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Things To Do in Vancouver

Stanley Park
A prolific peninsula of giant trees located near Downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park is on top of the must-visit places in Vancouver for nature lovers. Meander along the paved seawall path surrounding the green spacewalk on foot in the beautiful greenery, and ride a bicycle. The totem poles at Brockton Point or the Vancouver Aquarium and the stunning views back towards the city or out to the ocean offer you a greenery experience of new life in the middle of a rainbow of beautiful colors, rhododendrons, and cherry trees. Who’s gonna miss this enjoyable outdoor activity!


Granville Island
Granville Island is a prospering activity center in a peaceful atmosphere. The Island’s Public Market is the bustling center of selling vegetables and fruit, seafood, various specialties, and ready-to-eat food. You’ll find art galleries, theaters, houseboats, restaurants, and many artists and retailers moved into rebuild warehouses.


Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain grants you an unequaled scenic view in clear weather, especially in the evenings when the city turns on lights. The mountain warmly welcomes mountaintop explorers year-round with its wildlife, dining, and activities waiting up there. Winter is the best time for snowshoeing, skiing, outdoor skating, and snowboarding when Grouse Mountain is covered in snow. Don’t know how to ski? No problem! You can learn how to ski in this fun family outing. It’s a big mistake if you think Grouse Mountain is not occupied in summer. The famous Grouse Grind, named Mother Nature’s Stair Master, is a paradise for hikers with its stunning trails.


Museum of Anthropology
The Museum of Anthropology is part of the University of British Columbia, showcasing global cultures. It’s the home to local and native arts such as large totem poles in the Great Hall, archaeological and ethnographic objects from Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and the South Pacific. Arthur Erickson, a local architect, changed the former WWII-era fort into a world-class museum.


Kitsilano Beach
The relaxed, worry-free, fun-loving Vancouver lifestyle is clearly depicted in the sandy shoreline of Kitsilano Beach. Cafes, walking trails, a shopping strip on West Fourth Avenue, dive into the outdoor heated seawater swimming pool are only some of the many activities you can enjoy at Kitsilano, along with its spectacular views overlooking the city center. The beach led to Vanier Park on the east, where you can see Vancouver Maritime Museum.


Gastown, the most aged area of Vancouver, is filled with galleries, restaurants, and shops in Victorian architectural style, and distinctive heritage buildings, cobblestone streets, as well as iron street lamps. The area came into existence in 1867, is named after John Deighton, who was talkative and nicknamed “Gassy Jack.” Hence, it’s called “Gassy’s Town” or “Gasstown.” A statue of the owner now welcomes tourists in Maple Tree Square watching over surroundings. You’ll also find a Steam Clock nearby emitting steam-powered chimes every 15 minutes.


Chinatown is an eye-catching and exciting area in Vancouver with modern buildings among Victorian-style structures beyond the embellished Millennium Gate. You almost feel like being in the middle of China where signs at restaurants and shops are written in Chinese. Don’t miss out on visiting the stunning walled Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden designed after the Ming Dynasty’s classic garden. The narrowest office building globally, the Sam Kee Building, is located in Vancouver’s Chinatown at two meters wise.


English Bay
English Bay is located near Stanley Park, joined by a waterfront trail. Laid-back and sunbathe on oceanfront English Bay filled with large tree trunks. Or enjoy the outdoor activities of rollerblading, bicycling, walking on the city’s busiest and loveliest beaches. High-end restaurants and shopping, Celebration of Light in summer with thrilling fireworks set to music are some experiences you’re not supposed to miss. The Bay also hosts New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim when people dive into the chilly Pacific waters.


Capilano Suspension Bridge
Opened in 1889, Capilano Suspension Bridge spans a 70-m deep river canyon ending to a forest-trailed park, a collection of totem poles, and a transparent see-through hung platform named as Cliffwalk. Along the Capilano Road, you’ll find Capilano Salmon Hatchery watching flashing salmon swimming upstream.


Robson Street
The first and last destination for shopping lovers is nowhere but Robson Street, housing international brands and local stores. Only in three blocks, the path between Burrard and Jarvis Streets, you can find more than 150 restaurants and stores. The Vancouver Art Gallery, housing wonderful painting collections of Emily Carr, is also placed on Robson. The Robson Square is a spectacular public space with a winter ice-skating rink and law courts.


Museum of Vancouver
If you’re interested in exploring cities’ background, so the Museum of Vancouver is the right place for you to cover the town’s full record from its first Coast Salish communities to Kitsilano hippie days, Japantown, and urban development. It’s surrounded by other worthwhile museums like the HR MacMillan Space Center and Maritime Museum.


Queen Elizabeth Park
The highest spot in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park, delivers stunning views of the mountains to the north and the city center. Disc golf, Tennis, pitch-and-puff golf, and visiting extensive botanical gardens are only some activities to do in the park. Don’t hesitate to taste the Seasons restaurant, tired of strolling the park in the mid-morning. Seeing many people in selfies positions is not surprising.


Science World
The Science World is a futuristic sphere-like structure housing a child-friendly themed exploration center including air, water, motion, and innovation. Initially constructed for the World’s Fair Expo 86, the building is a distinct waterfront landmark in Vancouver that you shouldn’t miss.

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