Baros, Maldives – A Luxurious Resort in Maldives

You can't tell how relaxing and peaceful Baros in the Maldives is. Enjoy your time, order a drink, and chill out. Most recommend watching the sunset when this place is truly magical.

The Baros island is surrounded by a coral reef rich in aquatic life and situated in the glistening waters of a shallow lagoon. Luxurious villas of wood and sandstone, overlooking a translucent lagoon or resided among alluring flowers by the shore. On the ideal holiday, lounge in intimate privacy. A typical Maldivian theme is prevalent in the design and management of the Island’s Villas and Suites. Take part in marine activities, rest, and experience the most memorable holiday ever. (Photo by Simon_sees via Flickr)



Barros is an island in the Indian Ocean that is part of the Maldives. The good-neighboring Baros resort is situated in the southern regions of North Malé Atoll (Kaafu Atoll). Baros, Maldives is not only a good place to stay, but it is also very close to Velana International Airport (MLE) and Gulhi Beach. Velana International Airport (MLE) is about 15 km away, and Gulhi Beach is about 35 km away.



Since Baros is right next to the international airport, you do not need to wait for a seaplane to transfer you there. In contrast to distant atolls in which guests have to queue for an additional flight, your fascinating 25-minute speedboat journey will directly lead you from the airport to your villa. Such an unforgettable experience!

The specialized speedboats will wait for you at the airport. They are available 24 hours a day, so you can expect to see them whenever you arrive. Once you arrive, they will take you to your resort on Baros island.

Baros Maldives

Photo by Simon_sees via Flickr



Different rooms are available on Baros island. The price varies as well as their amenities and accommodations, so you do not need to worry about the money; it all is worth it anyway. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi, Dry cleaning service, DVD player, laundry facilities, 24-hour room service, etc.

You can book a villa, with or without a private pool. These villas include Deluxe Villa, Baros Villa, Water Villa, Baros Villa with Private Pool, and Water Villa with Private Pool all of which have an ocean view and great accommodations.

If you are interested in more, you can book one of the gorgeous Suites or residents of Baros. These two are Baros Suite with Private Pool and Baros Residence with Private Pool. Compared to the villas, Suits and resorts are bigger and more luxurious. Note that each resort fits three people.


Other Facilities

Private balcony

All resorts and villas of Baros island offer a private timber balcony, where you chill and enjoy a drink and feel the real heaven. In your very own residence and with an ocean view, you can lounge in complete privacy. The shade provided by the canopy of trees is perfect, a calm spot for you and your companions.

Spa and yoga pavilion

A tranquil tropical garden surrounds the Serenity Spa, which offers bespoke packages. A pair could enjoy these four private spa suites, except for the fact that they each have an outdoor relaxation area, a rainfall shower, and a bathtub. A double treatment room and a private outdoor shower are provided. All of them give you nice, tropical vibes. Additionally, there is a Thai Sala for Thai massage, a relaxation sala in the garden, and a yoga pavilion.

Everyone at the spa recommends the masseuses/masseurs because they are very professional, and the massages that they receive are to a 5-star standard. You will have the ultimate relaxation experience when you resort to their treatments.


Baros has a really nice gym, compared to gyms in other resorts. People who stayed there stated it has everything that one needs and is extremely well-equipped. An indoor ping pong room is available too. After working out in the gym, you can drink water or eat fruits for refreshment.

Best Place for Snorkeling 

Another popular activity in Maldives’ islands is snorkeling. There are two sections of snorkeling at the resort, inside and outside of the barriers. Outside the barriers, there are more coral and rock formations, so you can see more, but in the shallower protected sections, fewer certain swimmers may choose to begin their visit. Baros island offers different programs for adventurous visitors who tend to see more. Some of these programs include:

  • Baros house reef tour with fish identification, where you can learn a lot about marine life.
  • Night snorkeling, which opposes you to the creatures that you couldn’t see in the daylight. Occasionally, you may be able to see underwater plankton shine in the dark.
  • The beginner’s program also includes private snorkeling, which teaches you the basics. The best places to begin your snorkeling will be shown to you as well.

Scuba Diving

A one-of-a-kind water adventure, Baros lets you encounter majestic sea creatures, such as turtles, moray eels, and manta rays. Diving on Baros island’s reef and beyond, you’ll find a unique underwater habitat that’s been untouched for many years. At Baros, everyone is committed to protecting both the underwater and surface environments of the Maldives. Dives are designed to protect and preserve this precious world while ensuring the least influence on the environment. You will have a great underwater experience without changing or hurting the underwater life. Ask the staff, and they will show you the best places for diving.


Baros in Maldives

Photo by Simon_sees via Flickr


Renewal of Vows

Are you traveling with the love of your life? A private sandbank or jungle setting can be the ideal location for your vow renewal. A photographer will be there to capture the moments, a wedding cake will be provided, a Crafted wedding certificate will be presented, a bridal bouquet and matching boutonnière for the groom will be given, and a memorial palm tree planted. Isn’t it romantic? See the traditional Maldivian Bodu Beru parade on the beach and celebrate your love in an entirely Maldivian fashion. There will be a lot more than you expect, so don’t miss it!



It feels warm in spring because the humidity and humidity levels are both high. Tourists tend to head to Baros during spring as it is the second busiest time of year. During the summer, it is warm, with two or more days of rain. In Fall, there is more humidity and more rainfalls, so fewer tourists visit there at that time.

Baros Island has a mild and pleasant climate for traveling during Winter. The average temperature during this season is between 30C and 31C. In general, we get hardly any snow or rain. The busiest season of the year in Baros is Winter, so prices may be higher.


Restaurants and Bars

Baros has taken a serious stance in deciding where and what to serve. One of its most iconic features is the Lighthouse. There are a few other buildings with such an elevation and exceptional views in the Maldives. Over the turquoise lagoon, it appears as if it is floating on a white sail. You will then dine in the lighthouse restaurant after enjoying a gorgeous lagoon view in the upper lounge, followed by an excellent wine from the sommelier and delicious cuisine.

Guests can dine al fresco at the Cayenne Grill and over water at the Lime Restaurant for buffet breakfast and Ă  la carte menus. Buffet items of Lime Restaurant include an omelet bar, fruit station, juice station, pastry station, cheeses and charcuterie, yogurt and cereal section, and more. Sails Bar is a beautiful open-air cocktail bar with a wide selection of cocktails and lots of seats outdoors under the palm trees.

Baros in Maldives

Photo by Simon_sees via Flickr


Further Notes

  • If you are traveling on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, you need to pay charges at the property for the Gala.
  • Animals aren’t allowed as pets or service animals.
  • Check-in hours are from 2:00 PM until midnight, and check-out time is before noon. Note that the front desk is closed after mentioned hours.
  • This place does not allow children younger than seven years old.
  • Guests may use the pool from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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