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Things To Do in Mannar

Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu
The Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu is a famous Roman Catholic Marian shrine in Mannar welcoming Christians since it was constructed four centuries ago. Many Sri Lankan Catholics, Tamil and Sinhalese Catholics, a large chunk of Hindus, Protestants, and Buddhists arrive here to worship for salvation.


Mannar Island
With an area of 50 square km, Mannar Island is covered by flora and sands and home to exciting spots for tourists like Adam’s Bridge, a linking point between Mannar with Tamil Nadus Pamban Island. According to geographical findings, centuries ago, the bridge linked India to Sri Lanka. Soothe your eyes with palm trees, white sands, gulls, and ancient baobab trees. Don’t miss out on taking a stroll around the ruins of Portuguese, British, and Dutch colonial edifices.


The old village of Thanthirimale is the best destination for Buddhists who are seeking to explore the ancient Buddhist temples. Located near the rocks, Thanthirimale offers a stunning view to its tourists.


The Doric at Arippu
During the colonial era, the Doric at the eastern Arippu in Mannar served as the official residence of Frederick North, the 1st Ceylon Governor. If you’re interested in exploring the facts and details related to the colonial rule of Sri Lanka invaded by the British Empire, just head straight to Doric Bungalow. Soothe your eyes with the stunning architectural Doric Order style.


Baobab Tree
Mannar island has an old Baobab tree planted by some Arab traders over seven centuries ago. The 700 years old Baobab tree with about 20 m circumferences is a popular tourist destination in Mannar.


Mannar Fort
Mannar Fort is a famous landmark on Mannar Island constructed during the reign of the Portuguese in 1560. The Dutch rulers reconstructed the structure in 1658. It’s a squared-uniquely designed fort that links Mannar Island with some mainland Sri Lanka area through a bridge. Don’t miss the Mannar Fort if you’re a history enthusiast.


Yoda Wewa
Also dubbed Kaukkarai Kuam, Yoda Wewa or a Giant’s Tank is a well-known irrigation tank and a popular tourist destination located in northern Sri Lanka 16 km from Mannar.


Adams Bridge
Adam’s Bridge is a prominent mythological monument between Mannar Island in Sri Lanka and surrounding India’s Pamban Island. Geologists claim that it was used to be a land bridge linking two countries.


Thiruketheeswaram Kovil
Thiruketheeswaram Kovil is a famous Hindu shrine in the Mannar area visited by Hindu devotees. Manthai and Kudiramalai are ancient Indian Tamil port cities near the temple, seen from Thiruketheeswaram Kovil. Today, you can only see the ruins of the structure that has undergone many renovations over the centuries. Hindu devotees once visited the shrine in honor of the Shiva deity.


Mannar Bird Sanctuary
Mannar Bird Sanctuary is a Mecca for nature and wildlife enthusiasts to witness the fantastic local and migratory birds. Take a stroll around and listen carefully to the chirping of various birds. You’ll also find many mammals and other animals, like Crab Plover, long-tailed Shrike, Indian Courser, and Black Drongo. 

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