Lost City – The Best Hiking Spot in Colombia

The lost city is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. There’s a range of different nationalities around the town so you can interact with native communities and know them better. The Lost city is also known as the Ciudad Perdida, a treasure full of historical architecture that belongs to many years ago is under the protection of the Global Heritage Fund.

Lost City in Colombia is an ultimate hitchhike destination for adventurous souls. You have to visit this city if you ever have dreamt of getting away from all the noises in the town and loosen up in nature’s peace and experiencing a totally different lifestyle. Still, we have to warn you it won’t be as easy as it seems on paper. (Photo by Belinda Grasnick via Flickr)


Teyuna, Tairona, and history behind it

“La Ciudad Perdida” was built around the year 800. Structures had impressive designs, and even by the ancient standards, the city was believed to be a huge one, hosting 2000 to 8000 inhabitants. In the native language, locals used to call it Teyuna. Although we know the trek as the “Lost City”, it was never really lost. The Tairona people were always settled in the region; today, we know them as the Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco, and Lankuamo people. Since there are many small villages around the city, the lost city probably was their political center and may also have an important role in trading and manufacturing. The city was one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the 20th century (the 1970s).


Pure Adventure in Lost City

Lost City is about 1200 meters above the sea, and it’s buried deep in the jungle. There’s no easy access, you can’t get there by the road, and the only possible way is to walk a 44-kilometer hike. The leading way includes river crossings, steep climbs, and you’ll have to climb 1200 stone steps. We recommend you prepare yourself before you plan a trip over there since a good fitness level is necessary.

Teyuna will give you the chance to discover people’s tastes in fashion, their historical myths, and culture. You can chill out and enjoy nature away from all the modern life pressure since there is no Wi-Fi to connect to.

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Photo by Jonathan Hood via Flickr


What to Bring?

It is not your destination if you are not ready for it. Plenty of equipment and tools may come in handy while you are hiking. Here we mention some of them.

  • There’s going to be a lot of walking, so you have to consider light packing.
  • The environment is hot and sweaty, so that you won’t need warm clothes. Just a warmer item would be a good idea to spend the nights, which can get a little colder.
  • You better pick clean underwear for each day, and extra dry socks would be great too.
  • There are a lot of pools and waterfalls on your way so having a swimsuit is necessary.
  • We’ll strongly suggest you at least two pairs of walking shoes. The trail may get muddy and slippery, and the second pair would be practical in this case.
  • Having water-proof covers for your bag is necessary to keep your stuff dry. It will be useful in the wet season.

If you’re a professional hiker, you can skip this part, but you need to know all of this if your an intermediate one:

  • A refillable water bottle will be your best friend during the hike.
  • Though there is food at each campsite, you may need some snacks during the hike.
  • The trek will take four to five days, and you need to stay safe, clean, and healthy. Don’t forget this list: Toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, shampoo, travel towel, and deodorant.
  • Sunscreen is a 100 percent necessity; your face, your hands, and your body need it.
  • We don’t want to hurt animals, but Bugs and mosquitoes are no joke in the Lost city, so you need to have a bug Spray.
  • Wet wipes and toilet rolls will save your life, so make sure you have enough of them in your backpack.
  • An essential medical kit just for caution.
  • Having travel insurance will be a considerate move since this adventurous hike can get dangerous on some stages, so make sure your tour costs include insurance too.
Lost City - The Best Hiking Spot in Colombia 2

Photo by Jonathan Hood via Flickr


When to go?

Whenever you go to the Lost city for hiking, it will be scorching and humid, but it is suggested to go over there in the months between May to September as the dry-season. In the wet season, dirt paths will get muddy, and river crossings will turn into your terrifying nightmare to pass. The more you know about the climate, the more prepared you’re going to be. To let you know more about your plan, here a table of average temperature in Lost City, Ciudad Perdida, Magdalena, Colombia is provided..

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (°C) 25 °C 25 °C 26 °C 26 °C 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C 24 °C 24 °C 24 °C 24 °C
Low (°C) 15 °C 16 °C 17 °C 18 °C 18 °C 18 °C 17 °C 17 °C 17 °C 17 °C 16 °C 16 °C
High(°F) 77 °F 78 °F 78 °F 78 °F 77 °F 77 °F 77 °F 77 °F 76 °F 75 °F 75 °F 76 °F
Low(°F) 59 °F 60 °F 62 °F 64 °F 65 °F 64 °F 63 °F 63 °F 63 °F 62 °F 62 °F 60 °F



People are still living in Teyuna; the jungle is home to many people. They’re warm-hearted and will get along with you, but you have to treat them respectfully. If you ever wanted to take pictures of their houses, their kids, or even themselves, consider asking for their permission. However, some people are shy, so if they don’t interact warmly, don’t be offended.  Wherever you go, take your rubbish, because you need to take care of the environment.

Lost City - The Best Hiking Spot in Colombia 3

Photo by katiebordner via Flickr


How to go to La Ciudad Perdida

You can’t go hiking The Lost city independently so if you’re planning to go there, you have to find a suitable tour. Before making your decision, consider your physical abilities. Ask yourself if you can handle all the difficulties. Sleeping in the jungle, coping with bugs, mud, heat, rain, and the wet, sweaty situation, and being a part of a group, you have to know if any of these aren’t your cup of tea. Tours range from 4 days to 6 days trek, but the costs are the same. When you find your tour, you have to reserve a spot online to ensure you have it. 



For a 4-6 days trek, you have to pay 1150000 pesos ($350) for each person, but based on the facility’s quality, it may even rise to $800. There is no tourist bus or any other vehicle. Camps along the trek consist of your residence and your food. Medical assistance, a tour guide, and in some cases, travel insurance, are other options of tours.

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