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The Maldives, officially known as the Republic of Maldives, is a Sunni Islamic country located due south of India.

This country is a small archipelagic state known to some as the smallest country of Asia, with a population of around half a million. According to the history of the islands, the original people who settled here were known as Dheyvis, with the Dhivehi language and had a calm history. They have their own course in history and time, and the only major global events there were the conversion to Islam in the 12th century and becoming a British protectorate in the 19th century.

This calm and beautiful place is where you will meet fascinating people and culture with an amazingly beautiful land. Limitless watersport activities, beaches, and waves are the number one thing that comes to mind whenever you speak of Maldives.

Why Visiting Maldives?

One of the reasons that the Maldives attracts tourists is the abundance of marine life and the underwater world’s beauties. To this end, the islands and all the areas in between them are like a paradise for the sea divers and lovers.

While exploring the beauties of the sea and perhaps riding on the waves, numerous resorts add to the charming experience. Either as an adventure or a relaxing trip, you will get the best of both worlds.

While resting for the next adventure or relaxing for the trip’s whole duration, there is delicious seafood to have. The locals have the most interesting thing of using the fish in their cuisine and delightful ways.


While having the best seafood of your life and relaxing on the beach or in a resort, there is enchanting scenery worldwide. Because of this beauty, the entire country is regarded as a paradise. It is popularly known as a romantic paradise that is ideal for honeymooners and couples.

But it is also suitable for all other groups and ages, with its numerous cruises and activities that suit all. The various islands of this part of Asia are like a world outside the earth where you will not even feel the time passing.

If the plan is to make it the most unique experience of a lifetime, just go exploring and take it easy. There is bound to be an island out there that you can claim for yourself during your time in the Maldives.

Last but not least, do not think that this country is just about the sea and beaches. There are cities with beautiful culture and people waiting to be explored! While exploring the cities, shopping is a good idea, along with getting an amazing spa massage and treatment.

Maldives Top Destinations

Best Time to Visit The Maldives

The Maldives has a tropical climate which means you will only see two primary seasons; Dry Season and Wet Season. The most suitable time for traveling is the Dry season, which starts during November and lasts until April. The Dry season may be the most suitable time for traveling with less rain and humidity, but since this time of year is so popular, it is also the most expensive season.

Dry Season\ High Season (November to April)

Temperature: 25°C (77° F) – 30°C (86° F)


November is the borderline between the seasons as the high amounts of rain begins to reduce. There are still some traces of humidity during December as well, but it becomes much dryer than before with a lower temperature. The rest of the months until April will have a good amount of sunshine with only occasional rain showers. The weather is not cold but the heat is tolerable near the waters and the sea.

Where to visit in Wet Season?

Anywhere would be visitable in an ideal condition as long as there are no rain showers. There is only the question of which watersports are available, which is mostly all of them except for surfing. This does not mean there will be no chances of surfing, but with calmer waters, there are fewer waves to ride. But that only means you will have to look harder for surfing. Long story short, all the outdoor activities are available and recommended.


Wet Season\ Low Season (May to October)

Temperature:  25°C (77° F) – 30°C (86° F)


From the start of April, you will notice an increase in the temperature and humidity. April is perhaps the hottest month of the year, but it is still dry as it is just the starting point for the increase in rain. May is the official start of Wet Season as the rain just keeps pouring and making it even difficult to see. You will get an average of about 7 hours or less sun each day, with the possible reduction of the prices. As it goes nearer to October, chances are that the rain will keep pouring the whole day.

Where to visit in Wet Season?

If you are really brave or suicidal, take to the waves and the sea! But seriously, keep following the forecast if you are looking for watersports. The best idea would be to stick to the cities and resorts. The best prices in the Maldives are seen during this time of the year, making it ideal to do some cultural touring. It is not the perfect trip, but it is still the same paradise as before. If you are lucky, you might even find some exciting surfing tours and trips with other daredevils.

Best Maldives Tours

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#Kuredu Island

Kuredu Island Honeymoon Package

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7 Days

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5 Star Hotel
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From: $3,359.00

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Komandoo to Kuredu Island Maldives All-Inclusive Tour (2021)

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6 Days

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5 Star Hotel
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From: $1,606.00

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Maldives Travel Guide 1

Maldives Tour Package – Yoga Holiday

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8 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,599.00

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Best Deal
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Kuredu Island Resort – Maldives (All-Inclusive 2021)

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Min 3 Days

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5 Star Hotel
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From $124.00 per night

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Maldives Travel Guide 2

7 Days Komandoo Island Package All-Inclusive Plus Package (2021)

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7 Days

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5 Star Hotel
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From: $2,058.00

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Maldives Travel Guide 3

7 Days Kuredu Resort All-Inclusive Plus Package

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7 Days

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5 Star Hotel
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From: $2,010.00

Things to Do in Maldives

The beauty and the calm of the Maldives are perhaps incomparable with the rest of Asia while it is full of things to do. Most people would call it a paradise, especially for romantic lovers, but it is a country for all. The Maldives is mostly full of activities for lovers of water sports. But the country is also rich in other areas such as its culture and rather calm history. Above all the things to do in this place, be sure to explore and discover everything you can, unlike some travelers who seek their fun and then leave.

Get a PADI Certification and Have Fun Scuba Diving

One of the most popular things to do in the Maldives is Scuba Diving. There are numerous areas for top Diving experience, but you will need to have appropriate gear and training to make the most of it. If you are already a pro, you must also know about the PADI certification for Scuba Diving. The PADI certification is a necessity for Scuba Diving in all of the top and advanced places. If you do not have a PADI certification, you will have many limitations for Scuba Diving.

It is best to come prepared with your gear and training, but if you lack anything, it is possible to get it all at the Maldives. Even if you do not have the certification, you can get the required training in some of the resorts and advance your level. Some of the best options for Scuba Diving include diving near the resort; or hiring a boat as soon as you arrive and get to your favorite spot.

See the Beauties of the Underwater World by Snorkeling

Right after Scuba Diving, the best thing to do in the Maldives is Snorkeling as one of the most beautiful activities. The underwater world is stunning no matter where you pick to go Snorkeling. There are thousands of coral islands all around, which means even some of the resorts will also have Snorkeling as an option. The rich marine life of the islands will make the Snorkeling experience a memorable experience to have. In case you have a hard time deciding on where to go Snorkeling and what level of difficulty each area is, the Snorkeling Tours are your best picks.

Visit a Local Island

Visiting a Local Island is a top cultural thing to do in the Maldives. It is a great idea for some island hopping, but it is also good to visit one of the Local Islands to meet the locals and their culture. While on a Local Island, try the traditional cuisine of the locals and visit their cafés. On a Local Island, there is the possibility to visit the local beaches, but do not expect them to be as good as the others. Keep in mind that the country follows Islamic laws, and therefore, you must be mindful of your clothes in the Local Islands.

While the Capital may also have similar things to do in this regard, local islands are less crowded and simple. The simplicity and the beauties of the environment make island Hopping one of the things that must be done in the Maldives.

Go Surfing

Surfing is probably the most exciting water sport on these islands. But since it is not for rookies, it is not the number one on the list of things to do in the Maldives.  Most of the areas on the islands need advanced training, but there are so many places that you will find suitable even for lower levels. The waves are just so amazing that you will find it irresistible to go Surfing. If you have a hard time finding a good place for your level, you may alternatively get some training and up your game. This way, finding a better spot can become much easier.

See the Maldives from Above While Parasailing

If you love the rush of adrenaline and are not afraid of heights, Parasailing is just the thing to do in the Maldives. You can appreciate the beauties of the sea and the islands from the above while Parasailing. If you do not like heights, it is better to avoid Parasailing, even though it is perfectly safe. It is one of the more exciting activities that do not necessarily require special skills. If you start to feel a bit sick, just take deep breaths and close your eyes for a few seconds until you get used to it.

Visit a Spa

One of the aspects of going to a destination like the Maldives is visiting a Spa. Relaxing is a great thing to do in this paradise, more so when going to a Spa or staying in a resort that also has its own Spa. Some of these experiences are so relaxing and romantic that they are just ideal for honeymooners and couples. As a great addition to the Spa treatment, you will also have the option to get one of the best massages of your life. Even if not traveling as a couple, going to a Spa is a must-try as it will take all your pains away.

Go on a Fishing Trip Around the Islands

There are several places all around the Maldives that will enable you to go on Fishing trips. Some of these trips can also be offered by the resorts. Since fishing is one of the more popular activities, it is best to book a resort or trip before traveling. Just check the rules and then go catch your dinner with a guide. Do not worry about having appropriate Fishing gear. You will be provided with the necessary equipment as soon as you head out on a trip. As a recommendation, it is better to go out before sunset to catch the amazing scenery before heading back. 

Explore Male

As the Capital of Maldives, you have to travel to Male and explore its highlights. If you are flying into the country, you will arrive at Male as your first destination, where you should stay for about 2 or 3 days. Among the highlights of Male, there are the markets as well as the national museum of the Capital. Tasting the local cuisine is also one of the things to do in Male. You will not regret exploring the Capital as it is not a busy city. Male will be among the beautiful and memorable exploring experiences of Maldives.

It is also an important visit that should not be taken lightly. Going to this city is among the cultural activities of the country. There is no better way to get to know the locals; you can visit the cafes and bars, have a good time, and chat with the people.

Catch the Sunset

The Maldives is a paradise, and as one of the things to do in a paradise, you must catch its sunset. It is recommended to all groups and ages, especially for couples. To have a better experience of Catching the Sunset, it would be better to have dinner as you are enjoying the beauties. The Sunset over the ocean while having a romantic dinner is not something to miss in the islands of Maldives. Catching the sunrise is the alternative which is just as good. Pick your favorite spot and just relax.

Catching the Sunset in this country is an activity that can be done along with other recommended things. You can do it in the Capital, on a boat, while fishing or as you are in a Spa. Just be sure to do it, as it will be one of the most amazing things you can see in this paradise.

Cruise Around the Islands of Maldives

Getting a Cruise around the Maldives is a thing for everyone to do. It can be a trip with a limited amount of time to show you all the best of the islands, or it can be your resort for several days. It may not be a favorite of all tourists and locals, but it is definitely one of the things that everyone should do at least once. There are all kinds of tours and offers for a Cruise around the Maldives. Pick the most appropriate options and decide how long you want to be on the waters. In case the expenses are on your mind, you should also think about the number of other activities that can fit on this trip to the waters. You can get some of the above activities in just one Cruise.

What to see in Maldives

Local Transportation in Maldives


Bus travel is available with so many limitations that they are mostly used in routes between the airport and the cities. Since they have so many limitations, do not hope for them to be lifesavers.


You can cycle around the islands with limitless possibilities as the terrain is rather suitable. You can get a bike from the resorts as the rentals are almost non-existent.


Dhoni is just like a dhow which is a traditional sea vessel of Maldives. This means of transportation is perfect for a romantic experience.


Wherever there is a road, there are taxies. Inside the cities or towns, there are mostly suitable cabs with good prices. These taxies have air-conditioners, and their only downside is probably the fact that they are shared and not seen in all areas. If you are planning to take a taxi at night, keep in mind that the prices will increase during the night.


You can have anything you like for a ride around the islands, from small ferries to a yacht. Ferries are the smallest and cheapest, but they are not available all day long. They start working at 6 in the morning for 12 hours. They may also not be available on Fridays.
Speedboats are a bit more expensive, but you choose where to get on board and get off. But you must book a speedboat as they are not available at all times.
Last but not least are the yachts which offer anything you like. You can visit anywhere and do whatever you like, but they are not cheap. The price depends on the yacht, which means that there are always less costly options but do not expect them to be cheap. There is no way to get a yacht without booking one ahead of time.

Intercity Transportation in Maldives


Seaplane is the fastest and most scenic method of transportation that is only available at daylight hours. They cost more than a Dhoni and less than a yacht and cannot take your luggage. It’s the best method of transportation if you are in a hurry, that will only take about 2 hours for the longest traveling route.


The options are the same as above except for ferries which are much less common for this end. The ferries will not take you to just any kind of destination, and they will not just drop you at your resort.


Again, if there is a road, there are buses for traveling between the cities. But try not to rely on them as they are not very common and well developed.


The best way to travel between the islands and do some watersports is Yacht. A Yacht will do whatever you want. The prices are probably the only problem.


These romantic means for transportation can take you from one island to the other, and they do not need booking as they are almost always available in the harbors. Expect them to be a bit rare and more expensive during the high season.

Flights to Maldives

Maldives Travel Costs


The traditional and staple foods of Maldives are the cheapest. Anything with fish and coconut in it is rather reasonable. You can spend a daily of 15$ to 30$ and still eat healthy traditional food. The prices will only increase when you eat at sit-in restaurants and luxurious places. If that is the case, expect to spend more than 100$ per day.

Note: Since this country is officially an Islamic one, alcohol is strictly prohibited outside the resorts and at most restaurants.


This is where it gets tricky for budget travelers as there are not many dorms or cheap places to stay. If you want to spend about $30 per night for a stay, you have to look a lot. Expect the cheapest places to be more than $100 in guest houses and such. The resorts will not be cheap, but the services are good to make it worth it.


Cycling around the islands may sound like it is the cheapest way to get around, but it is not since you will have to rent them at the resort you are staying in. In an ideal situation, you will walk around most of the time and only use taxis when you have to. If you choose your rides carefully, you can spend a maximum of $5 per day on transportations within the cities. But since you will need to take the occasional ferries and boat rides, expect to spend about $50 per day.

Average Daily Costs

Low-end (US $70-150/day)Since finding cheap accommodation can be difficult, you can go from an experience of $70 per day to somewhat double that price. You will have to stick to traditional street food and plan on your transportation.
Mid-range (US $240-280/day)As odd as it may sound, if you plan to use the transportations more regularly and stay in a mid-range resort, your spending will rise drastically. But eating in restaurants and having a drink with meals is very much worth it.
Top-end (US $+550/day)The best experience and the ideal situation for honeymooners. You will have the best of everything but planning on your spending will be very difficult. In this case, most of the spending will go for accommodations.

Best Hotels in The Maldives

The best resorts, hotels, and villas are available near the sea and with great views and facilities. The prices aside, these 5-star options can have anything you desire, making it even more fun if you just stick to your resort or hotel.

Maldives Travel Tips

Visit More Than One Island

There are more than a thousand islands, about 200 of which are inhabited, leaving the rest as options for exploration. Each of them has its own attractiveness, making them worth the trips.

The Maldives Can Be Cheap

The islands can be cheap and ideal for budget travelers but planning this kind of traveling needs a lot of planning and preparation. Some people assume that these islands are not cheap, but it is just difficult to plan a budget.

Visit the Locals

A lot of travelers mistakenly do not spend enough time in the cities. The culture and locals are just as amazing as the beaches and the waters of the country.

Pack Accordingly

You will have to plan for the heat and the sun. Make sure to have enough sunscreen and appropriate clothing. Other than that, you might want to consider the unexpected rain showers.

Check All the Prices

If you do not check the prices for water sports, for example, you might miss the less costly yet good quality options.

Ask for the Possible Extra Expenses

There might be a possible tax or additional expense. If you do not ask about it, you might feel you are being cheated in some places.

Don't Carry Alcohol Outside the Resorts

Since it is an Islamic country, alcohol is prohibited and should not be carried around.

Follow the Dress Code

Like the law about alcohol, wearing appropriately is also part of an Islamic country’s rules outside the resorts and beach areas

Learn the Local Language

If you do not have a guide, you will clearly be bothered by the language barrier. You do not have to learn their language completely, but make sure to learn the basics of communication.

Bring Your Own Equipment

If you are planning to go for watersports, having your own equipment, especially your own fins, is a must. You can rent them from the resorts, but why not save some money?


Although tipping is not mandatory, good services deserve an extra tip. That entirely depends on you.

Emergency Calls

Ambulance 102
Fire 118
Police 119

Currency & Money Tips

Money and Exchange

The official currency is the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR), but US Dollars and Euros are also accepted at certain places like resorts. If you are planning to exchange, the banks and offices in the airport can be trusted. Just be sure to have your ID and ask for a receipt. Officially it is according to the law to exchange at the official rates and take receipts for proving this.

Cash and ATMs

The banknotes are 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, five, and two rufiyaas, and each rufiyaa is divided into 100 laari. The coins come in values of 1 or 2 rufiyaas and 10, 25, and 50 larees. If you stay at a resort or hotel during the whole trip, you will not necessarily need to exchange into the local currency. But it is better to have small quantities of their currency just in case. Credit Cards are only usable in resorts or banks and large establishments in the cities. Do not plant on your cards to help you so much.

In most cases, even the uninhabited islands have an ATM but do not expect to see them so often. Even in the inhabited islands, they are not very common. Visa, Amex, and MasterCard are usable in all the places with an ATM, but other cards are not very much reliable.

Food & Drink (Maldivian Food)

Fish and coconut are used in the most creative way imaginable in Maldivian Cuisine. They are two of the most staple parts of the spicy cuisine of this country. All the combinations of these two ingredients along with the rest of the things to eat, are delicious experiences of the Maldives. As part of the cultural aspect of this paradise, sample their food, especially their traditional meals.

Mas Huni

Mas Huni is the name of the Maldive’s most popular breakfast that uses tuna as the main ingredient. The Smoked Tuna is shredded and then mixed with grated coconut and other vegetables. The vegetable part for a Mas Huni depends on your taste, it could be just onions, or it can come with chilies and other things to add to the flavor. Served with a traditional flatbread, the Mas Huni is a very simple yet energetic and healthy thing to eat in the morning. The taste of Mas Huni is magic on its own, but you might want to add a few drops of lemon to make it even better.


One of the most loved and most traditional things to eat in the Maldives is Garudhiya. It is an everyday meal for the people on the islands, which is also very easy to prepare. The original and simple recipe for Garudhiya is just water, salt, and fish (tuna). To add a more delightful texture and flavor, the locals add garlic, onions, curry leaves, and perhaps some chili to the mix, and then serve it with lemons. Garudhiya is then served with rice and perhaps a bit more vegetables. The Garudhiya of today is flavorful with a lovely smell to it that will make your mouth water.


Rihaakuru is a kind of food in the Maldives that is prepared with a brown fish paste that is produced while making Garudhiya. Since the process of cooking Garudhiya is long, there are pieces of the fish that melt in the water and salt of the initial stage of cooking. This water or broth that is left from another dish is processed into making a healthy dish called Rihaakuru. Rihaakuru is edible in its paste form and with nothing other than traditional bread or rice. Alternatively, it can become much better with a bit of chili, curry leaves, and onions and become a spicy food. Rihaakuru is also used as a special seasoning in several of the dishes in the Maldives.

Bis Keemiya

Bis Keemiya is a pastry that uses similar ingredients to the Mas Huni. It is not exactly the same thing since it has more stuff inside it, such as cabbages and hardboiled eggs, but they are very much alike. Bis Keemiya is mostly considered as a snack and not a full meal. But if you really like the Bis Keemiya as much as the locals do, make more than a few so it can become a full meal of the day. The flavor of Bis Keemiya is somewhat authentic, and as it is a healthy snack, it is definitely a must-try.


Since Curries are so popular in the Maldives, you have to try at least one of them before leaving. There is not just one specific curry, and the ingredients can vary from one place to the other, but they are all amazing. For example, one of the numerous Curries to try is the Fish Curry of Maldives, with a rich and creamy texture that is just irresistible. The Fish Curries of this country can come with different fish, but it is mostly tuna in the Fish Curry. The flavor is spicy and rich, and it is served with traditional bread or rice.

Yam Fries\Fried Yams

Right after the fish, Yams are the most abundant thing in the Maldives which is made into Yam Fries as an alternative to French Fries. The Yam Fries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The best snack to find in a daily exploration of the streets and the islands are the Yam Fries. This tasty snack is a must-try that will become anyone’s favorite without a doubt. You can find Yam Fries all over, but seek them near the harbors and cafés which offer the best.

Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni is known as a salad among the locals, which is probably the most exotic salad of your life. Boshi Mashuni or banana flower salad is made with shredded banana flowers, coconuts, a few curry leaves, turmeric, and cumin with an additional touch of lime and chilies. Boshi Mashuni may sound odd but be sure to give it a try as it is a traditional and loved salad of Maldives. All the ingredients must be very fresh to make the flavor as amazing as it can get.

Saagu Bondibai

Saagu Bondibai is best described as a sweet vegetarian dessert or food from the Maldives. It is made with sago seeds, sugar, and rose water. After it is prepared, it is then warmed again after some time with an extra bit of condensed milk and coconut milk. Saagu Bondibai is sweet and gooey that is almost always found in all homes. The best time to try Saagu Bondibai would be during an Eid or a festival when people celebrate. Saagu Bondibai is available all year long, but it tastes the best during events and when people just dedicate their time to make the best of it.

Kulhi Boakibaa

It seems like everything in the Maldives is made with fish, just like the Kulhi Boakibaa fish cake. It is not very popular and easily found, but it is very much loved and served on all special occasions. The ingredients for Kulhi Boakibaa are the three most staple parts of the cuisine in the Maldives; Fish, Rice, and Coconut. Ginger, turmeric, lime, and coconut oil are also added to the Kulhi Boakibaa to add more flavor, and then the mix is baked. It is served with Sai (Tea) and can be ordered at the cafés across the islands.

Sai (Tea)

It can be said the Sai is the most consumed and most favorite drink of the Maldives. It is also safe to say after the British, the people of these islands probably drink tea more than any other nation! True or not, Sai is the drink you have to try with your dessert. Sai can come in several varieties as people have gotten creative with their favorite drink. It can come black, or with milk, or anything that serves your taste.


Roshi is the mentioned traditional flatbread of the Maldives that is consumed with most of their foods. Roshi is compared with the Indian Roti by mistake because of the appearance, but there are certain differences in their flours. Besides, the Roshi is softer and has various versions for different dishes in the traditional Maldivian cuisine.


Raa is the fermented sap of the palm trees that is turned into a traditional drink of Maldives with only a bit of alcohol. However, since the Maldives is an Islamic nation, alcohol is banned for the general population, and only tourists can have Raa. It is also only available in resorts and few places which will only offer the drink to outsiders and non-Muslims. Raa does not have much alcohol so just give it a try as a traditional drink.

Fihunu Mas

Fihunu Mas is the barbequed fish dish of the Maldives that is stuffed with chili paste and topped with spices. The flavors are absorbed into the meat and create a tasty texture and flavor as the Fihunu Mas is being prepared over hot coals. Fihunu Mas is mostly considered as lunch, and it is recommended to have it near the sea. It is the best thing to eat in an outdoor experience near the water.


Hedhika, AKA Short Eats, is a series of snacks and tasty foods that are all available in Malé. The Hedhika are small in size, and they are deep-fried then sold. Just like most Maldivian cuisine, Hedhika is also prominently made with fish, and they are best served with Sai. Each region has its own version of Hedhika, but the Capital is the best place to try them all as you are doing some exploring. Try Hedhika as snacks and enjoy touring the steers.

Mas Roshi

Mas Roshi or Masroshi is a mix of the Roshi Bread and Mas Huni. The Roshi bread is stuffed with Mas Huni and then pan-frying it until you have a crunchy and golden Mas Roshi. Mas Roshi is the mix of two of the popular things that locals eat, which is even more delightful and tasty. It is also very simple to make. Mas Huni is ideally served for breakfast, but the Mas Roshi is better had during the evening. The pan fraying can make it a bit heavy and greasy. Therefore, it is best to have it anytime other than during the morning.

Mobile & Internet

The SIM Cards themselves do not cost so much (about $2), and the data will not cost that much either. But the cost of Roaming will probably give you a heart attack, so buy a prepaid SIM Card.

The best company

There are only two companies, namely Ooredoo and Dhiraagu, which are somewhat the same thing in terms of their coverage and prices. The initial prices are mostly the same, but perhaps Dhiraagu has a wider selection of the plans.

Where to buy it?

Velana International Airport

It is better to remember to get your SIM Card as soon as you arrive, as they may be a bit hard to find on the islands. The shops for both providers are so easy to find. As soon as you leave the arrivals, they are to your right and cannot be missed.

Male and Hulhumale Shops

Since they are difficult to find in most other places, it is best to find a shop inside Male and Hulhumale before heading out to other islands.


No ID will be accepted other than the original copy of your passport. No other means of identification will be accepted either, so be sure to have your passport at the ready.


  • Dhiraagu Maldives prepaid sim card (32 MVR – ~ $2)
  • 4 GB data for 7 days ($15)
  • For Calls and Messages, you will need to recharge your balance

Holidays & Festivals

NameDate 2021Date 2022
New Year’s Day1-Jan1-Jan
Presidential Address Holiday4-Feb4-Feb
Ramadan Start13-Apr3-Apr
Labor Day / May Day1-May1-May
Eid ul Fitr13-15 May3-5May
Public Holiday18-Jul18-Jul
Hajj Day19-Jul9-Jul
Eid ul Adha (Tentative Date)20-23Jul10-13Jul
Public Holiday25-Jul25-Jul
Independence Day26-Jul26-Jul
Independence Day Holiday27-Jul27-Jul
Muharram/Islamic New Year (Tentative Date)9-Aug30-Jul
National Day7-Oct7-Oct
Milad un-Nabi (Mawlid) (Tentative Date)18-Oct8-Oct
Victory Day3-Nov3-Nov
The Day Maldives Embraced Islam7-Nov 
Republic Day11-Nov11-Nov

Shopping in The Maldives

Thundu Kunaa

Thundu Kunaa is a traditional mat with natural material that is woven by hands. These traditional mats are some of the most popular things to purchase in the Maldives.

Coconut Products

Coconut is of the most common and daily items of the locals, and its products can be found in top quality here. From oils to utensils and other items, they are all worth a buy.

Fish Products

Fish being the most staple part of Maldivian cuisine, can be a good souvenir. You can take dried or packed fish or any other kind of its products.

Lacquer Products

Any kind of Lacquer work in the Maldives is made of top quality. From pens to other larger items, there are all sorts of gifts you can buy.


A very good way to remember the locals and their culture is to bring back some Jewelry. Gold, silver, or other things, are all exotic in their way, no matter what they are made of. Just be sure not to buy black coral or anything else that is illegal to make into Jewelry.

The Maldives Art Painting

Other than their lovely handicrafts, the paintings of the locals are also ideal for souvenirs.


The models of Dhonis and other traditional boats and items are usually very popular among travelers. They can be a great decoration, especially if you took one as a transport on the waters between the islands.

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