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#Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar Beach

Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar Beach

14 Days
4 Star Hotel, Camping, Lodge
International flights are NOT included
From: $5,419.00

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Tanzania & Zanzibar Honeymoon Safari Tour

12 Days
Small Group
5 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $7,220.00

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4 Days Exotic Zanzibar Safari

4 Days
Small Group
4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $1,558.00

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African Safari to Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar

18 Days
Private, Small Group
4 Star Hotel, 5 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $8,720.00

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Things To Do in Zanzibar

Stone Town
An incredible mix of old Arabic-style structures and windings alleys, Stone Town, is an ancient trade hub with Islamic, Indian, and Swahili influences and the heart of Zanzibar. The island was once the home of colonial rules, including Great Britain, Portugal, and Oman. Wander through the streets to soak up the local culture and explore the history.


Jozani Forest
Jozani is a scenic and vast extension, and the last native green forest remained in Zanzibar. You can easily reach the forest via bus or by chartered taxi.


Nungwi Beach
Nungwi village is located on Zanzibar’s North West tip. You’ll find one of the top beaches in Zanzibar as the tides don’t head out too far. If you prefer quiet beaches to the luxury and touristy spots overrun by travelers, so head up to the Nungwi Beach to just dip your toes in the sea and soak up the lovely sun.


Prison Island
Prison Island uncovers the Zanzibar’s dark past. Zanzibar was influenced by slavery as many slaves worked on the island’s plantations, and it once served as a center to send slaves abroad. After the slavery abolishment, the island turned into a deadly disease camp. Fortunately, the island is now a nature reserve free from the unfortunate past.


Forodhani Market
Forodhani is a great night food market in Stone Town starting in the late afternoon. Make sure to visit this market filled with vibes of life and energy, where you’ll find fresh vegetables, grilled fish, and meat, as well as fresh local products. Don’t miss out on tasting the most popular seafood meals served with samosas, naan bread, and fried potato balls.


Palace Museum
Also named the Sultan’s Palace, the Palace Museum is the most impressive building in Stone Town and a must-visit destination for any tourist traveling to Zanzibar. The Palace Museum, originally used as the residence place for the Sultan and his family, is situated on the waterfront. Renamed as The People’s Palace following the 1964 revolution, it’s now used as a museum exhibiting the past Sultan family’s history.


House of Wonders
A historically significant and visually splendid structure in Stone Town, the House of Wonders is the tallest and most magnificent buildings in Stone Town, offering a dazzling insight into the culture of Zanzibar.


Spice Tour
Zanzibar is famous for its wealthiest and most profitable industry, spice trading. Make sure to choose one from multiple tours of exploring the island to learn more about the spice industry’s origins.


The Old Fort
The Old Fort is one of the oldest structures in Stone Town, situated in front of the well-known Forodhani Gardens. It was constructed to protect and defend the island against the Portuguese in the 17th century. Wander through the remains of this admirable fort and meet local culture through local sellers around the courtyard.


Forodhani Gardens
The main square of Stone Town, Forodhani Gardens, covered with trees, is an assembly spot for locals and travelers. You’ll experience one of the best sunset views and the most extended lines of local authentic Zanzibar dishes at the street food market. Make sure the food is fresh.

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