Guangzhou Zoo

Founded in 1958, Guangzhou Zoo is one of the three largest zoos in China, which preserves over 5,000 animals from 400 species in a fantastic atmosphere.

Established in 1958, Guangzhou Zoo is among the top 3 zoological sites in China covering an area of 42 hectares (103.7 acres) approximately. The Zoo has an amazing collection of wildlife residents making it a fantastic choice if you enjoy watching various kinds of animals.

General Information

Guangzhou Zoo preserves around 5,000 animals from more than 400 species. The zoo has various sections for each animal group such as the felines, the herbivores, the primates, the birds, the amphibious reptiles, and insects.

Rare Animals

This zoo has rare Chinese animals such as giant pandas, south China tigers, golden monkeys, and black-necked cranes. However, you also have the chance to see rare and magnificent animals from other parts of the world such as giraffes, African elephants, chimpanzees, zebras, hippos, black swans, and rhinoceroses as well.

Other projects of the zoo

Guangzhou Zoo has successfully executed multiple projects and attractions in recent years. Among these works, the Guangzhou Aquarium, China’s largest butterfly ecological garden, and the Dinosaur Scientific Hall are more prominent. The zoo also has a section named the Goldfishes, which is an outdoor exhibition garden of different rare fishes.

China Guangzhou Zoo
Guangzhou Zoo, China

Guangzhou Zoo also has a project called Watching Animals Eat. In this setting, the visitors have the chance to watch and take pictures of different animals eating their food such as hippos, elephants, wolves, and tigers.

Guangzhou Zoo Attractions

Inside this excellent complex, there are different sections, each with a different vibe and experience. The main parts of Guangzhou Zoo are:

  • The Aquarium
  • The Goldfishes
  • The Orangutan Hall
  • Dinosaurs World
  • Animal Behavior Exhibition
  • Lake Scenery
  • Happy World
  • Excellent Lawns

The Aquarium

This is an underwater world with different sections for sightseeing, scientific research, and education. The Aquarium opened in 1997 and mostly displays marine fish. It covers an area of around 15,000 square meters (18,000 square yards) with more than 200 various kinds of fish and other rare marine animals.

The major attractions here are:

  • The undersea tunnel
  • The 18-meter-long tank of tropical corals
  • The treasure tank, the deep-sea sights
  • The freshwater world
  • The touching pool
  • The shark hall
  • The sea lion land
  • The goldfish pool

The Goldfishes

If you go near the Hippo Pool in the zoo, you can easily find The Goldfishes. Here, over 10,000 rare fishes of around 100 species are on display. Besides the beauty of the fish, here you can enjoy fishing and catching lobsters. Children love this part so much.

The Orangutan Hall

This hall is covering an area of around 3,000 square meters (3,600 square yards). Around 2,000 square meters (2,400 square yards) are dedicated to a playground for the animals. There are two parts here, one is an outdoor exhibition ground, and the other is an indoor glass exhibition hall.

The indoor sections feature eight rooms with air conditioning so the animals can better rest. There are also two glass exhibition halls to experience a “zero-distance” observation of the animals on the first floor. On the second floor, you have the chance to see the living habits of orangutans closely.

The main facade of this place is formed by cliffs, huge mountain stones, and waterfalls. This place scenery also features an original forest-like environment to create a great living area for the animals.

Dinosaurs World

The Dinosaurs World is an exciting place if you want to know more about these ancient rulers of the earth. Here some contemporary dinosaur research results reveal a vivid world of when the dinosaurs were the reigning species.

Animal Behavior Exhibition

Here you can see marvelous performances of bears, tigers, lions, monkeys, dogs, horses, goats, and other animals under the command of animal trainers. These performances are lovely, and you can get a better sense of how intelligent an animal can be.

Lake Scenery

If you go to the center of Guangzhou Zoo, you can see three lakes. There are some islands inside the lakes where some animals live. Also, many birds are swimming in the lakes creating a beautiful and romantic setting.

Happy World

Happy World is situated next to the Dinosaurs World and the amusement park. It looks like a fairyland with exotic buildings.

Excellent Lawns

Situated on the slopes at the Monkey Mountain foot, they are all paved with beautiful green color. Guangzhou’s Bureau of Parks and Woods has awarded this part of the zoo with the title of Excellent Lawns.

Guangzhou Zoo 1
Photo by © llee_wu via Flickr

Tourist Guide


The zoo is located at No. 120, Central Xianlie Road in the city of Guangzhou.

How to get to?

You can get to the zoo by either the metro or the bus.

By Metro

Get on Metro Line 5 and leave at the Zoo Station.

By Bus

Get on Bus Number 6, 16, 11, 65, 84, 122, 192, 199, 201, 209, 218, 534, or 547 and you will reach the main entrance of the zoo.

Get on Bus No. 33, 133, 191, 233, 269, 272, 234, 282, or 545, and you will reach the south entrance of the zoo.


Guangzhou Zoo

  • Adults: 20 Yuan
  • Children (1.2 – 1.5m – 3.9 – 4.9ft): 10 Yuan

You can have a 10% discount from 1 to 7 October.

Ocean World + Guangzhou Zoo

  • Adults: 120 Yuan
  • Children (1.2 – 1.5m – 3.9 – 4.9ft): 70 Yuan

Ocean World + Guangzhou Zoo + Goldfish Garden + 3D Movie Hall

  • Adults: 140 Yuan
  • Children (1.2 – 1.5m – 3.9 – 4.9ft): 90 Yuan

Children Under 1.2m

These children can have a free entrance ticket to the zoo.

Opening Hours

  • From 16 April to 15 October: 8:00 to 16:30.
  • From October 16 to 15 April: 8:00 – 16:00

You might be wondering if there are any restaurants in the Guangzhou Zoo. Don’t worry! Many restaurants and food stores are available in the zoo offering Chinese and International foods. Have you ever been to any zoological park in China? How was your experience? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts. Also, our professional guides are prepared to reply to your questions about Guangzhou Zoo as soon as possible.

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