Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash

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Duration 📅

15 Days

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Drop-Off, Pickup

Accommodation 🛏️

4 Star Hotel, Guesthouse

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Language 🌐

Chinese, English

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NOT Included

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Airconditioned Vehicle


Overnight in hotel (double or twin room / single room as requested)
Transfers and overland tours
Entrance fee for sightseeing
English speaking guide
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💎 Why we love it ?

It is a spectacular journey to Northern Tibet Qiangtang and Kailash in Western Tibet. Northern Tibet Qiangtang is a so-called unmanned zone, it’s a paradise for wild animals and birds, such as Tibetan antelope, black neck crane, etc. We’ll worship Dangra Tso, the holy lake of the Bon religion. We drive across Northern Tibet Qiangtang and reach Shiquanhe and turn southwards along Xinjiang-Tibet Highway to Tsada to visit the ruins of the Guge Kingdom, then we drive to Manasarovar – the holiest lake in Tibet and to Kailash (6.714 m) which is regarded as the “center of the world” by Hinduism and Buddhism, short hiking at the foot of the holy mountain Kailash. Continue driving to the Rongbuk Monastery and the Everest Base Camp, a grand view of the world’s highest peak – the steep north side of the Everest (Qomolangma). Then drive via Shigatse, Gyantse, and holy lake Yamdrok back to Lhasa.

🏁 Tour Itinerary: Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash

Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa

Welcome to Tibet – the roof of the world
Today arrive in Lhasa (3650 m), the capital of Tibet, transfer to hotel. Stay at the hotel for adapting to the high altitude. It is helpful to take things easy for the first few days and try to drink some water.

🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at 4*Snow Heaven International Grand Hotel


Day 2: Lhasa (B)

Potala Palace – a landmark of Lhasa, Jokhang, and Barkhor Street
In the morning visit Potala, which was originally constructed in 637 by Songtsen Gampo, the first king of the united Tibet, and later expanded and served as the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas as well as the religious-political nexus of traditional Tibet. The crowds of pilgrims, innumerable magnificent murals, Buddhist statues, scriptures, and rare treasures altogether create a dense religious and art atmosphere that impresses every visitor. In the afternoon visit Jokhang monastery, the center of Tibetan Buddhism and the sacred land of Buddhist followers where thousands of pilgrims come for worship every day. The temple, built in 647, is the earliest wood-and-masonry structure still existing in Tibet. Walk on the Barkhor street surrounding Jokhang, a big free market with its prolific stalls for selling local specialties.

🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Snow Heaven International Grand Hotel


Day 3: Lhasa (B)

Panoramic view over Potala, Norbulingka, Debate in Sera
In the morning visit Parla Lupu Cave Monastery, located on the slopes of Yaowang Mountain, which was built in the 7th century. It is 22m high and from here you can have a wonderful panoramic view over Potala palace. Then visit Norbulingka The 40-hectare jewel park was built in the middle of the 18th century. as a summer residence of the Dalai Lamas. In the afternoon visit Sera Monastery, which was created in 1419 and has always been an important Buddhist seminary. It is also one of the six master monasteries of the Gelugpa. As roses are planted everywhere in the monastery, it is also called “the court of wild rose”. Today still 200 lamas live in there. You have the opportunity to experience the famous monks’ “Buddhism scriptures debates”. Public religious debates are part of the education of monks.

🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Snow Heaven International Grand Hotel


Day 4: Lhasa – Nam Tso Lake (B)

Nam Tso Lake and Nianqingtanggula Mountain
Today you drive north to Nam Tso Lake. At Nam Tso Lake, the nomads live in the vast Changthang (Qiangtang) Plain. The at 4718 m above sea level, Nam Tso is the highest lake in the world. The Nam Tso is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and it is an important sanctuary for the Tibetans. Walk around the Tashi Peninsula and complete a circle around the sacred mountain whose cliffs have been eroded in recent centuries. There are many stones in the street. You have the opportunity to visit the people in the Yakshaare’s woven tents. In good weather, you can admire the magnificent sunset on Nianqingtanggula Mountain and Nam Tso Lake.

250 km
5 hours 40 minutes
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at simple guesthouse in Nam Tso Village


Day 5: Nam Tso – Bange (4715m) (B)

Sunrise over the Nam Tso Lake, Shengxiang Tianmen, and San Sheng Shi Scenic Areas
Today, you will wake up early to experience the unforgettable sunrise over Nam Tso Lake and Nianqingtanggula Mountain on a clear day. Then drive to the northern shore of the Nam Tso Lake to visit the Shengxiang Tianmen (Holy Elephant Gate) and San Sheng Shi (Three Lives Stones) Scenic Areas. There are natural elephant stone statues and beautiful lakeshores at Shengxiang Tianmen Scenic Area. Besides, you can enjoy the spectacular panorama of Nam Tso and possess a great place to watch the Nianqingtanggula main peak that is located in the south of Nam Tso. It is said that the couple will get married in the other three lives as long as they make a wish on the San Sheng Shi. Finally, drive to Bange.

266 km
8 hours
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at simple Nam Tso Hotel


Day 6: Bange – Serling Tso – Dangra Tso (B)

Serling Tso, Dangqiong Tso, Dangra Tso
Today drive to the Serling Tso (4530 m), the second largest lake in Tibet. In Qiangtang, northern Tibet, you will see fewer and fewer people, but more and more wildlife and birds which you can photograph. Drive over a more than 5000 m high path and a small lake Dangqiong Tso to Dangra Tso (about 4500 m, or Dangra Yumtso). Here are many wild animals such as Elsels, deers, antelopes, and birds. Dangra Tso is a well-known holy lake for the followers of the Bon. Friendly local people wear beautiful traditional costumes. In the south of the Dangra Tso stands out Targo Ri, the holy mountain of the Bon.

450 km
8 hours
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at a simple guesthouse


Day 7: Dangra Tso – Nyima – Dong Tso – Gertse (B)

Dong Tso Lake
Walking and visit to Dangra Tso Lake in the morning, then continue via Nyima and the Dong Tso lake to Gertse (about 4500 m).

360 km
6 hours
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at simple Fulong Hotel


Day 8: Gertse – Oma – Gerkyi – Shiquanhe (B)

Arrival in Shiquanhe, capital of Ngari district in western Tibet
Continue towards the west through the small town of Gerkyi (4524 m) to Shiquanhe (4300 m), capital of Ngari (Ali) district.

490 km
6 hours 30 minutes
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at simple Hanjin Boya Hotel


Day 9: Shiquanhe – Tsada (B)

Earth forest in Tsada, ruins of the Kingdom of Guge, Tolin Monastery
Drive to Tsada, by the way admiring Tsada Earth Forest. Walking in the secluded valley of the Tsada forest, you feel like you are in the ruins of a huge old city. You can see a wild and imposing picture. Then drive to Tsaparang, the oldest center of the Kingdom of Guge. Four temples around the lower fortress walls, the fifth is located above the city, in the remains of the former summer palace of the kings. Various motifs adorn the coffered lattice ceilings and carved beams of the temples. Partly well-preserved murals with numerous details decorate the walls. Lama Anagarika Govinda calls these works of art “prayers and meditations in color and form, Every stroke is carefully completed”. Then visit the Toling Monastery. Its unique murals represent exaggerated and extravagant styles have a coincidental resemblance to Picasso’s works.

251 km
5 hours 10 minutes
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at simple Tulin Castle Hotel


Day 10: Tsada – Tirthapuri – Manasarovar – Darchen (B)

Tirthapuri meditation cave of Padmasambhava, Manasarovar Lake, Mt. Kailash
In the morning drive to Tirthapuri. Behind the lake Manasarovar and the mountain, Kailash Tirthapuri is the most important place of pilgrimage of West Tibet, because here is the meditation cave of Padmasambhava and his companion Yeshe Tsogyel. This place is also famous for its hot springs. Keep driving to the Chiu Gompa on the north side of the holy lake Manasarovar (4588 m). Manasarovar Lake is 330 square kilometers, 81.8 meters deep. The lake is nestled between two snow-capped mountain ranges, the area is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Tibet. For Tibetan pilgrims, circumnavigating the lake and bathing in its sacred waters is part of a Kailash pilgrimage. After a short walking by Manasarovar, continue to Darchen (4,800 m, starting point of the Kailash Circumnavigation). Short hiking at the foot of Mt. Kailash.

297 km
4 hours 46 minutes
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at simple Darchen Castle Hotel


Day 11: Darchen – Paryang – Saga (B)

Kiangs (wild ass) and antelopes
Drive along the south route and enjoy beautiful views while visibility is clear. On the south route, the Himalayas rise gradually in the north, and the mountains stand side by side. Sometimes, especially on the last stretch of road, kiangs (wild ass) and antelopes can be seen.

492 km
6 hours 22 minutes
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at Brahmaputra Hotel


Day 12: Saga – Paiku Tso Lake – Old Tingri – Rongbuk / Everest BC (B)

Paiku Tso Lake, Rongbuk Monastery, Sunset on Everest (Qomolangma)
A long drive via Paiku Tso Lake and Old Tingri to Rongbuk Monastery. Paiku-Tso Lake covers an area of 300 square kilometers, is the largest lake in Shigatse. Paiku-Tso locates between three mountains, is rich in fish. There live various wild animals such as wild horses, wild donkeys, and yellow ducks, etc. Continue from Old Tingri to Rongbuk Monastery (5,154 m) and Everest Base Camp, where you can enjoy the impressive Qomolangma with its steep north side. Rongbuk is the largest monastery in this region and was built at the beginning of the 20th century. You can also admire the sunset on Everest (Qomolangma) in good weather.

473 km
11 hours
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at simple Rongbuk Guesthouse


Day 13: Rongbuk – Shegar – Lhatse – Shigatse (B)

Sunrise over Qomolangma (Everest)
Getting up early, and admiring the sunrise from Everest (Qomolangma) in good weather. Visit the Rongbuk Monastery and continue via New Tingri (= Shegar) to Shigatse, the second-largest city in Tibet. On the way to Pang La (5150 m), the view is magnificent: from left to right are Makalu, Lhotse, Everest, Nuptse, and Cho Oyu.

334 km
6 hours 6 minutes
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at 4*Mulunlazong Hotel


Day 14: Shigatse – Gyantse – Yamdrok Lake – Lhasa (B)

Tashilunpo Monastery, Karo La Pass and Glacier, Palkhor with Pagoda Kumbum, Sacred Lake Yamdrok
Morning visit Tashilunpo Monastery. Tashilunpo is also one of the six master monasteries of the Gelugpa. The monastery houses a giant statue of the Maitreya Buddha, the biggest gilded statue of Maitreya (Buddha of the future) in China. Then drive on varied roads over Gyantse and several paths to Lhasa. At the highest point of this trip (Karo La Pass at 5,010 m), you will see the glacier of Noejin Kangsa (7,223 m). On the way, you can take some photos of Tibet’s third-largest holy lake – Yamdrok. In Gyantse, you can visit the Palkhor Monastery and the impressive pagoda of Kumbum.

356 km
6 hours 41 minutes
🏚️ Hotel Option: Overnight at 3*Yak Hotel


Day 15: Leave Tibet (B)

Travel to next destination
Today transfer to the airport or railway station, leave Tibet.

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Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash
Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash

From: $3,317.00

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