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Things To Do in Hurghada

The Caves of the Careless Reef
Hurghada is famous for its incredible diving sites with a dense fish population, such as the occasional hammerhead shark, jacks, tuna, and many coral forests. However, the reef is renowned for its giant morays. A deep 16-m valley between two coral towers delivers tourists a wide range of diving options. Don’t hesitate if you don’t know how to dive; the resort offers opportunities for both novice and pros!


Hurghada Grand Aquarium
There’s no need to be worry if you’re not a fan of water sports; Hurghada has something for you, too! The Hurghada Grand Aquarium delivers a breathtaking experience of watching the beauty of the Red Sea’s marine life. The aquarium showcases an incredible selection of marine creatures and fish, which is genuinely appealing to the little ones and adults.


Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul
Egypt is not only the home to mighty mosques but also you’ll find some of the most splendid Coptic churches worldwide in Egypt. St. Anthony and St. Paul’s monasteries are two old Christian monasteries from the 4th century AD, 45 km from Hurghada off the Zafarana Road to Beni Suef. The Monastery of St. Anthony, known as the most sacred spot of the Coptic Church in Egypt, is surrounded by high walls housing a bakery, chapels, churches, and a garden respecting the father of monasticism, Saint Anthony. St. Paul’s monastery is located on the Galala Al-Qibliya Mountain.


Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque
Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque is an architectural marvel, where travelers will feel the connection between daily life and the culture from close to this beach town. Also named Big Mosque, standing tall on its own, is a classic Islamic architecture situated between the ocean and the main street. The intricate design and stunning minarets, seen from far, plus domes, arches, and hallways, will touch your heart.


The Church of St. Mary
The Church of St. Mary was established in 2008 as the first evangelical church in the Red Sea to help children in need and to give the impoverished children hope for the family and the chance of a better future. The little church warmly welcomes travelers with its incredible architecture.


Sinbad Submarine Under the Red Sea
Explore the Red Sea’s underwater world without getting wet. Don’t ever miss out on board the Sinbad Submarine to go into the blue world of marine wildlife and coral reefs. The specially designed windows in the submarine offer a maximized underwater viewing of marine creatures. Don’t panic, you’re totally protected and safe!


Giftun Island Snorkeling Cruise
Traveling to Hurghada is interwoven with sunshine, diving, and swimming in the Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy the sun, or explore the amazing undersea life by snorkeling.


Marina Boulevard
End your long day of swimming and diving under the sun with a leisure stroll along Marina Boulevard. Don’t ever miss out on the magical sunset over the land and sea, drawing many travelers worldwide.


The 1001 Nights Show
One event that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Hurghada. The 1001 Nights Show is a daily open-air theater Fantasia Four-star Hotel representing scenes of the times of the Pharaohs, ancient cults, and the Scheherezade legend. The performance is filled with sound and light effects, horse and carriage rides, belly dancers, plus traditional Nubian music.

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