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15 Best Travel Podcasts

Travel Podcasts are the best means to gain awesome wanderlust while dreaming of future far-flung adventures as well as taking serious tips for upcoming trips.

Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is the longest pedestrian shopping district in the world located in the center of Shanghai. The street hosts over 1 million visitors each day.

Chinese Holidays and Festivals

The most amazing Chinese Holidays and Festivals include Chinese New Year, Tomb Sweeping Day, Ghost Festival, China National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.

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The White Nights Festival

White Nights Festival in Saint Petersburg is an all-night art & culture event celebrating mid-night sun phenomena as it's located near the Arctic Circle.

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Chinese Currency

The Renminbi, which literally means “people's currency” with the sign “¥” and the code “CNY” or RMB, is the official currency of the People's Republic of China. The basic unit of Renminbi is Yuan. Yuan is also generally referred to as the Chinese ...

Stanley Market of Hong Kong

Stanley Market is one of the less modern and more local markets you can visit in Hong Kong. It's a street market with an old open-air style, like a Bazaar. If you are into haggling, this is the place where you can enjoy doing that with the ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Food

When traveling to new places, one of the important elements, or shall we say parts of your traveling experience is to get to know the people and their culture, wherever your destination may be. A simple area to see a small part of the culture and ...

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15 Best Summer Destinations in Asia

A lot of travel lovers choose summer for having some vacations or perhaps enjoy the warm weather to be away from the pressures of life. In any case, finding the best summer destination in a short time to enjoy this season may be challenging. That is ...

13 Things To Do at Home When You Can’t Travel

These days, Coronavirus pandemic is spreading more and more around the world and it has made people to stay at home. Bearing this condition is a very hard for everyone; but, it's much harder for tourists and travel lovers A good option to make a ...

Tourist Traps in China

Knowing about tourist traps is an important part of every journey. Although some of these tips mentioned below might not be considered as bad by some, we are trying to help you with the things that might make you feel disappointed, cheated or simply ...

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