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#India Golden Triangle and Tamil Nadu

India Golden Triangle and Tamil Nadu

15 Days
5 Star Hotel
Embark on this cultural and spiritual journey of India on a 15-days tour to one of India’s most sought-after cultural & historical sites. This tour is a comprehensive experience of the Indian Golden Triangle (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) and Tamil Nadu – the land of cultural and religious heritage. The tour takes you through the famous trinity of Indian tourism – Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. The tour culminates at the Pink City “Jaipur”, an enthralling historical city and the gateway to India’s most flamboyant state – Rajasthan. The city’s colorful, chaotic streets ebb and flow with a heady brew of old and new. In the midst of this mayhem, the splendors of Jaipur’s majestic past are islands of relative calm evoking a different pace and another world.
From: $3,250.00
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#Private India Golden Triangle and Varanasi

Private India Golden Triangle and Varanasi

12 Days
4 Star Hotel
This trip takes you through the Golden Triangle. While Delhi, Agra & Jaipur are laden with history, culture, and culinary delights; Home of the glorious Golden Temple, the iconic city of Amritsar, Varanasi; Pilgrims come to the ghats lining the River Ganges here to wash away a lifetime of sins in the sacred waters or to cremate their loved ones. Varanasi, or Benaras, (also known as Kashi) is one of the oldest living cities in the world.
From: $2,050.00
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North and South India Highlights

North and South India Highlights

17 Days
4 Star Hotel
If you traveling to India first time, this trip is perhaps the best experience of India. Golden Triangle is the name given to the most famous trinity of Indian tourism - Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. This trip takes you through the Golden Triangle along with a wildlife treat (Ranthambore Tiger Reserve). While Delhi, Agra & Jaipur are laden with history, culture, and culinary delights; Ranthambore is a treat for nature & wildlife enthusiasts. From the vivid pink houses in Jaipur to the dreamy intricacy of the Taj Mahal, each architectural wonder you'll encounter on this journey tells the story of a fascinating past, complemented by the culturally-rich modern society that surrounds it.
From: $2,640.00
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#Golden Triangle and Rajasthan

Golden Triangle and Rajasthan

10 Days
4 Star Hotel
Relive the rise and fall of kingdoms and cultural journey of India on a 10-days tour to one of India’s most sought-after cultural & historical sites. With all the logistics arranged for you, explore off-the-beaten-path wonders and world-renowned landmarks on this comprehensive experience of the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra & Jaipur), north-western state of Rajasthan, a land known for its culture, heritage, and royalty.
From: $1,550.00
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#Classical India

Classical India

10 Days
4 Star Hotel
These destinations are definitely blessed with a number of elements that offer to the guests an insight into traditional India. All the destinations covered in the Classical India Tour are culture hubs of the country and each depicts a distinct face of great India. Commence your journey from the historical city Delhi to the royal Rajput citadel - Jaipur. Enjoy Elephant ride at Amer fort and shopping in the colorful bazaar. Fatehpur Sikri - The Ghost city of Emperor Akbar and blessing at the Dargah of Salim Chishti. Witness the immortal beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra. Visit the graceful chhatris of Orchha and the sensuous moods of the temples of Khajuraho. Make your way through the sacred city of Varanasi and cruise on the River Ganges to observe ancient spiritual rites.
From: $1,954.00
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Things To Do in Jaipur

Amber Fort & Palace
Raja Man Singh built the Amber Fort and Palace in 1592. It’s located 11 km from the city and symbolizes Jaipur’s pride and the elegant Islamic Architecture exemplary. Palace of Man Singh I, Garden, Tripolia gate, Lion gate, Diwan-I-Aam, Sheesh Mahal, Sukh Mahal, etc., are all embraced within the 4 courtyards the vicinity of the Amber Fort.



City Palace
The City Palace was founded simultaneously with the city of Jaipur, and Amber Kachwaha kings used it for hunting. It’s a large city right in the heart of Jaipur containing forts, palaces, courtyards, gardens, etc. You can tour some prominent monuments like Diwan-I-Khas, the weaponry exhibition at the Maharani Palace, and the Baggi Khana, a museum of the Maharaja’s rides within the City Palace.



Hawa Mahal
953 windows covering the lace-like walls can be unique enough to consider Hawa Mahal worthy of seeing. This 5-story building constructed in 1799 was also named the “Palace of Winds.” It was made of red and pink sandstone built by Lal Chand Ustad that allowed free air circulation. The entrance gate opens to an extensive courtyard enclosed by two-story structures on three sides. Hawa Mahal was constructed to enable majestic ladies to watch the city’s bustles outside without being seen.



Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar is one of the specious observatories in the world. Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur built Jantar Mantar in 1724 to collect astronomical tables to precisely measure time and predict celestial bodies’ positions. Tour within the famous buildings of Jantar Mantar, including the “Samrat Yantra,” the “Hindu Chhatr,” and the “Jaiprakash Yantra.”



Jal Mahal
Jal Mahal lies in the heart of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city. Maharaja Jai Singh II renovated and extended this splendid symbol of Rajputana legacy. To prevent any flood, the king of Amber constructed a dam between the two neighboring hills during the 18th century. Then, the five-story palace was partly drowned. The first four floors are covered with water. You can take a boat trip on the bank of Man Sagar Lake to reach Jal Mahal. You’ll be offered a great view of the lake and the palace from the Nahargarh Fort.



Nahargarh Fort
Nahargarh Fort, lying on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, together with Jaigarh and Amber Forts, formed a defense belt for the pink city of Jaipur. At 9 km from Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort welcomes your eyes with the breath-taking views of Jaipur city. The fort houses multiple structures like a temple dedicated to the Rathore prince and an outdoor yard for the king’s public meeting with ordinary people.



Jaigarh Fort
Sawan Jai Singh II constructed the Jaigarh fort in 1726 AD on the Hills of Eagles at 500 feet above the sea. Jaigarh Fort offers the world’s largest cannon on the wheels (Jaivana Cannon) and a panoramic overlook of the surrounding. The sandstone-constructed fort with an area of 3 km is known as the strongest monument of Jaipur protecting Amber Fort and famous by the name of “Victory Fort.”



Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing
You’ll find the best and oldest forms of Rajasthani art in Anokhi Museum. It was made to preserve and disseminate hand-printed textiles. Here, you can try the best block painting garments and communicate with the artisans. Beyond exhibition and promotion of the oldest art form of Rajasthan, Anokhi Museum conducts several educational workshops for schools. Different daily demonstrations on block carving and printmaking are also available.



A Shopping Spree on the Jaipur Markets
Jaipur is the center of souvenirs. Don’t say goodbye to Jaipur without walking around from store to store to Bapu Bazaar. The paradise of jewelry lovers is Johari Bazaar. Locally made textiles, bedazzled slippers, and handcrafted trifles are located several blocks southwest of Johari Bazar.

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