China Xiamen International Stone Fair

The China Xiamen International Stone Fair, also known as CXISF, is one of the largest international stone exhibitions. This exhibition is hosted by the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, in the province of Xiamen. The quarries of Fujian and the nearby port of Xiamen make this place the perfect spot to hold the exhibition, as can be seen ever since the first stone fair in 2001. An important part of trading in the CXISF is exporting natural stone and marble to fund developments in the same industry and sector. These developments include advances in stone production machinery and tools, as well as expanding the horizon of this business.


History and Development

Ever since the 2001 stone fair, new products, technologies, and business opportunities have been introduced to the CXISF. The primary purpose of this fair was for the stone industry and increasing trade but, it has also affected other areas such as decoration and design. It was these developments that have turned Xiamen into a global center for stone trade which provides a substantial income for local expansions. It was seen in the 2019 China Xiamen International Stone Fair that business relationships have also evolved into new forms, and the customers, as well as producers, keep their relations even after the exhibition is over.

During the 2019 exhibition, there were about 2000 exhibitors from 57 countries, bringing approximately 200000 visitors from 147 countries. The exhibition is held at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center on each of its sessions. The exhibition center covers an area of about 180000 m2 with 24 exhibition halls as well as its hotel, restaurant, conference rooms, and other areas for visitors. It is expected to have a growth of 6% in the products as well as income in the CXISF because the provided infrastructures can hold around 7500 booths which means there is much room for improvements.



There are four major categories of products introduced in the exhibition which include: Block and Slabs, Stone Products, Machine Tools, and Stone Conservation products. The products included in these major industries include all kinds of raw material, machinery for production and cutting, manufactured furniture, or other stone products as well as cleaning, grinding, and care equipment for the preservation of your stone products.

The detailed list of all items included may change as new categories may be introduced, which is best to check the details each year on the official site.


Business and Trade While Being Considerate of Mother Earth!

Expansions of business always come with people thinking about exploiting the natural resources of our planet. These expansions have led to the formation of strict laws for quarry licenses as well as regular inspections. Another important thing that is expected to be seen is even more strict rules and regulations, made by the government to make sure all the conducted businesses are beneficial for producers and buyers and are safe for the environment.


Attending the China Xiamen International Stone Fair

If you wish to attend the China Xiamen International Stone Fair, check the official site for registration and pre-registration. Pre-registration allows you to use the VIP privileges of the exhibitions during your stay. The fair is held annually at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center for four days in March. The date for the fair may be changed each year as it is near the Chinese New Year celebration and may be adjusted.

For more detailed information on the dates and the bonuses of pre-registration, you need to check the official website of the CXISF regularly where you can also view the map of the exhibition halls to plan your visit.

As soon as you apply and plan to go for the fair, be sure to look for appropriate accommodations and plan your visit carefully. Should you require any assistance for your visit, check our tour packages here at or ask us for advice about the exhibition.

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