all conditions required for surfing, while beach bars and small restaurants on the shoreline complete the perfect image. Walking alongside this breathtaking beach of the Caribbean, or lying on a beach bed, would be a great way to relax and rehabilitate in Palomino.

Landscapes, Coffee, and Happiness

Relaxing by the sunrise’s views or sipping your coffee while watching the sunset. Boasting a location right by the sea, Palomino offers picturesque scenes, especially during sunrise or sunset. Watching the sunrise while taking a stroll alongside the beach or watching the sun go down from the balcony of your hotel will be a good idea for spending time in Palomino.

Nostalgic Experiences

Would you like to have a horseback ride along the coast? With such a long strand, the Palomino beach is the perfect spot for horseback riding. With many tour operators facilitating access to horseback riding trips, you can get on a horse and ride through the shore, enjoying the sound of crashing waves and the sheer feeling of wind in your hair.

A Waterfall is near!

Quebrada Valencia waterfalls might not be as reputable as Niagara falls, but they are worth visiting. Although it might be dry in some seasons, seeing the Quebrada Valencia waterfalls in the rain season is worth the trip. Quebrada is relatively close to Palomino. You can hop on a moto-taxi to take you to the mountainside, but you will have to hike your way up from thereon.

Guajira in Colombia

Guajira in Colombia


Where to Eat in Palomino

Besides visual benefits, by staying in Palomino, Colombia, you will also do your stomach a favor! With an enormous variety of foods and drinks, restaurants, and bars of Palomino will suit everyone’s taste:

Best overall restaurant, Sua

With wooden outdoor tables and daily live music, Sua is the image of Palomino. The food at Sua tastes heavenly and is very fresh. The restaurant offers you the option to make up your plate, which allows you to adjust the amount of protein, sauce, and other ingredients you would like to put into your stomach.

Best Pizzeria, Turcolandia

Offering thin crusty pizzas with generous toppings, Turcolandia alone is a reason to visit Palomino. Offering a perfect Caribbean ambiance with tree stump seats and trunk tables, Turcolandia is must go. Besides the heavenly pizza, Turcolandia offers homemade whiskey and sauces.

Best burgers, JUntos

Best burgers in Palomino are served along with the music of a DJ from Trinidad & Tobago. Besides offering the most delicious burgers in Palomino, JUntos is one of the town’s most popular bars.

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