New Zealand is a country consisting of two main islands, with large and several hundred small islands. The land is located about 2000 kilometers to the east of Australia. Ever since the mid-19th century, this country was a colony of the British Empire, and despite gaining independence, the British Monarchs still observe the land. This basically makes the country a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy, but do not let that fool you. New Zealand is a very well-developed country with a high quality of life and a stable and rich economy. It is also a popular place for seeking higher education and supports civil liberties. But above all, it is ideal for tourism and traveling!

Why Visiting New Zealand?

New Zealand has a very rich biodiversity with vast coastlines, forests, and volcanoes, plus numerous other highlights in between. This alone can make it an ideal place to go adventuring and doing outdoor activities. Or, in case the sensation of adrenalin is not the idea, it is also good with beautiful viewpoints and scenes in nature. Relaxation or thrilling experiences are all possible in the environment of these two large islands and their surrounding smaller islands.

With very beautiful nature and peaceful land, the people have formed a lovely culture, one that is very much worth discovering. The locals are so laid back and friendly that there is even a special way to call them. It is possible to have heard about “Kiwis” which are the warm and friendly locals. Making friends among the Kiwis is probably a great thing to do while traveling.

While traveling and making friends and seeing the unique environment, what better way to enjoy life than have a glass of wine? That’s right, Kiwis make some of the best wine you can drink while on vacation. This can even be the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Just do not get too drunk so you can try more amazing drinks like their world-famous coffee.

Doing all of these things mentioned above will meet the rich local culture and discover the islands’ indigenous people. Which is another aspect of the memorable experience of visiting New Zealand. And it is not difficult to find all of these marvelous things in this country since traveling will be very easy.

The size of the two major islands is not that big, and the population is not that large either. Besides, the transportation system in this small place is good enough to make it possible to see all the highlights as fast as possible. But the more you see, the more you will want to stay.

Speaking of the two islands, the climate changes from warm to cold from north to the south. And this change is something pleasant as it is bearable and makes almost all sports available. In the rare case that the weather was harsh, the cities are also wonderful places to visit.

 Generally, New Zealand is a perfect destination in many ways, with nature, people, cities, and everything at their best. And if that is not enough, know that the world of “Lord of the Rings” is visitable in this country. Which is basically like a paradise within paradise!

New Zealand Top Destinations

Best Time to Visit New Zealand

Spring (September – November)

Temperature: 16°C (60.8° F) – 20°C (68° F) & 16°C (60.8° F) – 19°C (66.2° F)


The snow melts, and nature will begin to bloom. It will get warmer, brighter, greener, but still not as perfect as Summer. Winter sports are still available until late Spring, and it is really quiet as there are few travelers. Late in November is a great time to travel with few other tourists and amazing weather with a high chance of skiing as well as visiting the beach. The weather difference from North to South begins to fade from early Spring until Summer.


VinItaly is the event for wine lovers in Verona, hosting the world’s largest wine exhibition in mid-April. Make sure to attend this event. Spring is an excellent season to visit the country, and traveling is considerably inexpensive compared with other seasons.


Summer (December - February)

Temperature:  20°C (68° F) – 25°C (77° F) & 19°C (66.2° F) – 24°C (75.2° F)


Summer in New Zealand is known as the best time to visit the county. This means that it is also the peak season for traveling. The difference in the temperature noted above is the difference in the North Island and South Island, which is not much during Summer. But the north is generally warmer, and in other seasons the difference is more. There will be a lot of sunshine in this season, and it will be ideal for outdoor activities for all of the three months of Summer.


Everywhere. The simplest way to put it is that from the beaches to the cities are fantastic during Summer. New Zealand is a paradise at this time of year, making it suitable for any and all available activities. Even in some of the southern regions, there is snowboarding and skiing available. Decide on what suits you best and just head out to your favorite spot.

Autumn (March-May)

Temperature: 17°C (62.6° F) – 21°C (69.8° F) & 13°C (55.4° F) – 19°C (66.2° F)


Autumn begins with traces of Summer, turns into a romantic time of the year, and then shifts into Winter during May. It is considered shoulder season due to fewer crowds that mean lower prices. Still, it is good weather to head out and do outdoor activities, but it is better to wear a sleeved shirt and bring a coat. It is not as ideal as Summer, but having a bit of cool wind, clouds, and fewer crowds of tourists is still a great traveling experience.


Everywhere still a correct answer, but with possible limitations. For example, the closer it gets to Winter, the beaches and the South Island get really cold. Due to less daylight and a chance of rain, some adventures and outdoor activities become unavailable, but sticking to the forecast makes it possible to enjoy all of New Zealand despite the limitations.

Winter (June – August)

Temperature: 11°C (51.8° F) – 16°C (60.8° F) & 7°C (44.6° F) – 13°C (55.4° F)


Cold, snowy, peaceful, and perfect for families are the features of Winter in New Zealand. Snow and cold weather begin from the start of June and last until the very end. North Island gets warmer weather, but snow will be everywhere and little daylight. The green paradise may be gone, but the thrill and fun are still there. Skiing and snow activities for all ages and groups are available, along with exploring the cities and enjoying the culture and food.


The mountains and hot springs of the country are the number one places to visit. But beyond that, it will be too cold to do anything other than enjoying the springs and mountains. The other options would be staying in the cities and having fun during festivals and other events. With the appropriate clothing and gear, hiking in the highlands would also be good.

Best New Zealand Tours

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Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

Thermal Getaway Experience

4 Days
NOT included
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From: $1,900.00
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Cape Kidnappers Lookout Point

Cape Kidnappers Experience

3 Days
NOT included
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From: $1,640.00
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New Zealand Travel Guide 1

Golden Triangle Experience

3 Days
NOT included
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From: $1,575.00
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New Zealand Travel Guide 2

Northland Explorer Experience

3 Days
NOT included
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From: $1,575.00
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Cape Reinga

Far North Lighthouse Experience

3 Days
NOT included
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From: $1,575.00

Things to Do in New Zealand

New Zealand is like a country out of a fairytale with wonderful weather and stunning beauty. The people are also very unique, which is why they are most popular as Kiwis. The Kiwis live life in the most beautiful and most peaceful ways possible, in one of the prettiest places on the planet. You will come to see just how amazing the entire country and its people are after visiting the land and the locals on an unforgettable adventure into this exotic part of the planet.

Discover the Beauties of Milford Sound

It does not matter how many times one visits the Milford Sound; it is always a spectacular experience. Because of this, it is dubbed the “8th Wonder of the World”. This so-called 8th wonder is completely natural and was formed during the Ice Age. Milford Sound is a rare beauty with rock formations, waterfalls, and beautiful wildlife. This extremely popular destination is famous for its hiking trail, which will go through the best areas and can last for several days. What makes it unique is that you should check the forecast and visit when it rains in this place. Rain or no rain, Milford Sound is a top and must-try experience of New Zealand.

Travel to Middle Earth by Visiting Hobbiton

Fan or not, visiting the Hobbiton of the famous novels and movies of “Lord of the Rings” is a top thing to do in New Zealand. Hobbiton is the actual movie set that will take you to Middle Earth, where you can either experience your favorite movie or a beautiful place in the country. The beauty and the vibe of the Hobbiton make it ideal for taking pictures and hanging around, exploring buildings and even the Inn. Going on a guided tour will also be fun for the first time, as you will discover a lot of things about the world of “Lord of the Rings” and the Hobbiton itself.

Relax in hot water Beach

Visiting the Hot Water Beach to make your own Hot Spring and have a spa is always an exotic thing to do in New Zealand. The small area known as Hot Water Beach is very popular among locals and travelers, and for a good reason. You dig the sand in Hot Water Beach and just relax for a couple of hours. Just keep in mind that there might be a time limit when the tide shifts. And mind the crowds since this is a Hot-spot for tourists. You may rent a shovel on the site and then get a shower to wash away the sand near the Hot Water Beach.

See the Natural Light of the Glow Worms

New Zealand is truly a wonder full of natural elements such as the Glow Worms at Waitomo. These famous Glow Worms are actually millions of larvae that, with natural light, illuminating the caves. The Glow Caves are stunning and can offer numerous ways of enjoying them. Some people just go exploring and discover these caves on their own, while others go on guided tours. A guided tour to the Glow Caves can come with exciting activities such as kayaking through a cave, which is like two top activities in one.

Explore the Abel Tasman National Park

One of the best things to do in New Zealand is Hiking, and the best hiking trail is found in the Abel Tasman National Park. The Abel Tasman National Park has the most amazing coastline with amazing sands and clear blue waters that are surrounded by a lush green forest. The beauties of this paradise are limitless, and the walk around Abel Tasman National Park can last for days. The entire area is also ideal for other outdoor activities such as kayaking and exploring. Either on the trails, on tour, or just freely exploring, the experience of Abel Tasman National Park is a must-try.

Feel the Rush of Adrenaline at Queenstown

Queenstown is mostly popular among adrenaline junkies. But do not let that fool you; it is both thrilling and stunning. Queenstown offers some good views over the stunning environment, but getting to those views requires some effort. Or, like most other travelers, you can simply seek the thrill of an adventure. Skydiving, Bungy Jumping, and Mario Karting are among the popular things to do in this part of New Zealand. With so many opportunities to climb cliffs and jump off of heights, there will not be any difficulty finding your favorite thing in Queenstown. The most important thing in all of this has appropriate gear. Follow the safety measures, and preferably, go with a guide for the first time in everything.

Experience the Thrill of Bungy Jumping

Thrilling experiences might not sound very ideal to all travelers, but Bungy Jumping in the place where Bungy Jumping was born is a must-try. Somewhere near Queenstown, people thought how exciting it can be and made it possible. It is a really fun thing to do in New Zealand, and it is very safe. The equipment is checked regularly so the people can just let go and feel the rush of adrenaline. Bungy Jumpy is only not recommended to people who are medically advised not to do it. If you want an unforgettable memory of your trip, Bungy Jumping is nothing forgettable.

Taste Some Award-Winning Wine While Visiting Vineyards

It might sound odd to go for Wine Sampling in New Zealand, but it is in fact one of the popular things to do. If risking your life for feeling alive does not interest you in the slightest bit, tasting the wine in this country will. There are numerous Vineyards all over the country, and most of them are amazing for a visit. Therefore, you will not have any problems picking from just a few options. In case you want directions, seek out the Vineyards and the Wine of Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Island

Spending some extra time to explore Waiheke Island is also recommended. The wine is not the only thing that is great on this island, and the island itself is large and full of things to do. One of those things is to explore nature, which is true about most of New Zealand. You can also try the local cuisine in Waiheke Island, preferably, some seafood.

Let the Earth Help You Relax at Geothermal Wonders

More wonderful natural parts of New Zealand offer new things to do, this time it is the Geothermal activities of the country. These Geothermal activities led to the formation of numerous spas, bubbling mud baths, and other things. These Geothermal wonders of the country make it perfect for some relaxation, especially after trying its various thrilling experiences. Some of these Geothermal attractions are located in the natural environment, while some of them have spas and resorts near them. Try at least of them before leaving so you do not miss out on one of the country’s top attractions.

Meet the Indigenous People and Learn About Their Māori Culture

The indigenous Māori people of New Zealand and their Māori Culture are amazing discoveries of the country. Some of the most famous things about them that anyone across the world might know are their war dances and tattoos. Seeing their “Haka” war dance is one of the things that is very popular about the Māori Culture. The cuisine and food in the Māori Culture are also worth a try as their way of cooking is something you do not see every day.

What to see in New Zealand

Local Transportation in New Zealand

Bus & Tram

From one city to the other, the bus system and the trams should be used together. For example, the schedules and working hours of the buses will not make it possible to solely rely on only one of them. The capital is not that ideal either. Therefore, if you wish to go around the city, you either check the routes and schedules or stick to other means of transportation.


Taxies have meters, and they are available in all towns and cities. The prices are not as low as buses and trams, but they are not high either. In case finding a taxi becomes challenging, Uber can be of use.

Renting a Car

Renting a car in New Zealand is not a bad idea as it will help you both in the cities and on the roads. The final prices and the offers can differ for renting a car depending on the duration of your stay and the quality of your vehicle. The roads and the streets will not make this option difficult either.

Intercity Transportation in New Zealand


In case you are on a budget and not in a hurry, the ideal option for traveling would be by bus. The coaches and buses are quality transports that will offer traveling to all available destinations with beautiful and scenic routes.


KiwiRail makes it possible to have three possible routes for traveling by train; Auckland to Wellington, Picton to Christchurch, Christchurch to the West Coast. It is not much but can be a good and scenic ride for traveling between these destinations.


Air travel is one of the fastest options for getting around with four international airports and several other domestic ones. These international airports are located in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Queenstown. All of these cities are suitable places to begin your journey in the country. The cost of flying will not be low, therefore use it only when in a hurry.


Traveling between the smaller islands and the North Island – South Island should be primarily done with ferries. They are not expensive, and they are fun with the limitation of only having coastal destinations.

Flight Deals to New Zealand

New ZealandTravel Costs

It is not impossible to go to this country as a budget traveler, but it is not exactly good for budget travelers. Unless you are an expert on the matter, you should expect to spend a lot in this place.


Food is not cheap, not even if travelers cook for themselves. If one can cut all the costs and get all the best prices, it should be expected to spend about $20 US Dollars per day. And the prices for each meal of the day can vary drastically, the cheapest being breakfast, and the most expensive will be dinner.


Airbnb can be really helpful, but finding dorms and cheap hostels is not very easy. If you are lucky, you can find a place to sleep for only $25-50 per night. If not, even simple accommodations in New Zealand can cost $100 per day, which is rather scary.


The only time you have to pay about $20-30 would be for a ride from the airport to the city. That is excluding the cost of a flight. Staying with a budget, an amount of $10 per day for transportation should be reasonable when staying with the buses and the tram system. The cost will rise to about $50 if other transports are also used. Renting a car and spending money on fuel is also a factor. This type of spending will highly depend on the car or other transport that is rented. In case the trip is to last more than 20 days, renting a cheap and reliable car would be more reasonable.

Average Daily Costs

Low-end (US $100-150/day)Airbnb and dorms are the places to stay. In some cases, it is possible to stay in a hostel for free, but that depends if the owner allows you to do the cleaning and washing of dishes. Transportation is limited to buses, trams, and coaches. Eating in restaurants will not be cheap, even if you cook your own meals, which is not that much different than eating out.
Mid-range (US $150-400/day)There will be no skipping meals to cut costs, and the only way to drink cheap would be during the popular “Happy Hour”. Hotel rooms will be a bit expensive, but that’s usual. Renting a car or going on tours would be a good idea to cut some costs in the long run.
Top-end (US $+400/day)For a top-end experience, the sky is the limit both on spending and activities. But if money is not an issue, it will be worth it. The least of the spending in all of these cases would be on a prepaid SIM Card and data.

Best Hotels in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a variety of accommodations for travelers, from budget-friendly ones like hostels to very luxurious hotels in the most stunning locations of the country. You can also find the most beautiful guesthouses in the famous landscapes of New Zealand, like Milford Sound.

New Zealand Travel Tips

Book in Advance

If you are traveling in the peak season (Summer), there is no way to find anything cheap that is not in full capacity. Look for special offers and whatever suits your needs and book everything in advance.

Make Plans and Prepare a Fixed Budget

This is not just for budget travelers, as New Zealand can get really expensive. If you are not careful about how much money you are spending and go off your plans, it is easy to run out of money.

Go on Tours

Tours sometimes make great deals and offers. There are also some free walking tours which are great, especially for first-timers.

Be Very Careful When Driving

First of all, if you rent a car, drive on the left side of the road. Next, driving might be difficult as the roads are sometimes too long and tiring. Always rest before moving from one city to the other and learn as much as you can about driving rules.

Plan for the Weather

Driving or not, checking the forecast is essential for planning. Some amazing things to do can be completely canceled due to harsh weather or difficult to enjoy. Snowsports will also evidently need snow and cold weather.

Learn the Culture

The indigenous people have certain rules and codes. One must learn about these rules before visiting these people to avoid offending their cultural norms.

Tipping is Not Mandatory

Although you are not required to tip, it would be much better to tip for good services. The people are kind and hospitable. It would be much better to return some of that kindness.

Internet Will Not Cost So Much

That is because, in many places, it is unavailable. You will be completely off the grid in certain areas, and in some places in the South Island, there will be really terrible internet access.

The Nature is Free, But…

You are not allowed to bring camping gear or litter the environment. Doing the former is illegal, and the latter unethical plus illegal. Bringing food in New Zealand is also against the law, with several possible exceptions.

Tap Water is Safe

Tap water mostly comes from glaciers. Basically, if you drink some water in some places in nature, that would also be safe but not recommended.


It is legal and a great idea for going around. That is in case you are careful.


Speaking of Hitchhiking, it is safe, like almost everything about the country. But generally, follow safety procedures and do not leave your belongings out in the open. Lastly, most of the locals are nice but do not trust every living person.

Emergency Calls

There are two major general numbers in New Zealand. If you have an emergency problem, call 111. However, if your problem is not emergency, try 105.

Currency & Money Tips


The official currency is the New Zealand dollar (NZ). Cash is not very common, and most people do not have any. Therefore, it is best to rely on a local card instead of cash. But it would be safe to have a small bit of cash on you.

  • Banknotes: $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100
  • Coins: 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, and $2


ATMs are widely available in major cities but not so common in towns and small villages. But that does not mean you will not be able to use your cards. This only limits withdrawing cash. You should use a local Eftpos (electronic funds transfer at point of sale), which is accepted everywhere. In case you want to use your international credit card, Visa, or Mastercard, make sure to have a four-digit pin. In case you want to open a bank account, the pin will again be important. To open a bank account, you will need an ID (preferably passport) and proof of residence.


If you prefer to exchange and have cash instead of a card, the exchange is possible at banks and exchange offices. The hotel will also be able to do that but with higher rates. There are also kiosks for exchange that are found near tourist hotspots and airports.

Food & Drink (New Zealand Food)

Wherever you go in this country, there are always delicious ingredients. Going on a food tour here is like being at a great party where the fun never ends. The Kiwis have a great taste in everything, vegetarian dishes, meaty foods, and wondrous desserts. Naming only 15 top things to eat is not enough, but start with these recommendations and never stop tasting new recipes in this country.

New Zealand Lamb

One of the best things to eat in New Zealand is a flavorful and tender roast Lamb. The seasoning rosemary flavors make the Lamb taste extra delicious with its already amazing texture. Ironically having Lamb in this country does not cost much since the population of their sheep outnumbers the people. Besides the quantity, they also have top quality since Lamb meat is one of their famous exports. But having some Lamb chops, Lamb steaks, or even burgers in this country is a necessity.


Travelers may call them Meat Pies, Mince and Cheese Pies, or even Savory Pies, but they are just Pies to the people of New Zealand. Traditionally, people prefer savory flavors for their pastries and Pies, but nowadays, the flavors are numerous. In any case, it does not matter which type or flavor of Pies you order, all that matters is that they are sampled. The best-case scenario would be buying several Pies for lunch while traveling on the road. When ordering a pie, ask how to eat it as some of them, like the Mince and Cheese pie, are served hot.


The people of New Zealand eat delicious food and fantastic desserts such as Pavlova. It might not sound so much like it belongs in this country, but as soon as you see the kiwi and passion fruits on top, you will realize how local it is. Origins aside, the flavor of the fruits, meringue, and whipped cream is irresistible, so try to go easy on Pavlova. Too much Pavlova tastes like heaven, but it is not the healthiest thing you can eat.

Fish and Chips

In the case of Fish and Chips, New Zealand does not claim the recipe is theirs, but wherever it comes from, it is a favorite local food. Fish and Chips is so popular that it is an important part of the food culture in the country. The method of serving Fish and Chips is as common as it gets as well because the taste compensates for everything else. It can be served with tomato sauce and some bread in any way possible from simple paper bags or in a fancy way in a sit-in restaurant.

Whitebait Fritter

Whitebait Fritter is an odd yet delicious omelet in New Zealand that is made with Whitebait and eggs. The appearance does not always look very appealing, but the taste of this omelet with local spices, some lemon, and other toppings will make it your favorite omelet. The taste and how you will react to Whitebait Fritter will significantly rely on how well it is cooked. It takes a master chef to make the Whitebait Fritter just right. Since the fish are not mature, getting the right crisp for Whitebait Fritter is a challenge.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is a rare and tasty product that is easily found in New Zealand. Manuka honey has a richer flavor and aroma. This different texture is because it comes from a Manuka Tree and not a flower. The Manuka Honey is said to also have rare healing abilities for several sicknesses Due to its odd and rare nature. Sore throat or illnesses like that can be treated, but it is also worth the buy for the taste. If you seek authentic Manuka Honey, make sure to purchase at a local farm. It is a must-try edible, which is also a great souvenir of the country.

Hokey Pokey

The people of New Zealand love Ice Cream, especially Hokey Pokey Ice Cream. Basically, everyone on the planet loves Ice Cream, but the Hokey Pokey flavor is a specialty. The key ingredients are vanilla ice cream and a simple honeycomb, but the combo works magic. Hokey Pokey is not just the duo, and there are more versions of it available all over the country that are all amazing. Just give it a try, and you will fall in love instantly. Finding them is easy as they are purchasable from most street vendors and supermarkets.

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels

Another New Zealand Specialty is the Green-Lipped Mussels that are rich, healthy, and tasty. The locals claim these Mussels have healing abilities, but that is not proven right in any way. But nevertheless, they have a unique flavor and texture. What makes the flavor really great is that they seem to be a bit fattier than the other Mussels when they actually are not. And do not worry about how they were cooked. They always make a great meal and can be found all over the country. The freshest version is the one near the coast, but they are always good in other places as well.


Marmite is a very simple thing to eat in New Zealand which is served for breakfast. It is a mix of salty, spicy, and syrup flavors that go great together and create a rather classic taste. Marmite is not very traditional, but it has been around for more than a century. It is also a very popular way to start the day, which can get really addictive. Marmite is itself simple, but some creative individuals make combinations of it with other things. Some people claim the best combo is the Marmite and Chip Sandwich but deciding a favorite is up to you.


Crayfish is one of the most favored seafood of New Zealand, and New Zealand is full of seafood. It is something really unique but also easily found in many restaurants. People mostly claim it to be a true meal since it is rich, heavy, and delicious. One of the most popular places to try Crayfish would be Kaikoura Seafood BBQ Kiosk which is a local’s top choice any day. Every traveler must indulge themselves with some seafood in this country, especially the Crayfish.


Hangi or Maori Hangi is not the name of the food, but rather the traditional way of cooking that has existed among the indigenous people for more than a thousand years. Hangi, in simple words, would be a hole in the ground that is filled with heated stone as an oven. Once the hole and the stones are prepared, the ingredients (both meat and vegetables) are wrapped in leaves. Everything is slow-cooked in the hole and with little greasy oils. This unique Hangi method of cooking takes more than a few hours, but the end result is one of a kind. Hangi deserves to be on top of the list, but this method of cooking is no longer a very common one. It is best to seek the delicious Hangi during national events and celibatarians.


Kumara is a sweet potato and a local favorite ever since the first settlers arrived in New Zealand. The best way to make Kumara is to prepare it in a Hangi, but there are always more ways. The Kumara potatoes are something new to try, either baked, steamed, or made into fries or chips. Since they are a staple part of the cuisine, the Kumara potatoes are easily found. If you are planning to make your own Kumara, keep in mind that they should be stored in a dark and cool place and not necessarily a fridge.

Lolly Cake

If it is a question as to how “Childhood” tastes like, it would probably be like a Lolly Cake. Candies, marshmallows, butter, condensed milk, biscuits, and any other legendary sweets can be used as ingredients to the ultimate Lolly Cake. Lolly Cake is something that you will either love or hate as it is filled with other desserts. Buy it either as a dessert or as a treat for some of the children in the family.

Sausage Sizzle

Sausage Sizzle is a very low-cost snack or meal that has gained some cultural significance. This popular and cheap snack has been used on fundraisings so often that it has become a fixed part of such events. In any case, trying some Sausage Sizzle is worth the effort, either by participating in an event or just buying from a vendor. Alternatively, you can have a BBQ and make your own Sausage Sizzle, just remember to have lots of onions, tomato sauce, and mustard.


Feijoa is a popular and unique fruit of New Zealand that grows in gardens all over the country. Some people have them at home, and at times, they carry large numbers of this fruit to their neighbors. But the Feijoa may not be seen outside the country so, it would be wisest to get them while they are around. Feijoa is delicious on its own, but it is much better as a smoothie or a cocktail. They are easy to find and not very expensive, and definitely memorable.

Mobile & Internet

There are four major providers in New Zealand, and the services are not exactly ideal. These providers are namely Vodafone, 2degrees, Spark, and Skinny. All of the mentioned providers have a 3G connection in most places. 4G is rarely available, and you might have to rely on 2G in most places. Calls are also rather expensive, but texting is not.

The Best Company

There is no best company as the services and coverage are almost the same. Spark is more popular but not very different from other providers.

Where to Buy it?

The best options are online shopping and the shops at the arrival hall of the airport. Additionally, it is possible to buy a SIM Card at local shops of each provider, supermarkets, and at phone shops.


  • Spark SIM Card ($5 NZ Dollars)
  • 49$ plan for 4 weeks includes:
  • 4GB Data
  • Spotify Premium for 3 Months

Holidays & Festivals

DayDate 2021Date 2022
New Year’s Day1-Jan1-Jan
Day after New Year’s Day4-Jan4-Jan
Waitangi Day6-Feb6-Feb
Day off for Waitangi Day8-Feb7-Feb
Good Friday2-Apr15-Apr
Easter Monday5-Apr18-Apr
ANZAC Day25-Apr25-Apr
Day off for ANZAC Day26-Apr6-Jun
Queen’s Birthday7-Jun24-Jun
Labour Day25-Oct24-Oct
Christmas Day25-Dec25-Dec
Boxing Day26-Dec26-Dec
Day off for Christmas Day27-Dec27-Dec
Day off for Boxing Day28-Dec

Shopping in New Zealand

Lord of the Rings Souvenirs

If you or people you love are fans of Lord of the Rings, buying LOTR merchandise in variety and quality is one of the best options.

Whittaker’s Chocolate

Any kind of sweets is generally great in New Zealand, but Whittaker’s Chocolate is the best and most popular option.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is soft and warm and can basically never end in this country. This is all thanks to the (almost) unlimited number of sheep in these two islands.

New Zealand Wine

Wine is always an ideal choice for a souvenir, especially if it is perfect and cheap!

Kiwi Toys

This land is a perfect place for having a family vacation that comes with cute little Kiwi Toys. Well, even if you do not have children of your own, Kiwi Toys are still great to buy.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is something you have to eat while in New Zealand. Once you give it a try, you will want to buy more and bring some back home.

Buzzy Bee

Buzzy Bee is one of the most loved and popular wooden toys in the country. It may not be the number one thing you should buy, but if you are buying toys or something for children, it is both memorable and a representation of New Zealand toys.


Paua shells can be made into numerous items. They are all beautiful and amazing for remembering the time near the lovely coasts of the islands.

Jade Necklace

Jade or Greenstone Necklaces are common items that are found everywhere. And oddly enough, traditionally, the locals only buy a Jade Necklace to give it to someone as a gift!

All Blacks Jersey

Shirts are generally among popular souvenirs, with All Blacks Jersey being the most famous. Unless your friends hate sports (which is unlikely) All Blacks Jersey is one of the best things you can buy.

Sheepskin Rugs

In a country with nearly 30 million sheep, you will find lots of wool products of amazing quality. One of the favorites among tourists is the Sheepskin Rugs.

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