Chinaplas, also known as the International Exhibition on Plastics & Rubber Industries of China, is the largest plastic and rubber fair in Asia and the second largest of its kind internationally. The hosts of this exhibition hold these fairs annually at the National Exhibition and Convention Center located in Shanghai. The location is not fixed and may be changed, but it is mostly held in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Each year the exhibition grows and develops further due to the competition of the local and global companies. This development has caused the companies to make new machines and technologies as well as introduce more advanced products into the market and provide them each year as the Chinaplas showcases.


History of Chinaplas

The International Exhibition of Plastics & Rubber Industries began in the year 1983 and, was a major event that has a substantial contribution to funding this industry ever since. It has been held annually, without any cancelations except for the 34th year which was supposed to be held in 2020 but has been postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This break has not done so much damage to the industry as it continues its work in 2021.


Chinaplas exhibitors and participants

In addition to plastics and rubber product booths, specialized seminars are also held where the manufactures will showcase state-of-the-art technology for their industrial products. CHINAPLAS is known, today, as a distinguished jump for manufacturers in the area of machinery, plastics, auxiliaries, and automation requirements import and export. Asia’s largest trade fair for plastics and rubber includes two main categories of Machinery & Equipment, and Raw materials and auxiliaries:

Machine Exhibits

3D Technology – Auxiliary & Testing Equipment – Die & Mould – Extrusion Machinery – Film Technology – Injection Molding Machinery – Plastic Packaging Machinery – Recycling Technology – Rubber Machinery – Smart Manufacturing Technology.

Material Suppliers

Additives – Bioplastics – Chemicals & Raw Materials – Colour Pigment and Masterbatch -Composites & High-Performance Materials – Recycled Plastics – Semi-Finished Products – Thermoplastic Elastomers & Rubber.


Attending the Chinaplas

The location may change and not be fixed, but it will be held in a place to have more than 320000 m2 that can hold more than 3400 exhibitors and house about 150000 guests during its days. You can apply online for entry or purchase tickets on-site as a visitor.

If you plan to go as a guest you can also get tour packages or other services at or find a suitable flight to China and book one of the hotels to see such fairs and exhibitions of China and catch the highlights. You can also attend important conferences to see the best business opportunities. To receive more information about registration and learning about the location of the exhibition you can visit the Chinaplas official website both as an exhibitor and as a visitor.

If you are a fan of advanced machinery and green products, you can attend this fair to enjoy the spotlights of the companies as a visitor. Just be sure to plan your visit and catch your favorites in the limited time of this exhibition.

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