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Greece for Foodies – Trip to Athens, Peloponnese & Crete

12 Days
NOT included
International flights are NOT included
From: $1,668.00

Tour Highlights
  • Roaming the ancient streets of Athens, the spectacular Peloponnese, and the culinary capital of Greece, Crete
  • Learning about traditional and modern Greek dishes, while exploring the wide variety of available produce
  • Enjoying private guided tours of the most important archaeological sites
  • Joining expert guides, professional chefs, and accomplished vintners, tasting the skill and devotion of real artisan
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Meteora Tour from Corfu

Meteora Tour from Corfu

12 Hours
NOT included
International flights are NOT included
From: $720.00

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Seven Days Tour of Greece from Athens

Seven Days Tour of Greece from Athens

7 Days
Small Group
3 Star Hotel
International flights are NOT included
From: $1,392.00

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Things To Do in Kalamata

Castle of Kalamata
The castle of Kalamata lies on the northwest on a rocky hill above the historic center of the city. Franks built this important fortress serving as a Monastery in the 13th century. In the 6th century AD, the castle was equipped with a church devoted to the Virgin Mary, becoming known as Kalamata that means “beautiful eyes.” 1986 earthquake almost destroyed the castle; now, visitors can only walk in the perimeter of the inside overlooking the stunning view of the historic center of Kalamata.


The Municipal Railway Park
It’s an open-air museum located on the south of the end of the main shopping street of Kalamata. The park welcomes visitors with children’s recreation facilities, green and blanks to sit and take a rest, a small lake with a fountain, public sports courts, a café, and finally, an open fair. Despite all these, the municipal railway park’s main structure is now a renovated railway station housing a recreation bar on the ground floor and the steam locomotives with old wooden carriages dating back to the 80s. Enjoy the greenery and freshness while exploring the history of the railway.


Military Museum
The Military Museum showcases Greece’s newest history from 1821 via texts, photographs, and audiovisual material of the army relating to the war of 1821. It hosts a particular room where a film about the 9th Infantry Regiment’s history is displayed. Don’t miss out on visiting the prominent part of the museum, the book of Messinian dead people who fell during the battles that occurred from 1897 to 1974.


Church of the Holy Apostles
The Holy Apostles’ Church is also known as the imperial cemetery located in the north part of Kalamata square dating back to the 4t century. It’s cherished and well-admired for the locals since it’s the typical symbol of their freedom against Turks in 1821. The Byzantine Emperors and Patriarchs of Constantinople were buried in this site from the 4th to the 11th century. The church exhibits Christian saints Andrew, Luke, Timothy, John Chrysostom, and Gregory the Theologian relics.


Aristomenous Square
The Aristomenous Square, also known as the Vasileos Georgiou (King George), is placed in the center of Kalamata, surrounded by many clothing and jewelry shops. It’s an accessible place as you can walk up to the historical center, or down to the famous Railway Park and Military museum in the park. The square is the heart of everything in Kalamata, especially in winter.

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