Held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC), the Automechanika is the most important automotive production and parts exhibition of China and Asia. This fair is the second-largest and prominent of its kind, which intrudes vital insights on the automobile industry each year, along with providing supplies and parts for such products. As of the year 2020, it is expected to have an area of 366000 m2 for the site of this exhibition, bringing 6650 exhibitors and a large number of guests and traders. Having more than a decade of experience will means that you will be meeting your expectations when you attend the exhibition and its seminars.

The fair will include all kinds of supplies, parts, electronic systems, accessories as well as information on how to improve the efficiency of this industry. There will be highlights on how to make vehicles operate safer for the environment, as well as become more comfortable for the consumers. There will be spotlights for improvements in service sector machinery and vehicles as well.



  • Concentrated on e-mobility, car connectivity, lightweight materials, as well as new models in the service sector
  • An exclusive hall for the exterior, interior, high-performance customization, and associated events
  • Various periphery events focused on future development offer opportunities to learn and to share experiences


History of Automechanika

The past exhibitions of the Automechanika have seen about 6000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries which have brought about 150000 guests to this fair. Among the industry sectors, four major areas of Parts & Components, Electronics & Connectivity, Diagnostics & Maintenance, Car Wash & Car, Tires & Wheels are seen. This exhibition used to last for about 9 days, but the duration has been reduced to 4 days as of now. One may think this was due to lower amounts of attendance in this exhibition, but it is the other way around! The number of people coming to Automechanika increases each year, but keeping contact and doing business does not require that much time anymore.

The variety of products makes the Automechanika the perfect opportunity to promote marketing, trade, and exchange each year and develop it further in each session. Further expansions are expected to be seen during future sessions of the fair. The Automechanika has been held in December and its Shanghai so far, but the exact date may change each year. The time for visiting may be limited as the exhibition will only last four days but you can keep in contact with the companies you find interesting and continue your business.


Products Categories

  • Parts & components: Parts & Components: Components for conventional drive systems; chassis; body; standard mechanical parts; interior; exterior; charging accessories 12 volts; regenerated, restored and renewed parts for cars and utility vehicles; external vehicle air quality and exhaust gas treatment; new materials

  • Electronics & connectivity: Engine electronics; vehicle lighting; electrical system; comfort electronics; human-machine interface (HMI); connectivity; internet of things
  • Accessories & customizing: General accessories for motor vehicles; technical customizing; visual customizing; infotainment and Car IT; special vehicles, equipment, assemblies, and modifications; car trailers and small utility vehicle trailers, spare and accessory parts for trailers; merchandising
  • Diagnostics & Maintenance: Workshop equipment for repair and maintenance; tools; digital maintenance; vehicle diagnostics; maintenance and repair of vehicle superstructures; towing equipment; workshop equipment for repair and maintenance for alternative drive concepts; fastening and bonding solutions; waste disposal and recycling; workshop safety and ergonomic workshops; workshop and dealership equipment; oils and lubricants; technical fluids; workshop concepts
  • Dealer & workshop management: Workshop/dealership / filling station planning and construction; dealer, sales and service management; digital marketing; customer data management; online presence; e-commerce and mobile payment; basic and advanced training and professional development; workshop and dealership marketing; online service providers and vehicle/parts/service marts; economic regeneration, research, consulting, cluster initiatives
  • Car wash & care: Washing; vehicle care; vehicle preparation and detailing; water reclamation, water treatment; filling station equipment
  • Alternative drive systems & fuels: Energy storage alternative fuels; complementary products; vehicle concepts; resources; charging and tank technologies and systems; new workshop technologies
  • REIFEN (Tires & Wheels): tires; wheels and rims; tire/wheel repair and disposal; used tires and wheels; tire/wheel management and systems; sales equipment and storage of tires; accessories for tires, wheels, and installation
  • Body & Paint: Bodywork repairs; paintwork and corrosion protection; smart repairs for paintwork, metal parts, plastic parts, windows, headlights, rims; new materials
  • Mobility as a service & autonomous driving: Mobility services; automated driving; fleet management/leasing / corporate mobility
  • Others: Industry institutions; publishers


Exhibitors and Visitors

You can get the information you need and register or pre-register on official website or ask us at China Tours for help or additional information. We can help you with tours of the exhibition or help you find a suitable flight and hotel. It is highly recommended to book for hotels or apply for a booth several weeks before the exhibition to prevent complications for attendance. Finding accommodations will not be challenging but the duration of the exhibition is limited and there are many hosts and guests which is why you need to manage your time to catch the highlights.


Transportation to Automechanika Shanghai

Automechanika Shanghai is held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center located at 333 Songze Avenue, Puxi, Shanghai, China. Exhibitors and visitors can try several different transportation systems depending on their budget, distance, convenience, and etc.

The venue is located only 1.5 km (straight-line distance) away from the Hongqiao Transportation Hub and is connected with Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station through the city’s Metro Line 2.  Visitors and exhibitors can take Line 2 and get off at Xujingdong / East Xujing. They can also try other transportations including taxis.

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