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  • Does this tour need a visa?

    TripWays is a tour booking website. We cannot give any recommendation on the visa. Visa requirements broadly vary depending on the nationality of travelers. It’s suggested to check with your local embassy or consulate portals for the current provision and information.

  • Can you provide me a letter of invitation?

    TripWays does not offer any letter of invitation. You can contact the tour operator on and see if they do.

  • Can you help me with getting a visa for this tour?

    Travel visa requirements vary leaning on the traveler’s nationality and destination, so unhappily, TripWays cannot lend a hand in getting you a visa. For any detailed information on visa requirements and services, please contact your nearest embassy or consulate website.

  • When should I apply for the visa?

    The best time to file a visa application varies depending on location, season, and the traveler’s nationality and destination. For more details on how long in advance you should start the application process, please contact the embassy or consulate website of the destination you’re headed.


  • What is travel insurance?

    It is a plan that protects travelers from specific financial risks and losses while traveling. You can buy travel insurance on your own to cover the cost of airfare and tour concerning unexpected cancellation. Medical emergency overseas, trip interruption, cancellation, delayed suitcases are covered in the travel insurance plan. While searching which policy is the best for you, it’s better to consider booking cancellation coverage.

  • Is travel insurance included in this tour?

    Travel insurance is excluded on tours. There are many travel insurance companies with different levels of coverage. You can check the insurance coverage and consider which policy suits you well.

  • Should I get a Covid-19 test for travel?

    During the pandemic, travelers are strongly recommended to getting tested 1-3 days before international and domestic travels. Also, 3 to 5 days after travel is advised. Stay at home for 10 days after your journey, even if your test result is negative, for the matter of safety. If the test is positive, just stay at home and isolate yourself.

Making Payments

  • How can I pay for my tours?

    TripWays accepts payments by PayPal, debit, and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

  • Can I pay in Euro?

    The prices are quoted in US-Dollars on TripWays. You can pay in many currencies; then, the bank will change your money at the USD current exchange rate.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, you can! TripWays provides two payment methods. While booking, you can choose either “Pay in full” or “Pay in the installment.” Your booking is confirmed once the initial payment is made. Then, payments are divided into 20% deposit and 80% in two installments one month before departure.

  • Do I need to pay the full payment for my tour today?

    Full payment depends on the tour departure date. You need to make the initial payment while booking. To get information, click “Check Availability” and pick your intended departure date; then, click “Book Now.”

  • The tour price has gone down since I booked; how can I get the sale price?

    Unfortunately, as the tour operator has decided, it is impossible to retroactively apply a sale deal to an already booked tour. We understand this may be an upsetting circumstance; waiting for a sale price will have the risk of increasing tour prices and missing your place on the desired date.

  • Is it possible to change the tour currency after my booking is confirmed?

    Once your booking is confirmed, it is impossible to change the currency of your booking. The remaining must also be paid in the same money.

  • How can I split payments across different payment costs?

    You can split your tour payment into pay in full and pay in installments. While booking a tour, tick the “pay deposit” option. Payments are divided into 20% deposit and 80% in two installments one month before departure. You must pay the full amount before your due date.

  • Do you charge fees on PayPal, credit card debt?

    TripWays will not charge you a fee when making your tour payment.

Refund and cancellation

  • How can I cancel my tour?

    Cancellation provisions vary depending on different tour operators. Please read the tour operator’s cancellation policy or contact the operator via email or online chat on its website. The cancellation fees depend on when you cancel your tour.

  • Do you offer a refund for the tour cancellation?

    Yes! TripWays offers a refund based on the operator cancellation policy. Please check the Cancellation Policy before tour booking. The repayment depends on when you cancel your tour.

  • How will I receive my refund?

    You will receive your refund by your initial payment method.

  • When will I receive a refund?

    Please be noted that TripWays can only repay the amount the tour operator laid down for your canceled booking. TripWays do not charge any additional fees for your cancellation. It takes about seven business days to see refunds on your bank account.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    The cancellation policy is different for tour operators. You will have a full refund for one month to 20 days cancellation before departure. Deposits are usually non-refundable. Late cancellations will charge you based on the terms and conditions of cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy before booking your tour.

  • Can the operator cancel my tour?

    The tour operator is entitled to cancel your booked tour in case of any safety concerns. The tour operator will inform you of alternative options.

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