Best Cities to Live in the World 2024

Definitive guide to the Best Cities to Live in the World 2024. Dive into our curated list where culture, safety, and sustainability converge to create the most livable cities on the globe.

Discovering the perfect place to call home is an adventure in itself, and as we venture into 2024, the quest for the ideal city has taken on new dimensions. The world has never been more connected, yet the desire for a harmonious balance between work, leisure, and the environment has led many to rethink what truly constitutes the best city to live in.

Factors such as sustainability, healthcare, education, cultural richness, and public infrastructure have become increasingly important in this evaluation. Whether you’re considering relocation or simply curious about where the grass might be greener, join us as we delve into the top contenders for the best cities to live in the world in 2024.

Ranking Criteria

How do we score the best cities

Everybody needs something that is found in a specific place. Many of these things are interesting for a huge number of people and those are the main factors for making a list of the best cities. As we continue, we will talk about the main factors to choose the world’s 25 best cities of 2024; but before everything, you must know that many of the factors are dependent on the experiential features of a city. You will never have a deep understanding of a city unless you experience visiting, working, or living in a city to get closer to many things.


When you are thinking of the place of a city, lots of things are included such as weather and climate, safety, and the quality of landmarks. This factor is important enough to be a major factor in choosing the world’s best cities.


The people who live in a place give a cultural identity to their town. The percentage of locals and foreigners, educational achievements, and the main culture that is practiced by residents show many qualifications about a city.

Things to do

Programming a pleasant stay in a city is a cool moment, especially when you have many available options to select. As the number and the kind of activities you can do in a city are very important, the world’s 25 top cities of the year have been chosen by considering this factor: Things to do in a city. Nightlife, festivals, entertaining places, tourist attractions, and the possibility of experiencing something rare are only some of the things people may look for.


You may wonder about the clear role of prosperity in calling a city the best city! This is obvious that significant prosperity can encourage more successful people to move into a city, this brings a huge development in all aspects you can imagine. To make it clearer, I would say prosperity drives a huge amount of money and growth so that the city becomes comfortable to live in.


There are numerous unknown cities around the world and there are many places for living and traveling in which you’ll find yourself happier than ever. But don’t forget about the power of the internet. Promotion is about the times the city has been Instagramized and mentioned on social media. A very important factor in choosing the world’s top-ranked cities to live in is the number of times a city is mentioned in reviews, Google searches, hashtags, and location tags. That shows the city is interesting to both residents and the locals. Now with all of these important considerations, let’s see what the world’s 25 best cities to live in are.

Top Ranking Cities in 2024

Best Cities to Live in the World


New York


One in every 38 people in the United States can call New York home as over 8 million people live in the city. With many languages spoken around the town and a great variety of ethnicities living in the town, New York is a strange city for new visitors.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

New York City became the first capital of the USA in 1789; this gave a true identity to the city. The Statue of Liberty is also in this city which is a gift from France. A highly educated population with big headquarters of major companies made a lively business atmosphere for a big group of people there. Altogether, we are talking about the second-best city in the world. It wows visitors and brings a different lifestyle to the citizen’s lives.




Every corner of the world has a beauty of itself. Far from the popular cities in America and the green continent, Sydney is a captivating destination for tourists and a dreamland for immigrants. This expensive city in Australia is one of the globe’s best cities with over 32 million visitors per year.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Sydney is a real multicultural city so you will face various lifestyles and traditions in every place and many options are upon you when it comes to the food. The Opera House in Sydney is recognized as a common picture of this city but it’s only one of the attractions there. Excellent gourmet dining options are available in the perfect restaurant in every type of cooking style, beaches are the favorite spots to enjoy your stay and your eyes would be thankful after visiting the crystal blue Sydney Harbour waters.



United Kingdom

London is the Capital of Capitals! it’s home to many big businesses and the biggest companies have established their headquarters. London is sometimes called the largest financial center in the world. Tourist attractions, museums and galleries, shopping centers, and green parks around the city make a combination of reasons to put London atop the list of the world’s best cities to live.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

The point is about the difference between living in London and traveling to London. make sure you got the point. through a long period, London became a polycentric city in which you can find many main districts and each one has a history that dates back to previous centuries. London is also a favorite place for those who are seeking academic atmospheres, caused by the best universities in the world, are located in London.




One of the world’s best cities is Paris, France. We are talking about a world-class art producer. Tourists from all around the world try to make their dreams of traveling to Paris come true to observe the majesty of this well-known city. The mixture of architecture and culture plays a clear role here when this city is called the “City of Light” or “City of Love”.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Paris fans are getting more and more every year and that’s mostly because of a style of art that relates to city life as the result of many years of efforts by artists who have lived or have had a strong passion for this magical city. This significant growth caused a general level-up in every case. Every important event in Paris gets a lot of attention from every corner of the world. This is a sign of worldwide importance and popularity.




The largest metropolitan in the world has many things to offer but not to everybody. This is all about culture and lifestyle. Generally speaking, Asian countries differ in many ways compared with Western countries. These differences are mostly about the way of living and special qualities in life. It is suggested to learn more about the history and the culture of Asian countries before you judge them. Tokyo in Japan looks like a Western city in many ways, but it still has some things for itself!

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

The top-rated restaurant, luxury hotels, eye-catching architecture, and a mixed lifestyle of Eastern and Western traditions make Tokyo a special city in the world. The world’s most sophisticated railway is based in Tokyo and that is only one of the reasons why we say technology has been given a major boost in Tokyo since the beginning of the 21st century.



United Arab Emirates

Once upon a time, it was a desert; Now it is paradise! extravagant changes over a short period made Dubai a completely new destination for tourists and a warm home for businessmen and traders. Technology brought everything along and encouraged investors to reform a city in the way they prefer. The result was satisfying though and these days Dubai has over 2,780,000 residents from over 200 countries and nationalities with the tallest towers in the world using high-tech facilities to bring new platforms for advancement in every scale and every field.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Shopping malls, hotels, business centers, tourist attractions, and all those innovations in using technology can truly cause wonder for visitors. Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but is not like other Arabian destinations you may have seen before. It IS paradise!



Republic of Singapore

It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and a dream city to live in. Green is the main color in this city and its pure nature inspires many travelers from around the world. naturally, there is something to be happy about all year round in the city. That is due to the many religions practiced in the city with many celebrations and customs. These festivals, green natural spots, and the presence of technology are the reasons why Singapore is on the list of top cities in the world.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Lots of people found the beauty and popularity of this city in the strange and practical limitations that it has. The size of the buildings and driving rules are a part of that interesting identity. Quick high-tech development in every field is also a very famous part of the city’s character which has brought many advantages along.




Barcelona can remember a lot of good things and nostalgic feelings about the Barcelona soccer team but that’s not all. Sunny blue skies of Barcelona make a dreamy view of the sky and that’s what Barcelona is famous for. Barcelona can surprise art and architecture lovers with its special type of urban architecture. After London, Paris, Istanbul, and Barcelona are the most visited cities in Europe.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Barcelona benefits in various ways. When you are walking around the city you’ll see the most beautiful types of architecture and the old remains of the city; soon later, there will be an unforgettable opportunity to see the beach part of the city. Cruising is also very popular with people in Barcelona. As a result, the new atmosphere of the city is ready to be used by inspired travelers and happily, the people who live there are satisfied enough to feel happy about it.


Los Angeles


People move to Los Angeles for the weather and that’s a fact! Los Angeles has pleasant weather for you if you don’t like to wear heavy coats and use the snow shovel. Living in LA could be a big chance for people who are seeking a world-scale job opportunity. This is because of facilities and successful businesses in Los Angeles which made a platform to grow.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

LA is truly a unique example of alpha cities around the world. People in LA are ethnically and culturally diverse; everybody likes to live in Los Angeles. If you like working in artistic fields such as theater plays, fashion, and television shows then LA is your thing. Los Angeles provides people with suitable opportunities to stay healthy, updated, and happy.




Rome in Italy is a city built on stories and ancient tales. The capital of one of the most famous and most powerful ancient empires in history now is a popular destination for everybody who wants to get something from the very old days.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

The timeline of Rome is fascinating and discovering the heart of the city by reading about the past and observing its remains these days is very inspiring and instructive. Many monuments and museums are in Rome to highlight the very powerful history behind everything in the city. living in Rome or traveling to Rome? no matter! Both can be wonderful and for so many people: romantic!




Russia can surprise everybody with its capital. Moscow is the most populated city in Russia and also the largest on the green continent (Europe). One fact that no one would expect is that Moscow has claimed the biggest number of billionaires in the world. True or false, we know about the huge economic possibilities in this city.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Moscow is not only a highlighted city in Russia but also has many things to say about science, culture, politics, and, architecture. The rich background history of Moscow and fast development in the last decades make us believe that this city deserves to be on the list of the world’s best cities of the year.


San Francisco


San Francisco, Great outdoors while having an enjoyable life and work opportunity. It is a city and a port and the cultural and financial center of the western United States. The character of the city is very hard to understand remotely! but as you get there after the first walk downtown, you will surely be thinking of those beautiful views from one of the most amazing bays in the world.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Finding good food in San Francisco is super easy! Art and music and the signs of other kinds of lifestyles are everywhere in the city. Many African Americans live there and they are a big part of that city’s character. In San Francisco you need a pair of powerful eyes to observe many beauties; not only about the buildings but also some sceneries and landscapes that are related to the time and location you are in. There is a saying about San Franciscans :




Madrid is the third-largest city in the European Union. This big city has been home to several generations and has offered them a cool stable climate with dry and clear air. This cool weather is good news for many students who are living and studying in this city. Many universities in Madrid are among the global top 50 universities.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

The number of business schools and universities in Madrid shows a huge background in educational facilities in this city. The most interesting thing about Madrid is that it became the European Capital of Culture in 1992; what does it mean? It means culture, lifestyle, art, and humanities are so respected in Madrid.




They call it “The Windy City”! There are many tourist attractions in Chicago, United States the windy city! The one on which you’ll be able to see four states is the Willis Tower. This building is not just a simple tall tower, it is partly an architectural achievement and partly a great place to visit for groups of tourists who are enjoying restaurants and shopping parts of the building.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

After all those years of innovation and hard work, technology also has a great part in this city. Among those tall buildings and modern business centers, the Chicago River flows and makes a cool combination of which you will get a special feeling.


Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the largest emirate among those seven emirates. It hasn’t been a long time since Abu Dhabi started improving itself as a tourist destination and now it is on the list of the best cities in the world. Apart from the significant efforts that this city has made through the previous years, the strategic situation of this brilliant city enhances the speed of progress and success.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Lots of businesspeople are seeking higher job opportunities in Abu Dhabi and it is due to the great developments this city can offer to everybody. Another fact about this city is that Abu Dhabi has been ranked as the safest city in the world twice, in 2018 and 2019.




Visitors know some poor information about this city. Of course, the Red Light district, coffee places, and weed clubs are a big and important part of the city and these are very popular but the story of Amsterdam is something else. Amsterdam’s history shows many things about it! As an illustration, we can mention the canals around the city. These canals were built about 400 years ago and walking along with them on very narrow paths.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Amsterdam waterways are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to everyone’s surprise, they are more than waterways in Venice. A quick escape from the city is also possible with Vondelpark. These special shops, green areas, and other places where you can experience a comfortable life are the reasons why we like Amsterdam.




Beijing in China is famous for everything! The ancient Asian architecture in Beijing is something impossible to find anywhere else. One of the seven wonders of the world – The Great Wall of China – is in this city and there is no other example of that kind of tourist attraction in the world. millions of people are living in this city but the general principles of living in society seem to be respected by people there. The Forbidden City is only an example of beauty and majesty.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Another cool thing about Beijing is the experience of tranquility in nature only if you head to Imperia Garden. This could be an unforgettable retreat in a UNESCO Site that is old enough to think about its history during the Qing dynasty. Beijing is located in one of the most strange countries in the world with lots of differences and lots of things to discover.




In Toronto Canada, you feel at home. Toronto is a big city with the best facilities you can ever imagine. High-rated restaurants are all over the streets and the streets are full of people from every country you can imagine. Tourists often prefer to visit Toronto during the fall. Dining, shopping, and most importantly culture are the highlights of this cold city. weather in Toronto is cold and during the winter everyone has many stylish options to put on!

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

English and French are spoken in the city but there are groups of people who speak languages other than English and French. Toronto is in second place as the world’s most business-competitive global city which means lots of big companies and startups own their headquarters in this city and the business atmosphere is favored by many people.




When you are talking about Qatar, there is a fact that this small country – which is fascinating in many ways – is the richest in the world with per capita GDP. Doha, the capital city, is a big part of everything about Qatar. I.m Pei and Renzo Piano are only a couple of world-class architecture examples in this city and with many mosques around the city, you will find it a great chance to travel to Doha and visit those amazing urban areas.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Doha has the best Airlines in the world and as the World Risk Report declares, it is the safest city in the world due to the rate of natural disasters. Luxurious hotels and wonderful restaurants in Doha provide you with an incredible experience of staying and eating. After all museums and other tourist attractions also play their role to have this city on the list of the top cities in the world to live in.


Hong Kong


Economic developments and massive international trading and investment in Hong Kong have made this city a popular place for those who are into business and making large-scale companies. Culture in Hong Kong is another thing about it.

Best Cities to Live in the World 2024 1

People are from all around the world so we can call it a multi-cultural city which is known as a Special Administrative Region ruled by the People’s Republic of China. Asian food places are available and believe it or not they are worth trying! Don’t forget that Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world. It brings a different face to the city which “IS” beautiful.


San Diego


Do you want to see extensive seashores? Or maybe you want to go out in a mild climate all around the year! San Diego is a city located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, USA. It is a suitable destination for many kinds of people but mostly for beach lovers and weather checkers who do care about the temperature!

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

The perfect weather in San Diego is one of a million reasons for adoring this city. living in and traveling to this city is engaged with water and the ocean! Many local folks work for the American Navy in San Diego and there is a variety of water activities for tourists.




Boston or the “Beantown” is a city in Massachuset, USA, with a rich historical background. Many Firsts have occurred in Boston; as an illustration, the first public school, the first subway system, and the first public park in the United States have been established there. It was not unexpected when in 2017 Boston ranked fifth in the world for innovation.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Cultural advantages, proper education centers, convenient transportation systems, and other accessibilities were some of the factors of this ranking. Boston is a lively city where living there can be a dream life full of joys and experiences to be discovered just like the other world’s best cities.




Lots of people believe that Miami is a true cultural treasure as well as a modern metropolis with many features. Beaches in Miami are so popular, the sun is shining round the year and the perfect weather is another good news for people who are into outdoor activities.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

Hotels, clubs, and beach parties attract a huge number of visitors and these things have caused a culture to emerge, which is all about living healthy and looking cool in public. Tourism is very active in Miami too so there are useful services available for visitors to have a calm and relaxed journey.


Las Vegas


A real nightlife with the coolest shops and casinos ever! Entertainment has another meaning in Las Vegas. This magical city is known for its gambling and all the things that are related to entertainment and recreation. Restaurants are as perfect as shopping places and the common culture is quite different from other cities.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

In a survey on the quality of food, Las Vegas was rated by people as one of the top 10 locations for perfect food in the United States; it is sometimes called a “foody haven”. This combination of culture, lifestyle, and common activities in Las Vegas has made over 41 million people visit this destination each year.


San Jose


Is San Jose a good city to live in? NO! It’s a GREAT place to live and also to travel. People who are seeking job opportunities, education, and other aspects of social life, prefer to consider San Jose one of the best options. San Jose is in the Northern part of California. It seems that Innovation is rooted in this city and the innovative spirit of citizens might be the consequence of that! Businesses grow faster here and the ultimate dream positions in high-tech careers are found in San Jose and Silicon Valley. That’s why moving to San Jose for work is very popular with startup lovers.

The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2020

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What do you think?

Do you think making a list of The World’s 25 Best Cities of 2024 is possible? How do we know they are the only best? Friendly speaking, we don’t know! There are many cities around the world and most of them are unknown. If you’ve been to any city that deserves to be called “One Of The Best” let us know about your experience of being there and exploring the world’s best places.

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