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North and South India Highlights

North and South India Highlights

17 Days
4 Star Hotel, Cruise
International flights are NOT included
From: $2,640.00

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Rajasthan Wildlife Tour

11 Days
3 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $1,189.00

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Things To Do in Bharatpur

Bird Watching in Keoladeo National Park
Keoladeo National Park, also named Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Keoladeo Ghana National Park, is a paradise for photographers and bird lovers! The man-made wetland is the city’s central bird sanctuary with more than hundreds of bird species and a diversified amount of other animals.


Meet the Culture of the City at Government Museum Bharatpur
Government Museum lies within the Lohagarh Fort, showcasing the ancient culture, art, history, and traditions of Bharatpur. Stone sculptures, terracotta items, inscriptions, weapons, metallic objects, coins, and local art are the museum’s major attractions.


Feel the Mughal Architecture at Bharatpur Palace and Museum
The Bharatpur Palace reflects the grandeur arrangement styles of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The rich flooring pattern and decorated walls around the palace make this a beautiful spot in the must-visit destinations in Bharatpur. The Kamra Khas museum is located inside the palace, which houses 581 stone sculptures.


Be Blessed at Bankey Bihari Temple
Bankey Bihari Temple is a marvelous Mughal temple placed inside the Lohagarh Fort. The tranquility and peacefulness, along with the echoed restful gongs inside, make this temple a perfect revival spot. Soothe your souls with the optimistic atmosphere of the temple, celebrating the power and virtue.


Lohagarh Fort
The Lohagarh Fort is the symbol of power and authority in Bharatpur. The Fort, also named the Iron Fort is the most substantial must-see structure overlooking the region. It’s the home to the Government Museum.


Laxman Mandir
The Laxman Mandir, home to the embellished walls, splendid arches, intricately carved doors, and majestic idols, exhibits an invaluable culture and history. Initially constructed in honor of Laxman, Lord Ram’s brother, the Laxman Mandir hosts Shatrughan, Bharath, and Hanuman Urmila sculptures.


Ganga Mandir
Ganga Mandir is known as one of the most glamorous temples in Bharatpur, benefiting from stunning architecture. Located in the bustling Bharatpur center, the Ganga Mandir was constructed in 1845 to honor Goddess Ganga. The temple walls and pillars’ intricate carvings reflect a splendid blend of Mughal, Rajputana, and South Indian architecture.


Dholpur Palace
Also known as Raj Niwas Palace, the magnificent heritage of Dholpur Palace dates back to the 19th century. The red sandstone structure catches your eyes even from far afar. Encircled by delightful peacock gardens, it now serves as a heritage hotel with 40 rooms, making it an ideal weekend.


Gopal Bhawan
Gopal Bhawan was constructed in 1760 with a well-admired structural design. The entrance is embellished with splendid gardens overlooking the Goal Sagar in the back. A marbled-arch raised terrace, a banquet hall with two rows of intricately carved pillars, and a collection of Victorian furniture welcomes tourists at the Gopal Bhawan.


Chawad Devi Temple
Ease your mind through rest at Chawad Devi Temple and explore the traditions, history, and culture of Bharatpur. It’s the paradise for those seeking loneliness and revival in peace. Enjoy the tranquility of the early mornings at Chawad Devi Temple.


Kaman lies in the north of Bharatpur. It’s dedicated to Lord Krishna as he spent his initial years of life here. It houses the remains of an 84-pillared mosque, Chaurasi Khamba.

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