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Morocco Tour – Marrakech, Essaouira, Agadir and Tafraout

8 Days
Small Group
3 Star Hotel, 4 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
Lowest: $1,890.00 $3,780.00

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#Sahara Desert Tour

Anti-Atlas & Sahara Desert Tour from Marrakech

8 Days
3 Star Hotel, Camping
International flights are NOT included
From: $1,500.00

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Morocco Desert Tour from Agadir

12 Days
3 Star Hotel, Camping
International flights are NOT included
From: $3,000.00

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#Morocco Grand Tour

Morocco Grand Tour from Casablanca

15 Days
3 Star Hotel, Camping
International flights are NOT included
From: $3,600.00

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8 Day to Essaouira Tour Via Atlantic Coast

8 Days
Small Group
4 Star Hotel, Camping
International flights are NOT included
  • Explore Marrakech city and visit the main monuments and landmarks
  • Discover the hidden Berber villages in the desert and meet the nomads
  • Ride a camel in the desert and enjoy a sunset over the dunes of Erb Chegaga
  • Explore the oasis and the old kasbahs in the southeast
  • Explore the city of Taroudant and its great walls
  • Visit and explore the city of Agadir and its bay
  • Discover the city of Mogador in Essaouira and visit its small medina
From: $1,656.00

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Things To Do in Agadir

The Kasbah
The Kasbah is an array of fortifications constructed in 1541 on top of a hill in the Agadir’s oldest spots. It was one of the few structures that remained intact by the earthquake despite its age. Make sure to visit this impressive sign of medieval Arabic architecture style and soak up the city’s awe-inspiring view.


The Beach
Agadir is famous for its incredible stretch of sand and tranquil and inviting beaches. If seeking a well-maintained and clean beach resort where you’re safe from Atlantic winds, head up to the Agadir.


Relax in a Hammam
Morocco’s culture is tied with the hammam, which plays a significant key role in Moroccan culture. Indeed, it’s not only a place to wash and clean, but also it’s a gathering spot where people of different cultures and backgrounds come together and socialize. The Argan Palace is one of the fancy hammams in Agadir to experience.


The Souk El Had d’Agadir
Souks are also inter-weaved in the Moroccan culture. “Agadir’s Souk El Had” is the main shopping center where locals sell and buy their shopping. Put this traditional market on your must-visit places in Agadir to buy souvenirs and explore Moroccan culture through the souk’s atmosphere.


The Memoire d’ Agadir
The Memoire d’Agadir is a small museum located in a tranquil garden covered with cacti and palms several streets behind the beach. It’s a simple museum with no high-tech exhibitions; instead, you’ll find walls covered with newspaper clippings and photos documenting the history of Agadir, focusing on the earthquake of 1960.


The Souss Massa National Park
The Souss Massa National Park is 33,000 hectares of rippled, Sahara-like sand dunes and wetlands located south of Agadir. It’s one of the world’s only places you can find the northern bald ibis. Take a stroll accompanied by a guide and watch plenty of exotic birds around the Oued Massa River.


Crocoparc is surrounded by large and beautiful enclosures housing several generations of Nile crocodile. Don’t miss out on the adventure of watching armor-plated crocodiles from a particular vantage point.


The Vallee des Oiseaux
The Vallee des Oiseaux is a delightful small park located in the heart of Agadir and an excellent place for family picnics. It’s the home to a children’s playground and several enclosures maintaining flamingos, llamas, parrots, deer, and even kangaroos. Wander around in the well-shaded area in the midday sun and have a drink at one of the few cafes around the main gate.

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