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India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a vast country in southern Asia. The country is a unique destination for travelers who want to experience a wonderful land with various cultures, religions, and languages. India offers a combination of historical relics, wildlife, fantastic cuisine, colorful festivals, and beautiful handicrafts. this country is the land of peace and spirituality with a wide range of religions, customs, and traditions. Make sure to visit this vast country at least once in tour life.

Why Visiting India?

If you are looking for a unique travel experience, India will be a fantastic destination for you. There can be so many reasons for visiting this incredible country, from ancient and famous relics to Indian food, people, festivals, beaches, etc. 

Let’s begin with the history and architecture! India is home to many beautiful historical sites. You have definitely heard about the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and the country’s most iconic symbol. 

Indian people are also one of the main reasons for tourists to visit the country at least once in their lives. Indians are some of the kindest and most hospitable people you can find in the world. They always will be there if you are in trouble or need help. 

Foods in India is like nowhere else in the world! You can try the explosion of taste in this cuisine. Foods in India are exceptionally diverse, depending on the region and the traditions. Many believe that cuisine is enough reason for visiting India.

Festivals are intertwined with the lives of people in India. You can hardly find a subject for which there is no festival in this country. Holi, known as the Festival of Colors, is one of the most famous festivals in India, which is celebrated in other countries of the world as well.

Besides the mentioned item, India is a fantastic destination for shopaholics! A wide range of colorful and eye-catching handicrafts from different regions are created and sold in this country.

India is the birthplace of Yoga. Many visitors around the world come to this land to just learn Yoga as the country is filled with masters, teachers, schools, ashram, etc.

The reasons for visiting India are countless and as a tip, never miss this country. It will be a pity if anyone doesn’t experience the country at least once in life.  

India Top Destinations

Best Time to Visit India

India has a monsoon climate generally. This type of weather is usually found in south and southeastern Asia. India’s coastal regions are a type of Monsoon in which the temperature differences between day and night is the least ever! However, in the interior areas, this difference is magnificent! Seasons in India can be defined in various ways, but based on monsoon climate, there are three main seasons, including Winter, Summer, and Monsoon. The best time to visit India is during winter. 

Winter (Nov. to Feb.)

Temperature: : 10°C(50° F) – 25°C(77° F)


December and January are the coldest times of the year. Generally, the winter is the peak season for visiting India. The weather in this season is somehow mild in the daytime; however, you may feel the chilly weather at night.  

Where to visit in Winter?

Beaches of India are at their best in winter. Besides, visiting India’s far south and Rajasthan’s desert state is highly recommended in the winter. Make sure not to try Himalaya in winter. You will be regretted!!


Temperature: 35°C (95° F) –  40° C
(105° F)


summer in India may seem impossible to bear! The temperature can even reach 45°C and you may see pre-monsoon rains. The southern part of the country is cooler but more humid in summer. The heat in this season is relentless in India; it’s always sweltering, sunny, and dry.  

Where to visit in Summer?

However, if you decided to visit the country in summer, make sure to visit Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and India’s National Parks to escape the heat. 


Temperature:  32°C (90°F) – 40 °C (104 °F)


There are two monsoons in India, the southeastern Monsoon and northwestern Monsoon. The southeastern one is the main Monsoon in early June, starting from the west coast of the country. The northeastern Monsoon is short, but intense affecting India’s east coast from November and December.

Where to visit in monsoon?

It’s challenging to visit most parts of India during Monsoon; however, getting Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala and visiting Leh and Ladakh as well as the Spiti Valley is highly recommended. 

Best India Tours

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Grand Monuments & Imperial Cities in India

Grand Monuments & Imperial Cities in India

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12 Days

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3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,871.00

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Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajasthan Exotic Cities

Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajasthan Exotic Cities

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15 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $3,289.00

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Odisha Temples & Sundarbans Delta

Odisha Temples & Sundarbans Delta

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9 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,904.00

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India Golden Triangle Tour with Goa, Hampi & Kerala Backwater

India Golden Triangle Tour with Goa, Hampi & Kerala Backwater

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18 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $3,046.00

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The Hill Stations of North India Tour

The Hill Stations of North India Tour

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11 Days

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3 Star Hotel
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From: $1,539.00

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Golden Triangle and Rajasthan

Golden Triangle and Rajasthan

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10 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $3,100.00

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India Golden Triangle Tour with Royal Rajasthan

India Golden Triangle Tour with Royal Rajasthan

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11 Days

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3 Star Hotel
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From: $664.00

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Eastern Himalaya Tour

Eastern Himalaya Tour

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7 Days

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4 Star Hotel
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From: $1,215.00

Things to Do in India

If you have never been to Asia, it is perhaps better to begin your traveling experience of the east in India. the country has everything that any traveler or adventurer may be looking for. You can go on your own on a budget trip to this country or take a group of friends or family to the beautiful nature or the rich historic places. And while sight-seeing, keep in mind that India is a paradise for the lovers of spicy food.

Marvel at the Beauty of Golden Temple

On a general note, visiting all the Temples in India is worth the effort. The ancient lore and mythology as well as legends behind these sacred places of worship are always an attractive aspect of the country. The Golden Temple of Amritsar, however, stands out as an iconic building with extraordinary beauty. The Golden Temple, which was constructed in the 16th century, is officially known as the Harmandir Sahib. It is an important place for the Sikh that is related to their history and culture.

While in the Golden Temple or any other places of worship in India, you can see the stunningly beautiful architecture of these buildings. Since the lotus has symbolic significance among some of these religions, you will notice their patterns repeating in some of these temples. Also, as many religions are living in India in harmony and peace, you can also see the integration of several styles, noticeably the Islamic styles of architecture in these buildings.

Participate in Holi Festival

Joining in the Festivals of India, especially Holi, is one of the best things you can do in this country. They have more than one festival and event to celebrate because of the diversity of faiths. In any case, Holi, as the most popular festival, is the celebration of the return of Spring and life to nature. It is also believed to be the birthday of one of their deities. What is certain is that no adventurer or traveler would want to miss Holi. You can either join in this festival of colors or simply sit among the people and enjoy your stay as they celebrate.

If you are going to participate, you need to wear something that will protect your eyes, ears, and mouth. Since colors will be thrown everywhere, you will also get very ‘dirty’ so wear something that you do not mind getting colors on it. While being careful, be sure to check that you are acquiring natural colors that are not harmful to other people.

See the Tigers of India

Adventurer or not, visiting the wildlife of India is a must! There are several famous and beautiful animals to see besides the Tigers. However, since the Tigers and cats of India have several varieties and are seen in some of the country’s legends, you might want to see them as a priority. The best way to do it is to head out for one of the national parks like Ranthambore, Kanha, or Bandhavgarh. There are, of course, more ways to see these amazing beasts in their protective environments in other Safaris in national parks. If you prefer to see more peaceful animals of India, try looking for the elephants and monkeys that are other famous animals of this land.

Ride a Camel Through the Deserts

Some may think that riding on camel-back is something of a specialty to middle-east, but going on a camel safari is somewhat possible in any desert you find in Asia. There are several tours and methods of enjoying a trip, which includes traveling with lovely camels. The most recommended is the trips into the Rajasthan desert. The journey, if you are up to the challenge, will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Most of the trips along this desert and on camels include camping for one night to behold the stary night sky.

Trekking in the Himalayas

The rich landscape of India offers some of the best places for hiking and trekking up to the north and in the Himalayas. You marly have to pick one of the spots and a suitable season for this activity. The most recommended path and time is the Hampta Pass trek during September since it is the easiest path, which is not too cold during that time. This activity is one of the things in the country that can bring peace of mind to you and improve your health if you do it right. But above anything else, it is a great journey that is walked by many travelers.

Go Shopping in India

Generally, in India, you can find many exotic and great handicrafts and other items to bring back home. If you want to go shopping in one of the best places in the country, they the bazaars of Mysore. 

India Travel Guide 1

Practice Yoga in the Birthplace of Yoga

India is perhaps a paradise for finding your inner peace and meditating. This land is one of the most peaceful places on earth and Yoga is one of the main reasons behind it. Between the spiritual aspect of India and her beauty, it is difficult which one should sit at the top of the list, but if you have the time, you must give it all a try. There are several great spots to do Yoga, which are selected by many travelers and pilgrims. Among these spots is Rishikesh, which sits at the foot of the Himalayas. If you are heading for the trek in the Himalayas as well, you can select this spot and get two birds with one stone. However, if traveling some distance is not a problem, the temples that dot the landscape, as well as Haridwar, are great spiritual spots for meditation and Yoga.

Walk to the Past at Chand Baori Stepwell

A part of India’s history and culture that dates back to hundreds of years ago is a Step-Well. A unique structure dug into the ground that will give you access to water, which is also like a very vast storage area for underground waters. The unique structure of this aspect of life during the past has become a popular attraction that you do not want to miss while in India.

Visit the World-Famous Taj Mahal

The first thing you want to do in India is to visit one of its most iconic buildings, the Taj Mahal. There is a good chance you have already heard about this building thanks to its fame. It is not only one of the most mausoleums in the world but also dedicated to the love of Emperor Shah Jahan. Also, his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in 1631, rests here in the Taj Mahal. Speaking of beauty, it took nearly two decades and 20000 workers to complete this magnificent piece of art.

In the Taj Mahal, what catches the eye from a distance is the white marble of this semi-Islamic design. As you get closer to the building, you see the decorations and carvings, as well as the gems and calligraphy used in the mausoleum. Visiting the Taj Mahal during a trip to India is a must, and while there, be sure to take as many pictures of this beautiful site as possible.

India Travel Guide 2

Relax on the Beaches in Goa

India is surrounded by waters from three sides, which means there are more than enough beautiful beaches to visit. And since the country and all of its natural elements are some of the best in all of Asia, you will not regret visiting India’s beaches. Among all of them, the best spot for tourists is the popular section known as Goa. Now keep in mind that Goa itself is very large and covers several beaches and includes some small islands! If you love beaches and have enough time, the best idea would be to see them all. If you only want to relax for a while and do not have too much time, Palolem Beach would be one of the good spots of the Beaches of Goa.

Try the Famous Spicy Indian Cuisine

The food in India is famous for being spicy, but it is not all that hot. One of the things that every traveler should do is to try the local food as they move from one region to another. Like many other eastern countries, you will see rice and wheat used in many of their food, but their popularity is in the herbs and spices they use. As you travel, try their chicken and fish that are cooked in their old and traditional ways. You can find their local foods and snacks in some places more than others, like Delhi. It is also possible to see traditional restaurants and eateries in their bazaars.

India Travel Guide 3

What to see in India

Local Transportation in India

Public Buses

Urban buses in India range from horrible mechanical monsters to air-conditioned and sanitized one! However, taking rickshaws or taxis are much more recommended as they are more convenient, frequent, and quick!


Auto Rickshaw is a three-wheeled motorized vehicle with a room for two passengers. These vehicles are usually cheaper than taxis, and they use the meter to calculate the fee. Taking rickshaws is fun and worth a try.

India Travel Guide 4

Cycled Rickshaw

Cycled-rickshaw is a kind of bicycle with two rear wheels and a bench for two passengers. Most of them have sunshine to increase your patience in the face of the scorching heat of India! The fee should be negotiated. It’s recommended to ask a local for the prices not to get scammed!


Car ferries, wooden canoes, and wicker coracles are some of the main means of transportation in Indian rivers. 


Most towns have taxis with meters; however, getting drivers to use them can be annoying. Prepaid taxis are better choices. Different taxi applications such as Uber, Ola, Radio Cabs, etc. are more efficient in India. Prepaid taxis are excellent choices in India, found in airports, train stations, etc. In this method, you book a cab at a fixed price, even for long distances. You will get a receipt, and you should keep it until reaching the destination. Then, give the receipt to the driver. 

Intercity Transportation in India


Domestic air travel in India is exceptionally affordable. The differences between air travel and rail travel are not notable in India. Therefore, airways are the best choices for domestic travel in the country. 


India is a leading country in rail travel with 60,000 km of railways. The service is satisfactory, but privacy and hygiene are not as you may expect in your country! Train travel is one of the best ways to be familiar with Indian daily lives!

India Travel Guide 5


Road Traveling is not recommended in India. The travel time in roadways is much higher than what you expect because you may face bumpy or windy roads that can make your travel much longer.

Flight Deals to India

India Travel Costs


Indian food is not only delicious but exceptionally affordable. You may be shocked if someone tells you that finding a delicious meal in India with 0.5$ is possible!!! The most expensive food you may face in India can be about 5$.


Accommodation is very cheap in India. You can stay at very luxurious hotels at very reasonable prices. Guesthouses and small hotels are under 10$ per night. If you can pay more up to $15-20 per night, you can enjoy much better quality with a private bathroom, a larger bed, television, and air conditioning. Of course, there are even more luxurious boutique hotels in tourist areas like Goa with 500$ per night.



Most Indians prefer traveling by train; however, the price depends on the train’s type and the distance.

Second Seating Class (2S): This class is very cheap, and even long distances don’t cost over a few dollars. However, these trains are usually dirty and hot without air conditioning. A long journey can be just US $0.10 per hour! Generally, it’s not recommended to take this type of train.

Sleeper Class (SL): This class is more comfortable than the previous one, with assigned beds that allow you to lie down all the way. However, this type is also without air conditioning and quite dirty. For a long-distance journey, you need to pay the US $0.50 per hour.

AC 3 Tier (3A): In this type, you will find three tires of beds with an air conditioning system. This type is more comfortable than previous ones costing at around $1.50 per hour.

AC 2 Tier (2A): This option can be a smart choice for travelers who want to make a balance between cost and comfort. These trains, as the name suggests, have two-tier beds with air conditioning. The service is satisfactory, and the trains are clean. For this type, you need to cost around $2 per hour for long journeys.

First Class (1A): This is the first-class type in which you will have your own booth with one bed, air conditioning, food, and excellent service. They cost around $3.25 per hour for long distances.


If you want to take a bus, take it just for short journeys. Some of them have air conditioning, and some don’t. Cheaper buses cost only $0.15 per hour. However, you need to take more luxurious ones, which cost around $1 per hour for long distances.


Some airlines in India, such as Spicejet, Air India, Tiger Airways, and Indigo, etc. are sometimes more affordable than an air-conditioned train.

Daily Costs

Low-end (US $10/day)Staying at rooms with US $3-5/night – cheap foods – taking trains every few days.
Mid-range (US $35-55/day)Nice double rooms, three meals a day, even in restaurants, excursions, and transport with AC2 trains.
Top-end (US $100+/day)very nice historical and boutique style hotels – travel via AC2 and AC1 trains – eat extravagant meals – internal flights –

Best Hotels in India

Find the best hotels in India using our best price search engine, or go with one of our All-inclusive tours with 4 Star hotels included. You can book our guaranteed hotels for your extra accommodation; before or after your tour days.

India Travel Tips

Plan according to weather

Checking the forecast before traveling to India is a crucial point for travelers. The reason is that the weather in different regions of India is diverse. Besides, India has a very special climate. From prolonged rainy and Monsoon seasons to the hot and, of course, unbearable summer days.

Only eat fresh foods

The best way to avoid illness and being sick in India is to eat fresh foods. Make sure to have your meals in reputable restaurants. Also, eating raw foods and juices is not recommended in this country because they may have washed with contaminated water. 

Don't drink tap water

Make sure to drink only sealed bottled waters because tap water in India is inedible, and you may get sick!

Don't eat street foods

Actually, trying street food in India doesn’t worth a try! You may try one and don’t get sick, but many travelers experienced terrible sickness there.


Scamming in India is somehow regular for tourists. Scammers and fraudsters always want to chase tourists. A common scam is that they offer an India tour for you. Make sure to book your tour through the Ministery of Tourism or governmental organizations in India. Don’t give money to beggers, and be sure that a gift can quickly turn into selling!


If you go to a Hindu temple, it’s better to bring some flowers as an act of respect. Before the entrance, make sure to remove your shoes. Also, since India’s temples can be very noisy, bring an earplug to avoid your head to be exploded!


It’s important to get dressed according to the region and the place you want to visit in India. In holy places like mosques, temples, etc., you should dress modestly by covering your head with a scarf and taking off your shoes. In big cities, dress whatever you want, but in small towns, be more conservative. 

Don't go out late

It’s a safety tip to avoid any trouble. This point is more crucial for women and kids. Besides, going out with groups is highly recommended for visitors and especially women. 


Bargaining in India, like other Asian countries, work very well. You can easily buy a 2000rs good at just 400rs with bargaining. 


Pollution in India is horrible! If you have sensitive lungs, make sure to wear masks or at least eat bananas. 

Emergency Calls

Emergency Numbers in India
FIRE 101
Disaster Management Services 108
Women Helpline 1091
Women Helpline – Domestic Abuse 181
Air Ambulance 9540161344
Aids Helpline 1097
Anti Poison New Delhi 1066 or 011-1066
Disaster Management N.D.M.A 011-26701728-1078
Deputy Commissioner Of Police – Missing Child And Women 1094
Railway Enquiry 139
Senior Citizen Helpline 1091/ 1291
Medical Helpline in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, MP and UP 108
Railway Accident Emergency Service1072
Road Accident Emergency Service1073
Road Accident Emergency Service On National Highway For Private Operators1033
ORBO Centre, AIIMS (For Donation Of Organ) Delhi 1060
Call Centre 1551
Relief Commissioner For Natural Calamities 1070
Children In Difficult Situation 1098
Central Vigilance Commission 1964
Tourist Helpline 1363 or 1800111363
LPG Leak Helpline 1906

Currency & Money Tips


You can exchange your money in India’s banks, such as HDFC, but you should open an NRO account. The fee is nominal, and the bank may ask for identity documentation.

Money exchangers

Another way to exchange your money in India is through verified money exchangers. These money exchangers are Authorised Dealer Category II or have a Full Fledged Money Changers license. In this method, you don’t need to have an account and they may offer competitive prices. Providing certain documents is necessary in this case.


Using ATMs is the best and easiest way of exchanging money in India. This method is secured and straightforward for tourists.

Food & Drink (Indian Food)

Like other nearby countries, India has a prosperous land that produces diverse ingredients for food. Besides the diversity of ingredients, they also have numerous types of food, some of which are integrated from other countries. Like their neighbors, they prominently also use rice and wheat, but when in India, you can find whatever you are looking for. They are very famous for their herbs and spice, and the various types of fish and Chicken they make.

If you do not like meat and spicy food, there are always safe options and vegetarian foods as well. Trying their food is the best part of the trip, as it is a part of the culture and main attractions, but if you must, you can find food from Europe and other countries as well. Make sure to put our recommendations on the top of your must-try list!

 Idli Sambar

A very favored and popular dish among the locals, especially for breakfast, is the Idli Sambar. It is the mix of rice batter and lentil fermented and steamed, served with a vegetable stew known as Sambar. The cake made of this mix or the “Idli” can be made from other ingredients and done with other things. But the Idli Sambar is the most common and favored of the varieties. It can also be served as a savory appetizer, which is very healthy if not as breakfast.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is another healthy and light dish that is mostly eaten for breakfast or as an appetizer. The mix is not that complicated and is made of fermented lentils and rice batters that look like pancakes and are stuffed with spicy cooked potatoes. It can also be served with Sambar’s dish and other things to make it taste even better.

Photo by ximena via Flickr

Chicken Curry

A dish of Indian Chicken Curry world-famous that you may have tried even at home. The dish originated in the Indian subcontinent like a stew with Chicken in a tomato and onion sauce. The rich flavors come from ingredients like garlic, ginger, tomato puree, chili peppers, and local herbs. Since you can try it anywhere in the world, you might not be so interested in having it in India. However, the Chicken Curry in its birthplace and with the local herbs is not something found in other countries. If you do not want to try it everywhere you go, make sure to have some in Goa.

Butter Chicken

If you want something milder that can also be found with a veneration version, you can try the Butter Chicken of Punjabi. It is similar to Chicken Curry except that the Chicken is marinated in yogurt and butter before being added to the stew. It still has spice and herbs but does not need too much tolerance for pepper. And if you are wondering what the veneration version is like, instead of the Chicken, it is made with a local cheese called “Paneer.”


The Biryani of India is a dish of aromatic rice that gets the fantastic taste and smell from herbs, such as saffron. The rice is the prominent ingredient, but it is also filled or topped with marinated Chicken or mutton and local vegetables. Biryani is a dish that even locals try in different regions as some cities use other vegetables and meats in their version. From among all of its versions, Hyderabadi biryani is the most popular among the travelers, and therefore it is a must-try cuisine of India.

Rogan josh

Rogan Josh is one of those dishes that originated in Persia but was perfected in India with their herbs and spices. It uses boneless lamb cooked in yogurt, Kashmiri red chili, and other herbs and spices. The red chili gives it the red color, and the yogurt somehow tones down the spicy taste. This dish can is served with bread or rice.

Photo by Ron Dollete via Flickr

Street Food & Snacks

It may be a good idea to know what you can and should try as you are exploring the cities or do not go to a restaurant for any reason. Some of these foods and snacks can, of course, be seen in restaurants. But the experience of having them from clean street vendors is also good on its own terms. As a street food or in a restaurant, keep an eye out for these foods as well:


The best type of street food in small triangle shapes that were deep-fried is the Indian Samosa. A Samosa is mostly filled with potatoes, green beans, lentils, minced meat, and onions. And since the same food (maybe under similar names) is found in most of Asia and India, you can find different flavors with various ingredients. They are better tired as snacks or appetizers and not a full meal.


There are no rules or recipes about how they are made or why they taste so good, but they should be tried as you walk the streets. Any meat can be put on a skewer and vegetables, Paneer, pepper, and onions to be barbequed. Make sure to have a taste as you walk the streets and bazaars of India.

Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a sweet and spicy street snack that should be eaten in one bite like sushi. Pani is small deep-fried hollow flour balls filled with Puri, a mix of sweet and flavored water and potatoes, onions, chili, and other things. They are a little challenging to eat because if you do not stuff the whole snack in your mouth, it will break and spill the water and fill. Difficult or not, if you see Pani Puri, you do not pass the opportunity to give them a try.


Chaat refers to a family of mouthwatering snacks found at street vendors or served with some meals. They are like small savory balls with special bread, potatoes, and all kinds of regional and local herbs and vegetables. Make sure to try it!

Snacks, Desserts, and Something to Drink

Spicy and crunchy snacks are also seen all over the country. However, they also offer amazing and sweet things for people who do not like too much spice.

Jalebi and Rabdi

Jalebi is a kind of sweet deep-fried flour that is covered with a sweet syrup. This dessert can be served cold, but when you try Jalebi while they are still fresh out of the hot oil they were fried in, they taste better. A Jalebi is delightful whether as a dessert or snack, but having it with Rabdi (a kind of milk) makes it even better. If you do not find them both in one place, be sure to try the Jalebi, at least.

Gajar Ka Halwa

The best dessert after a meal during winter is a sweet Gajar Ka Halwa. It has grated carrots, milk, sugar and is topped with dried fruits and nuts. The freshest version is made during winter, but it is something worth a try all year round.


Also known as the Indian ice cream, the Kulfi is a bit denser and has a lot more flavor because of the nuts and fruits in the think milk. This delicious and healthy mix is not made as quickly and fast as ordinary ice cream and gives a unique taste. The only other thing to say about Kulfi is that you should not miss it while in India.

Gulab Jamun

When most of the liquid part of milk evaporates, something solid known as milk solids remains, which is then deep-fried and turned into a delicious Gulab Jamun ball. They are covered in sweet sugary syrup that may contain rosewater, saffron, or other herbs right after being fried. Gulab Jamun is great on its own, but you can also try them with some ice cream.

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Photo by Soniya Goyal via Flickr

Old Monk

One of the most popular and most famous drinks in India is the Old Monk dark rum. Although there are many local and traditional drinks in India, the Old Monk is something to try while in its country of origin. What makes this drink stand out is that it never had any advertisements and gained fame from the people who tried it.

Mobile & Internet

SIM cards in India are cheap, but it’s terribly hard to buy one!!

The best company

Vodafone-Idea and Airtel are the best companies providing SIM cards and data services. The costs of these SIM cards can be considered one of the cheapest ones in the world. 

Where to buy it?


In the arrival hall of major airports in India, there is a booth selling SIM cards. You should take a photo and prepare a copy of your passport for the counter. The problem emerges when you will not have your service right away and you need an alternative solution for services like Uber or Google Maps. It may take two or three days for activating your service. 

Outside the airport

buying a SIM card outside the airport is easier if you find a verified seller. It may take only 15 minutes to activate the SIM card.


Airtell SIM card (900ru – ~$13)

  • 1.5GB data
  • 100 domestic texts per day
  • Unlimited domestic calls

Holidays & Festivals

New Years Day  Jan 1  Jan 1
Makar Sankranti  Jan 14  Jan 14
Pongal  Jan 14  Jan 14
Republic Day  Jan 26  Jan 26
Vasant Panchami  Feb 16  Feb 16
Shivaji Jayanti  Feb 19  Feb 19
Hazarat Ali’s Birthday  Feb 25  Feb 15
Guru Ravidas Jayanti  Feb 26  Feb 16
Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti  Mar 8  Feb 26
Maha Shivaratri – Shivaratri  Mar 11  Mar 26
Parsi New Year  Mar 20  Mar 28
Holika Dahana  Mar 27  Mar 17
Dolyatra  Mar 28  Mar 18
Good Friday  Apr 2  Apr 15
Easter  Apr 4  Apr 17
Chaitra Sukhladi  Apr 12  Apr 1
Vaisakhi  Apr 13  Apr 13
Mesadi Vaisakhadi  Apr 14  Apr 14
Mahavir Jayanti  Apr 24  Apr 14
Birthday of Rabindranath  May 7  May 7
Jamat Ul Vida  May 7  Apr 29
Buddha Purnima Vesak  May 26  May 15
Rath Yatra  Jul 11Jun 30
Independence Day  Aug 15  Aug 15
Muharram – Ashura  Aug 19  Jul 30
Onam  Aug 20Sep 7
Raksha Bandhan  Aug 21  Aug 11
Janmashtami  Aug 29Aug 11
Ganesh Chaturthi – Vinayaka Chaturthi  Sep 9  Aug 30
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti  Oct 2  Oct 2
Dussehra  Oct 14  Oct 4
Milad un-Nabi -Id-e-Milad  Oct 19  Oct 8
Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti  Oct 20  Oct 9
Karaka Chaturthi  Oct 23  Oct 12
Naraka Chaturdasi  Nov 3  Oct 24
Diwali – Deepavali  Nov 4  Oct 24
Govardhan Puja  Nov 4  Oct 25
Bhai Duj  Nov 5  Oct 26
Chhat Puja  Nov 9  Oct 30

Shopping in India

Indian Spices

India is one of the most famous countries in the world for its spices. You may have tried some delicious Indian foods and become interested in the flavor of these fantastic spices. Make sure to pack some for your home. It can also be an excellent gift for your loved ones. The type of seasoning you buy in India depends on the region.


Indian tea is one of the most reputed kinds of tea globally, especially the tea in southern India. The most famous tea in this country is known as chai. Chai is a mixture of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, served with milk. This kind of tea can be easily found even in street stalls.


When you travel to India, you will notice that Indian women wear a lot of jewelry such as anklets, bracelets, nose rings, hair jewelry, necklaces, etc.

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Women clothes

One of the main symbols of India is gorgeous women’s clothing. These clothes are usually made of Silk or Cotton with fantastic designs. You can buy these dresses for your mother as a gift! 


Silver and Gold jewelry in India is extremely affordable; therefore, if you are interested in these products, make sure to buy it from India.


Blue Potteries are fantastic gifts or souvenirs from the Blue City of Jodhpur. The blue color refers to an interesting feature of the city. In Jodhpur, almost all houses are colored with a bright blue color.

Kutch Embroidery

You can find many products such as blankets, wall decorations, clothes, etc. designed with Kutch Embroidery. It can be a wonderful and beautiful souvenir from India.  

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Photo by RubyGoes Goyal via Flickr

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