Switzerland, officially known as the Swiss Confederation, with its 26 cantons, is a country in the central regions of Europe. The political body is a federal republic, with Bern serving as the capital. This country’s neighbors are Germany to the north; France to the west; Austria and Liechtenstein to the east; and Italy to its south. The 8.5 million population of the country mostly resides in the highlands and in the Swiss Plateau in some of the most beautiful cities of Europe, surrounded by stunning natural environments. This beautiful country is home to numerous international organizations, and if “peaceful” ever needed a synonym, Switzerland would be a suitable word for it. The country’s people speak German, French, Italian and live in one of the richest countries on the planet in all aspects. As a result, traveling to this place is something like going to a luxurious version of Paradise.

Why Visiting Switzerland?

America and India may be more famous for being a melting pot of cultures, but Switzerland is nothing less than these two. There are three official languages in this county with hundreds of different nationalities and ethnic groups. Obviously, it will be a very rich destination in terms of history and culture, making a destination that must be explored at least once in a lifetime.

Speaking of different nationalities living in Switzerland, it is also one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world despite numerous people. You will feel at home and travel with comfort, knowing the people around you are some of the nicest people you can meet.

Besides all of that, the country is like a paradise for snow and mountain-related outdoor activities. Hiking and skiing are two of the most popular thanks to all the pretty and picturesque mountains. And do not even worry about missing out on these spectacular views if you are not an adventurer.

One of the best things about the mountains is that there are trains with the most scenic trails on the planet. Not only will they get you to marvelous destinations, but they will also give you a breathtaking route before getting to your favorite destinations.

One of the best things about the mountains is that there are trains with the most scenic trails on the planet. Not only will they get you to marvelous destinations, but they will also give you a breathtaking route before getting to your favorite destinations.

The suitable climate of the entire country is also a good motivator for many travelers. Yes, there are lots of mountains, and yes, it is mostly cooler than other places around the world. But when traveling at the right time and during summer, it will be ideal for a fun vacation.

But even if outdoor activities are not favorable, there is more to do inside the cities or even the resorts. One of these amazing indoor activities is going on a food tour. The best things this country has to offer are the world-famous Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate, but these are not the only things to taste. But they are certainly three of the items that mix perfectly with numerous other edibles.

While sampling Wine and their Amazing Cheese, you will stumble upon the vineyards and see the pretty and green side of the country. One can even go on a picnic or camp in the environment and try some amazing snacks while enjoying stunning nature.

All of these and easy access will make this destination one of the best places to travel to. The activities do not end, the architecture is always a good sight, and the nature is just amazing. At any time you wish to try something new, it is possible to get around with comfort and safety and meet even better people.

In the end, top all of the good about this country by buying yourself a famous Swiss Watch. Either as one of the best souvenirs you can buy or as a gift for a loved one.

Switzerland Top Destinations

Best Time to Visit Switzerland

Spring (March-May)

Temperature: 1°C (33.8° F) – 20°C (68° F)


Since it gets warm very fast, most snow activities are rapidly becoming unavailable. But this means most travelers are leaving, and the prices are dropping. This does not happen for ski resorts as they will still be in demand so long as snow remains. But it is becoming ideal for seeing some waterfalls and hiking in trails that were impossible during Winter. Spring can get a little wet as the snow is thawing. But the wetland and moisture are nothing impossible for an expert adventurer.


Snow resorts will be hard to find, and this becomes worse in Summer. Adventuring in hiking trails and near the mountains is a good idea. Nature is also very beautiful in Spring, and since it is shoulder season, the crowds will not be problematic. The cities are also very good, but the nature and scenery outside the cities are much better. Plan for train and cable car rides and see as much nature as possible.


Summer (June – August)

Temperature:  20°C (68° F) – 32°C (89.6° F)


The ideal temperature and suitable climate all over Switzerland make Summer the best time for traveling. The suitable weather makes Summer the peak season. This means sharing all the best of this country with countless other travelers. The prices will be high, more so than the expensive trips during the rest of the year. All snow activities will also be available throughout Summer, but only if the resort is booked and available. The resorts may be the most expensive part of the country as skiing is perhaps the number one activity in the Summers of the country as it becomes very rare.


The number one place (in case the trip is booked) would be the mountain resorts. But there are always more recommendations on where to go and where to stay during this season. From June to August all the country is like a Paradise, but some areas will be much more enjoyable, and the weather is just one of the reasons. Nature will be marvelous at this time of year, and everything seems to be more enjoyable. The outdoor activities like hiking, going to the lakes and the highlands are among the best.

Autumn (September – November)

Temperature: 8°C (46.4° F) – 24°C (75.2° F)


Autumn is the shoulder season and needs some planning to avoid the cold of Winter. Even at the start of November, it gets cold but not as unbearable as December, unless one really enjoys cold. It is still warm and good for some more outdoor activities until late October, but November is a bit unpredictable at times. Snow activities are still suitable. But as time goes by, it gets a bit difficult for some trips and activities. It is better to avoid difficult trails and plan to spend more time inside the cities as it gets closer to Winter.


Autumn is still good for skiing and hiking near the mountains but less recommended. What is very much recommended is going on a food tour. Travel to vineyards and try the local wine. The best sensation and experience of having Swiss food is during the colder season of the year. Exploring and discovering the history and culture of the country is also a very good idea, which means traveling all over the country rather than staying in one place. Take a train to the best places and take pictures if the cold makes it difficult for sports and adventures.

Winter (December – February )

Temperature: -1°C (30.2° F) – 10°C (50° F)


The cold and snow of Winter make it ideal for the most thrilling skiing experience in Switzerland. Having that as one of the best things to do, luck is a big factor in getting good prices during this season as there are still high numbers of tourists traveling for the snow. But there are occasional discounts, which will only be seen if one constantly checks and tries to book during Winter. But some parts are snow-free yet as cold as it gets in Winter.


Oddly enough, the ski resorts are great at this time of the year. In some cases, if the resort is not booked in advance, it is possible to find some amazing offers for Winter. Other than that, staying in the bigger cities means finding a very beautiful Winter. Christmas is especially great in this country since the food and celebrations are like none other. Adventuring is perhaps the only thing that becomes impossible due to the cold. Other than that, there are mostly lower prices with lots of fun.

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Things to Do in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with countless activities in nature and inside the cities. The exploration of the cities will be up to the travelers or perhaps their tour organizers as it will not be much of an effort. However, this list will introduce several of the best things about the country that should not be missed. But since not all things can be included, certain obvious items are not listed. One such thing is trying out the famous Swiss Cheese, which obviously does not even need an introduction. Other than that, some other amazing things that are not mentioned are the activities available in most parts of Switzerland. Paddle Boarding, Hiking, Kayaking, Skydiving, and Swimming are among the top things that should be tried.

Conquer the Matterhorn

One of the most iconic parts of the country near the borders of Italy is the Matterhorn. It has the highest peak in the Alps, and thus it is a favored destination for adventurers. It is also a good place for some skiing with a resort and a great cable car. The cable car makes it easy to reach the summit of the Matterhorn and enjoy the resort and some sports. The foot of the mountain is also a popular spot with a village just below the Matterhorn. The climb to the top of Matterhorn will require training as well as good gear, but the mountain remains enjoyable for all travelers. Either by cable car or on foot, make sure to visit this marvelous and picturesque place in Switzerland.

Reach Jungfraujoch With a Train

Jungfraujoch is the name of the highest train station in all of Europe. It is 3,454 meters (11,332 ft) high, and to reach it you have to take a train which is one of the top things to do in Switzerland. Jungfraujoch is on top of the longest glaciers in the country, and it is a popular place for all kinds of travelers. Lots of activities are available there, but the best part is the scenic way to reach this UNESCO Heritage Site. Going to Jungfraujoch is a must, and while packing for a visit to this marvelous site, make sure to pack warm clothing. And since Jungfraujoch is “Top of Europe,” you might want to prepare for the altitude.

Travel Through Time at the Medieval Chateau de Chillon

Chateau de Chillon is a popular and historic attraction in Switzerland near the town of Montreux. One of the top things to do in this country is visiting its numerous castles like Chateau de Chillon and explore its rooms. To be more specific, this castle has 25 rooms and 3 courtyards and has one of the best views from its place on Lake Geneva. Visiting the Chateau de Chillon will take you to Medieval times as the architecture and even some of the items that are preserved through time belong to that time. The Chateau de Chillon is one of the most visited places in the country with its rich history and stories to tell. You can even visit the rooms of numerous Dukes of Savoy who lived there.

Enjoy the View of Rhine Falls

Again, with the Rhine Falls, the rich country of Switzerland offers both adventure and stunning views to admire from a safe distance. One of the most popular things to do in the Rhine Falls is to see and feel its beauty on the waters all the way to the end. Another thing to do there is to enjoy nature, the waters that come from the snow in the mountains, and the fall of water over the limestone. Rhine Falls is near the town of Schaffhausen, with several amazing castles nearby and great resorts for people who come to spend time near the waters.

Visit the Cute and Beautiful Old Buildings of Lucerne

Lucerne is an old town in Switzerland with so many beautiful old buildings that it is difficult to say which one is the best. One of the main highlights of this place that attract numerous travelers is the Chapel Bridge. This amazing site connects to the central areas of Lucerne, where you will find numerous cafés and restaurants. To spend the best evenings of your life and take the best pictures in an Old Town, visiting Lucerne is one of the best things to do. It is also a good place for some shopping as well as enjoying different styles of architecture and art. Speaking of art, Lucerne also has an annual Music Festival that is also a favorite of tourists.

Spend Some Time Near Lake Geneva or On Its Waters

Lake Geneva is a very peaceful and beautiful area near the French borders. As for things to do in Lake Geneva, this “capital of peace” is suitable to sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet. Other than that, the waters of the lake are ideal for some kayaking. Or you can try the Americans’ favorite paddleboard on Lake Geneva. Alternatively, some people even go exploring all the regions and mountains in the areas surrounding Lake Geneva. One of the highlights that were mentioned above is the Chateau de Chillon which is not far from Lake Geneva. In case you are looking for a great place with several outdoor activities in one, Lake Geneva is the best spot and a must-see place in Switzerland.

Try Some Swiss Chocolate

One of the best things to do in Switzerland that never gets old is eating some Swiss Chocolate. It is probably even the best thing to do on this list, and it will be an amazing experience no matter how many times you have been to this country. And to try the world-famous Swiss Chocolate, you will not have to travel to factories or very famous shops either. These delicious Swiss Chocolates are available in almost all areas, more so in the older shops like Maison Cailler. Just practice a little bit of French as the best cities to try Swiss Chocolate are mostly French speakers, such as Geneva and Zurich.

Switzerland Travel Guide 9

Visit Interlaken and Choose Your Next Adventure

Interlaken itself is open land that looks like a paradise with numerous resorts and hotels to spend the summer. It is surrounded by mountains that will offer some amazing views over the lands like no other in almost all Europe. Other than that, it is full of outdoor activities and serves as a suitable start for numerous things to do. One of the best things in this part of Switzerland is that Interlaken can be regarded as the starting point for Jungfraujoch. More than that, Interlaken can be a starting point for countless other hiking trips, climbing, skiing, as well as boating tours. It is also a stop on the trail to reach the Golden Pass.

This place sounds like it needs to be on the top of the list, but no. It is a place that you will visit eventually, but when you get there, you must spend as much time as you can and discover all the things you can do. Interlaken is a place that serves as a great place for deciding your next adventure. It is not necessarily the best adventure by itself.

What to see in Switzerland

Local Transportation in Switzerland


Each city has its own system and bus network but nothing complicated. All the buses are in good condition with air conditioners and low prices. The only drawback to the local buses would be their timing as they are always slower than the trams, trains, and taxis.


Joined with the intercity train system, the active trams in only a few cities are amazing for going around. They are not expensive; they are reliable and have a fixed timetable with no delays. Bern, Zurich, Geneva, and Basel still use their former tram systems, offering perfect and reliable transportation inside these cities.

Local Trains (S-Bahn)

The S-Bahn train system of Switzerland is similar to the metro system of the other countries. these trains mostly connect major areas and can be used with buses to give access to even remote locations. All urban and suburban areas are connected through these S-Bahn Trains. More than that, their routes, as well as fees, can be checked from each station.


There are certain taxi stops or stands all over the cities in Switzerland. This is because most taxies that are moving around in the streets are usually full or private taxies. It is possible to hail them sometimes, but it is better to find their stands and take a ride from there. Taxies are the most expensive method of transportation, but they are very useful when you are in a hurry. 

Car Rentals

This is the least recommended method of transportation in Switzerland as the public transportation inside and between the cities is very reliable. It is even safe to say it is one of the best public transportation systems in all of Europe. Therefore, renting a car would not be wise because of its expenses. But in case the expenses are not an issue, the roads are always maintained and have a good condition. And the country is easy to navigate.

Cable Cars

Using a Cable Car is not a kind of transportation, but since there are numerous mountain areas in the country, it is better to know there are always cable cars to find. Hiking and adventuring are always fun, but in case those are not your preferences, make use of the Cable Cars.

Intercity Transportation in Switzerland


Air travel is expensive and unnecessary, but it is still available. They are only slightly faster, but in case you are thinking about arriving in Switzerland rather than moving around, the cities with international airports are Basel, Bern, Lugano, Zurich, and Geneva. Zurich and Geneva are the best options for receiving (incoming) flights from more destinations as compared with the other airports.


One company with a name in all three official languages of the country has more than 5000 kilometers of railroads. The trains connect all parts of the country and offer good and reliable services with amazing scenes. The English name of the company would be the Swiss Federal Railways. The same name is Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) in German, Chemins de fer fédéraux suisse (CFF) in French, and Ferrovie Federali Svizzere (FFS) in Italian. It is possible to see all three abbreviations at the same time on the trains or in the stations. Keep in mind to purchase the right tickets or passes before getting on the trains. 


The famous yellow Post Buses of the country are nowadays a popular method of transportation. Other than these amazing cars with reasonable prices, there are other bus companies that have their own stations in each of the cities. Before getting on a bus, you must buy the tickets from the station offices. In case they are closed, it is possible to get one from the conductor.


Taking a boat is not a reliable method of transportation, but a scenic one like the trains. Boats in Switzerland are only limited to the river areas, which means there are not many destinations.

Flight Deals to Switzerland

Switzerland Travel Costs


Food can almost never get cheap in Switzerland, either by cooking for yourself or eating outside. Grocery shopping does make it better and less costly, but it would be better to come with a higher budget and spend less time cooking. The lowest budget for three meals a day without any drinking would be about $20-30 Dollars per day.


The price for accommodation will shift in all seasons because the number of travelers is constantly shifting. Therefore, it is difficult to say how much money is needed for accommodation in Switzerland. The only way to get a better view of the prices is to book before traveling. In case you do some booking before the trip, it is possible to get good offers as low as $30 Dollars for dorm beds and cheaper rooms. But in case you did not book a place to stay, expect the minimum price to be $150-200 Dollars per day.


By excluding the cost for arriving or departing with an airplane, the most spending on transportation would be $10 Dollars per day. The spending can be lowered by making appropriate use of the tram and train networks to approximately $3 Dollars per day.

Note: In case you are staying for more than one or two weeks, it would be wiser to purchase traveling passes and cards that will be costly but will render transportation free for their valid duration.

Daily Costs

Low-end (US $100-200/day)Depending on the time of the year, duration of the stay, and offers, it is possible to go lower than this amount. But in case there is not enough planning, Switzerland can be expensive in all aspects. Budget traveling is difficult but still possible if planning is done right.
Mid-range (US $200-300/day)Traveling with a mid-range budget does not need many bookings but doing so is still necessary. The prices might seem high, but it will be worth it. In this kind of traveling, it would be wise to save some money with food and accommodation, especially if the duration of the trip is longer than a week.
Top-end (US +$300/day)Oddly enough, having a top-end experience in this country needs more planning than going as a budget traveler. This is because the cost can get ridiculously high without planning. Timing can make a lot of difference in offering you your desired experience. Accommodation can cost much, and the spending on food goes much higher in a top-end experience.

Best Hotels in Switzerland

Find the best hotels in Switzerland using our best price search engine, or go with one of our All-inclusive tours with 4 Star hotels included. You can book our guaranteed hotels for your extra accommodation; before or after your tour days.

Switzerland Travel Tips

Check for Events

National celebrations, festivals, and events are the best and most fun times to travel. They will not make it cheaper, but they will make the trip better.

Explore All the Cities

Yes, some cities are much better and more recommended, but all the Swiss cities are worth exploring. Stick with the highlights and if there is still time, see all the rest of the country.

Stay Safe

Switzerland is one of the safest countries on the planet, but that does not mean you can go careless. First of all, make sure to have traveling insurance to cover you in all cases, both thefts or injuries on a hiking trip. And use common sense; if something seems odd, stay sharp.


If you know French, German, or Italian, now would be the time to use them. You will do fine by speaking English in hotels and tourist sites. But when exploring, it is better to know the local language.

Buy Your Adaptors

Charging your devices will always be a concern when traveling; the best option is to have a universal adaptor. But if you have no such items for traveling, best to buy them as soon as you arrive. The electricity in this country is 230 volts.

Buy a Travel Pass

Buying a travel pass will mostly be beneficial in the long run, but if you are planning to use a lot of the local transportation system, they will come in handy. They will make most transportations free (taxi is not included) and will allow you to enter certain sites and museums for free.

Prepare for Altitude Sickness

In case you need any kind of supplies, including pills, lotions, water, or anything else, be sure to bring them before heading out to the mountains. Especially in case you take the train or cable cars which will take you to the higher areas with more speed. There might be med-kits, but better safe than sorry. Consulting with your doctor before departure may be a good idea, more so if you have a health condition.

Tap Water

Not only is it safe, but it actually might even be mineral water in some areas. Buying bottled water would be a waste of money unless you are going somewhere with no water supplies.

Do not Exchange too Much Money

Since the local currency is not Euros, you might be left with some cash that will not be accepted in other countries. Besides, most places accept Euros and credit cards.

Emergency Calls

Swiss Rescue1414
Children and Youth Helpline147
Telecommunication Services175
Road Emergency140
Transport Police (SBB)0800 117 117
LGBTQ+ Helpline0800 133 133

Currency & Money Tips

Switzerland is a European country and is part of the Schengen agreement, but it has its own official currency known as the Swiss Franc (CHF or Sfr). They also accept Euros as a secondary form of acceptable currency, but the prices will not be fair if you do not exchange. There is little need for any kind of cash money since most Cards and Travel Checks are accepted but having some cash is always handy.


The currency, as mentioned, is the Swiss Franc, with Euros being accepted in most places, but with unfavorable rates. As soon as you decide to carry some cash and exchange, you should only try to withdraw or exchange into change money and small amounts. This is because Visa and Master Card are very useful and reliable.

  • Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 francs
  • Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 centimes (Rappen)

Banks, ATMs, and Exchange Offices

Of all the three, the best option for getting some money at any given time would be an ATM. The rates are fair and low, there is no waiting time, and they accept most cards. The most reliable cards you can carry are the EuroCard, MasterCard, and Visa. Besides making an exchange and carrying some cash at all times, it is also a good idea to pay for most of the services online or booking them ahead.

Food & Drink (Swiss Food)

Switzerland is a country with lots of recipes for food and drinks inspired in the highlands and by herdsmen. Other than that, they get some recipes with wonderful local modifications that will make your mouth water. It is just magical how they can make use of only a few ingredients and feed you something unforgettable. Some of the best things to try individually are Swiss Cheese, Chocolate, and Wine, which are also amazing souvenirs. The things you have to try can get a larger list than what is provided, but that will be up to the travelers to seek out and try more local dishes. As a whole, the food experience will not disappoint as it gets some great ideas from Germany and France as well.

Cheese Fondue

Cheese is one of the most staple parts of Swiss Cuisine, making Fondue a delicious part of their diet, culture, and history. Swiss Fondue is the creation of the people living in the mountain areas, especially near the French borders. Fondue in French means “melted”, which is basically melted cheese with wine and garlic. This mix makes use of local seasoning as well while the cheese is melting in the pot. When ready, Fondue is consumed by dipping bread into the melted cheese. Sounds fantastic, right? Try it with more tasty things like pickles and olives.

Fondue has been around for centuries, and it was originally intended to make the cheese more enjoyable in cold regions. Now it is one of the best things to try in Switzerland.


Raclette is both a dish and a type of cheese that is consumed with cooked potatoes and pickles. The simplest version of the Raclette dish is just this type of cheese that is melted and scraped on some potatoes and cold meats. Pickles and other vegetables are perfect additions to this food, adding to the already nutty taste of the cheese. Raclette nowadays has its own unique grill making it possible to melt the cheese at the same time as the potato is being baked. The Raclette itself means “to scrape” in French, which is how you eat this special kind of cow milk.


Rosti (Rösti) is a very simple, light, and a delicious potato-based dish of Switzerland. Shredded potatoes are fried in butter until they are golden brown and served. Since Rosti is light, it is best eaten for breakfast or served as a side dish. This national and traditional dish is sometimes paired with some bacon, eggs, local cheese, and vegetable. Rosti by itself is not a meal, but adding these things or some sausages can make it into a meal that is found all over the country. There can be a lot of creativity in making Rosti, but the traditional version is always best, which is made only by farmers and locals.

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes is slices of veal meat with a touch of German cooking, made in Zurich. Not just limited to this city, the best version of Zürcher Geschnetzeltes is found there. Sliced veal meat (or veal kidney) is mixed with cream, onions, mushrooms and cooked with white wine. The name of Zürcher Geschnetzeltes translated to “sliced meat with Zurich style” in German. When in Zurich, make sure to order some Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, with some Rosti as a side dish and some sauce. Zürcher Geschnetzeltes is the best thing to have if you are a meat lover.


Nusstorte or Bündner Nusstorte is a traditional dessert with the right sweetness and nuts. This sweet nut tart is ideal with a cup of coffee during the evening or perhaps after a meal in a ski resort. Nusstorte has a relatively simple recipe with flour, eggs, butter, sugar, walnuts, and a small bit of salt. The ingredients for Nusstorte differ among each of the locals. Some places in Switzerland have a simpler version, while others might add a few extra things like honey to their Nusstorte. Whichever it may be, tasting Nusstorte as a dessert or a snack with a warm tea is one of the best experiences in the country.


Älplermagronen is a delicious kind of macaroni that originated in the Alpine and be the herdsmen. The recipe for Älplermagronen includes pasta, cream, gruyere cheese, onions, and potatoes. In case you want meat with your Älplermagronen, try the local’s favorite, which is bacon. With some bacon, it will taste amazing next to the cheese and other ingredients. Try this hearty local dish when in the Alpine; to warm you up and give you an unforgettable memory. To top it all up, have the Älplermagronen with some special sauce and some onion rings on top. Baked or cooked in any other way, it will be irresistible and must be tried at least once.

Bircher Muesli

Muesli is invented in Switzerland, and it is actually called Bircher Muesli. Bircher Muesli is named after doctor Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Brenner who first made this delightful breakfast for the first time. Bircher Muesli includes oat flakes, condensed milk, nuts, fruits, and a little bit of lemon juice. Healthy, delicious, and refreshing, Bircher Muesli is the best way to start the day in this country as well as Germany. To make it taste even better, make your own Bircher Muesli and soak the oat flakes overnight.


Every time you want to try something with bread, the traditional Zopf bread of Switzerland is one of the best options. This bread is made with flour, milk, eggs, butter, and yeast and has a soft texture when baked. The Zopf is traditionally consumed on Sundays and especially with jam during breakfast. There might even be some local stories about Zopf, but there is little truth to any of them. Just give the golden and soft Zopf bread a try and have it with a combination of jam and fresh fruits.

Berner Platte

Right after their cheese and amazing wine, one of the best mixes in Switzerland is their Berner Platte. A Berner Platte is mostly a combination of various kinds of meats like smoked beef or pork, sausages, ribs, ham, and basically any kind of meat you desire. It was invented during celebrations of a victory as Berner Platte was intended to be food for a feast. This feast also includes beans and baked potatoes. It might be obvious, but in case it is not, Berner Platte is made with preservable rations of soldiers, which turned out to be just magnificent.

Wine and Swiss Cheese

This amazing mix of Wine and Cheese might also be popular among the French, but with some Swiss Cheese, it can be even better. Their grape produces some of the best white wine you can taste and add some Swiss Cheese and its magic. Their cheese is already known to be legendary; try it with some local Wine and discover just how good their wine is as well.

Mobile & Internet

The first thing you should know when visiting Switzerland is that unless you buy a SIM Card, there will be no way you can use any data, call, or text others. Unless you can connect to Wi-Fi, there is no way to have access to the rest of the world with low costs. Since this country is not part of the EU, the roaming charges of SIM Cards from other countries will be very high. More than that, most global or universal SIM Cards do not have good services either. So, you will either have to go local or go back home, unless not having a phone and internet is what you are looking for anyway.

In any case, there are three major providers in Switzerland called Sunrise, Swisscom, and Salt. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to say which one is generally better as they all offer similar services and they have close competition.

The Best Company

All of them are great, but it appears that Sunrise is more popular among tourists. There are really no obvious differences as all the companies are constantly improving and competing.

Where to Buy It?

As odd as it sounds, you will have to look for a new SIM Card and possibly a new phone outside an airport. In case you do find a kiosk, that is your lucky day, but it is generally better to look for a new SIM Card in the retail stores of the company offices.


Sunrise SIM Card (20 CHF ~$22)

2,5 CHF per 24 hours data

Texting, calls and data packages change rapidly

Holidays & Festivals

NameDate 2021Date2022
Valentine’s Day14-Feb14-Feb
Easter Sunday4-Apr17-Apr
May Day (Half-Day)1-May1-May
St. Peter and St. Paul29-Jun29-Jun
Swiss National Day1-Aug1-Aug
Swiss Federal Fast19-Sep18-Sep
Christmas Eve24-Dec24-Dec
New Year’s Eve31-Dec31-Dec

Shopping in Switzerland

Swiss Cheese & Cheese Fondue Set

Either the Swiss Cheese or a Cheese Fondue Set is a somewhat necessary thing you have to buy if you enjoy Cheese and Swiss food. For yourself or a Cheese Lover, these two or just one of them serve as the perfect item to bring home.

Swiss Chocolate

Swiss Chocolate is one of the most delicious things to buy and try while in the country or at home. There is nothing more delightful than some Swiss Chocolate, and everyone will love it.

Swiss Watches

Swiss Watches really need no introduction. If being on time is important and you want the best watch on the planet, this is the number one thing to buy.

Swiss Army Knife

A famous collection of all the things you need to fit into a pocket is the Swiss Army Knife. Take your pick and make sure to keep it close as a lifesaver.

Music Box

As it turns out, the Swiss are not just perfect at making clocks and watches. They show more of their art and craft in Music Boxes as well. Their Music Boxes are crafted with lots of detail and great quality.

Raclette Maker

If you liked the food and now want to have the special grill for Raclette, buy the Raclette Maker. Cheese as a part of the food and anything related to making it with other ingredients is amazing.

Alta Terra Food Products

If you are interested in more food products that are not just Cheese, Alta Terra Food Products are some of the most exotic and best things to buy. They are a family-owned business with special recipes.

Cuckoo Clock

Germans have some amazing Cuckoo Clocks, but so do the swiss. Their designs are cute and serve perfectly as a clock and a decoration.

Heidi Items

The book of Heidi and the other items related to this story are great gifts for children. The story is interesting, and it is related to the culture of the Swiss.

Kambly Biscuits

After the chocolates, Kambly Biscuits is one of the best treats to buy and bring home. Children will love it; adults will get addicted to it.

Mondaine Railway Clock

The icon of punctuality in Switzerland is their Mondaine Railway Clock. Mondaine Railway Clock will always keep the locals two seconds early. Look up the stories, and you will know why you should buy one!

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